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NYT Rebuked for Tom Cotton Op-Ed Calling for US Military to Use 'Overwhelming Show of Force' Against Protests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/03/nyt-rebuked-tom-cotton-op-ed-calling-us-military-use-overwhelming-show-force-against


The criticisms of protesters made sounds eerily similar to NAZI propaganda regarding the allied forces. Of course those targeted by protests object, they cannot just accept the complaints as valid and still go on being Fascist bastards into the future, and they damn sure aren’t about to change what they are. The fact is that without similar protests in our past, this country would not have much to offer, and much that has been gained in the past is being lost very rapidly.


Another knuckle-dragging bared tooth condemnation of the meme created precisely for the opportunists to deflect from the crimes that are bringing the peaceable innocent into the streets by the hundreds of thousands. AND HAVE THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY TO DO SO.

The irony being that you really begin to tease apart the convenient meme: antifa actually stands for anti-fascist. A convenient way for fascists to conflate anti-fascists with criminality. I am anti-fascist -but I do not engage in looting and destruction. I see too much of that being committed by the fascists in system itself.

As one young black man noted in a video gone viral - ‘if you do not address the problems, this is what happens’.


The United States has been a International D!ck for so long, our kakistocracy know no other way to be. Fire government!


Pretty tough talk from a wannabe solider. The only Implement of war this guy ever picked up during his cup of coffee in the military was a pen.
Writer Mike Royko used to call men like this war wimps.
But of course the pro war NYT gave this Nazi mongrel a bullhorn. It’s what they do. After all, as the bodies pile up so do the profits. All the news that’s fit to print indeed.
I don’t necessarily want to be this guy, but I think we all know that if a president sent out the dogs on Jewish protesters it would be called a “holocaust” by the editor of the NYT. But since it’s just more institutional violence against blacks, the ownership of the NYT will gleefully cheer it on.


Contemptible fascist.

Posted this before but worth repeating as there are too many of Cotton’s ilk :slight_smile:

In the parlance of our American democracy it is the public officials who work for the people, not the other way round. It is the dominance of the Republic to hold public officials, from the President down, to account, and not visa versa. For the President to say to a public servant, such as a state governor, “To dominate protesters,” suggest the idea of an “alpha" dog mounting a “maga” dog in the act of dominance. Our president obviously believes himself to be the “alpha” dog in this scenario. He’s right on one score, he’s most certainly a dog in the worst sense of the word. Notes, Neil J. Smith


Hey Treason Tom, How about showing that military force against those who protested with their automatic weapons in Michigan for starters. Oh wait, those are your kind of protestors, you fucking fascist fool.


Despite COVID, the masks keep falling off.


Tom Cotton is the scum of the scum. Cotton was the senator who brought Bibi Netanyahu in the stealth of night to speak before Congress. The problem? Cotton made certain OBAMA was kept in the dark; never informed. There are no good words for Cotton. He is a fascistic militant who has many of the qualifies of Nazis and the Stasi.


It has been said that if you steal big they crown you Emperor. Steal small they make you a criminal.


Cotton came to US because the DNC backed the Neo Liberal Candidate (Cotton was in the house from 2013-2015) instead of the Progressive candidate … now we have this warmongering as*hole.


“Nazi mongrel” - music to my ears! Thank you. Cotton also would have made a strong member of the Stasi. He has that twisted evil aura.


A captured pirate was brought before Alexander the Great. “How dare you molest the sea?” asked Alexander. “How dare you molest the whole world?” the pirate replied, and continued: “Because I do it with a little ship only, I am called a thief; you, doing it with a great navy, are called an emperor.


NYT is the worst!! I boycotted them in 2015 and haven’t regretted it for a day. Despicable govt. propaganda newspaper.


america has a deeply rooted problem. It will not be fixed by the use of overwhelming force when it involves and concerns a large share of her people. All must realize that to ask for justice for all is a reasonable request in a Democracy. we will return to peace in America and the rest of the world as well when fair treatment for the black race by the white race is achieved. Black lives matter, just ask God.


Well of course, if you are a fascist, as Cotton surely is, you don’t like anti-fascists because they hinder and thwart what you are doing.


The NYT, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC have all been designated ‘government news’ by the genuine perogi proggies.
Cotton is the senate version of the heritage caucus in the house. Do we really want Jim Jordan to be next speaker of the house? Third in line to be prez. Dangerous, I tell ya!

People need to vote for ethics, educated, hard working, well travelled candidates.

Joe should pick our Tammy Duckworth to be VP.


wait until the dumba&& finds out just how many black and brown troops are in the Screaming Chickens (sorry, 101 vets. couldn’t help it).

this is the prize at hte bottom of the cracker jack box, so to speak. the demographic reality of the American military is not going to produce the uniform repression tool everyone thinks it will.


STASI was actually East Germany, after the war. But yes, oddly enough, Dick Cheney advocated their tactics, in real terms, with surveillance on American citizens.


One need not wonder how “Southern” and “stupid beyond belief” are all too often synonimous. Tommy proves once again why…