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NYT on Iraq and Russia: Newspaper of Record or Journalistic Home to Intelligence Sources and Warmakers


NYT on Iraq and Russia: Newspaper of Record or Journalistic Home to Intelligence Sources and Warmakers

Howard Friel

On May 17 of this year, PBS Frontline broadcast a program titled, “The Secret History of Isis,” which it described as “the inside story of the radicals who became the leaders of ISIS.”


Colin Powell has always been self serving here in his attempts to advance the premise that he too was conned by bad intelligence on Iraq.

Indeed the entire narrative of the MSM shifted as well in claiming it was an "error in intelligence."

The fraud on the part of the US Government was deliberate. They knew exactly what they were doing and the " failure in intelligence" is just another coverup.

This should no suprise any when it comes to the character of Colin Powell. In Vietnam he was the guy who helped ensure that the atrocities committed by US troops against civilians , never saw the light of day.

Given for every My Lai , there were dozens and more like events of an equal scale that never saw the light of day, he worked that coverup wonderfully as well.


The most frightening aspect of this is that for the past month, most of my liberal friends have been pimping the Russian boogeyman theme semi-daily on their social media. These are sincere, intelligent, educated people, yet they are swallowing this crap uncritically. Ten years ago, I thought the Republicans were the mindless zombies. Maybe they still are. But now the rank-and-file Democrats are also zombies, whipped up into a fever for whatever war the Pentagon is drooling over.


I came up politically during the Bush years. I was involved in anti-war activism then, and many Democrats were there beside me. When he tried, shortly after getting re-elected, to privatize Social Security and when he pushed for the free trade in the Western hemisphere deal, many Democrats were there fighting him. Then, the Democrats gained seats in 2006. Then 2008 happened, and all those people stopped doing activism, stopped thinking critically, stopped pushing the government. It hit me, their opposition was far more about partisanship that ideology or morals. They seemed to think, and still think, that all we gotta do is just get Democrats elected and everything will be fine. Never mind what the modern Democratic Party has become. Never mind that's corrupt, and doesn't want structural changes anymore. I hate what the Democratic Party has become and, especially given how people in that party now are, I don't think it can be reformed.


But they can still point to the Republicans and say "at least we're not bat sh** crazy like those guys", though that strategy worked out abysmally in November.


I am not an American, but can hardly believe that after all these years of being wrong,the NYT is still regarded with respect by an certain number of people and can continue with its barefaced lies and get away with it. I also read in "angry arab" website about the new Israel rep for NYT, already dangerously expounding his extreme anti-Palestinian views before he even gets started on his "reporting".


It was my understanding that My Lai was a result of Operation Phoenix.



I'd like to hear BHO use his remaining prezcapital to attack state level voter supression, gerrymandering, and ballot counting shenanigans. All this is unconstitutional franchise theft and it got DJT elected...and it's gonna keep getting weirdos elected until there'll be no need to criticize Democrats anymore bc there won't be any.


Colin Powell lied.

Tony Blair lied.

Condoleeza Rice lied.

George Bush lied.

The New York Times lied.

Thousands of Iraqis died.

I have it from unimpeachable sources that Tristan da Cunha was behind the leaked tapes, not New Zealand.


Chickenhawks lost taxpayers 5 trillion and counting, much of which went in oligarch's coffers and cost thousands of lives. The USAn Empire, like those before it, will fall. But will we avoid another dictatorship or remain on the oligarchy's hamster wheel?

Online Direct Democracy


You write: "Just as the Times editorial page in February 2003 had no basis for concluding that Colin Powell’s presentation at the UN was “the most powerful case to date” that Iraq possessed WMD,..."

At the time Powell made this speech, I was in the UN, listening and watching as part of a small international group attempting to prevent the illegal and unfounded attack and invasion of Iraq. There was evidence: Hans Blick, who had headed the team investigating the possibility of WMDs in Iraq had returned, and as spokesperson for his committee had made it publicly clear that there were no WMDs. Unfortunately, the media ignored this in the main, preferring to focus unquestioningly on Powell. We who watched knew Powell was lying. One more tragedy of enormous proportions.


my error: Hans Blix, is correct spelling. He headed UN Team investigating.


Thank you


I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's experienced this. I think it was the contrast between the response to Bush and to Obama, who were basically following the same ugly and evil plans that brought the awareness of extreme tribalism.

It's really looking like the "divide and conquer" crowd has won.


Of course there won't be any more Democrats. In the Kabuki Theater of our politics, the Republicans now have the prize they have had their eyes on for years. They call it their "permanent majority". There's no longer a need for an opposition to ridicule. Eventually, as all ideologues do, they will turn on each other.


It is ludicrous to blame Putin and Russia for an attack against American democracy when it is the very politicians in charge over the past thirty years that have replaced democracy with oligarchy and plutocracy. Did Putin end the Glass Steagall Act? Did Putin start NAFTA? Did Putin replace regulations with privatization all over the USA? Did Putin do away with the Voting Rights Act? Did Putin tell the USA to use voting machines that can be adjusted and hacked? Did Putin change all the rules in the Federal Communications Commission to the point that we now have a corporate controlled mainstream newsmedia controlled by six rich white men? Did Putin declare a war against terrorism that guarantees endless war forever?
Did Putin cause the inequality that exists today in the USA?
The air waves are supposed to belong to we the people.


" Given for every My Lai, there were dozens and more like events of an equal scale that never saw the light of day."

An older friend of mine was drafted and spent time in Vietnam. His story never saw the light of day, but he told me personally that when he arrived in Vietnam, he was like so many draftees, a naive, young 18 year old that thought he was doing the right thing until the first patrol and was told by his Sargent to wipe out the entire village because the Viet Cong were using it.

" But Sarge, there are women and children in that village, you mean to wipe the whole village out"? But of course to no avail.

Probably many more besides this that were never reported.


David Sanger, a devoted disciple of Bibi will spout any propaganda to advance the neocon agenda to cause chaos in the Middle East.. Nothing has changed at the NYT in 100 years. In 1902 the Times wrote of Philippine 'insurgents' as the U.S. sought to colonize that country after the false flag sinking of the Maine. Wars are always profitable and have nothing to do with spreading democracy. Russian hacking ?? comical... the U.S. has been subverting elections worldwide for 5 decades.


I have not heard their names mentioned and I would just like to remind the group that the front page reporters of the NY Times, Judith Miller and her colleague, Thomas Friedman, pimps for Israeli warmongering, were just as guilty as Colin Powell of sending millions of innocent people to their death and draining our treasury dry. These callous maniacs have no remorse for their insane contemptible behavior and the only regrets Secretary Powell seems to have is that it is a “Blot” on his disgraceful record. Thank you Howard Friel for your excellent expose of this once Liberal newspaper that has become yellow journalism and is about to repeat the murderous crime of the century.