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NYT Reveals Think Tank It’s Cited for Years to Be Corrupt Arms Booster


NYT Reveals Think Tank It’s Cited for Years to Be Corrupt Arms Booster

Adam Johnson

A recent New York Times article (8/7/16) detailed, in often scathing terms, what many media critics already knew: that think tanks are frequently not objective, neutral arbiters of information, but corporate- and government-funded agenda-promoters with an academic veneer to give the appearance of impartiality.


Nice work again by Adam Johnson and FAIR, to point to simple truths that are obscured behind false corporate media frames of “objectivity” and “reporting.”

Here’s the thing though: Johnson’s closing frame “… perhaps it’s time for media to start spelling out what’s happening for readers” gets nowhere near close to the mark of an effective response or recommendation in light of the corruption and distortion he outlines.

Again, i super appreciate FAIR’s work, and reading such reports can be useful for people learning to see through the stream of lies that are fed to us on behalf of powerful war-mongers and Earth-wreckers.

But wishing they wouldn’t do that, or appealing to them to not do that, is entirely inadequate.

We need to focus our lives and work on the goal of not living under such corrupt and criminal “rulers.” We need to imagine and work toward a world in which we are not subjected to these endless streams of lies and distortions.

We need to go beyond “appealing” to such “leaders” to stop their corruption. We need to create systems of governance and media that do not promote such intensive and horrific criminality and corruption. To have any hope of getting there, we need to have a basic goal of ending the corrupt and criminal rule of the war-mongers and Earth-wreckers, and dismantling the systems of corruption they have built.

i know, that’s not FAIR’s business. But realistically, it needs to be our business.


The NYT is a worthless piece of old crap. They continually push business friendly MIC memes to keep the financial focus on their city, state, region and international business interests.The region and people they logically represent would suffer a large economic decline should the state lose their middleman as king tax base. By cutting the MIC budgets, and all the ancillary support services devoted to propping up this murky mess, the place would devolve into just another larger version of Atlantic City. New York state mad men are not above pushing garbage military infomercials to save what is left of a region in steady political and economic decline. This parochial push is better left to a NYC version of the Rotary Club, actually . It’s quite literally very dangerous cheerleading; shameful and disgusting journalism, too But, so are most big production numbers, and hype hucksters, from that area. I can think of 2 current products from that place that are not as advertised. And, who are in turn, selling Americans spoiled, rehashed old b.s in new packages. With a lot of help, of course, from a bunch of cold, gray men and women sitting in anonymous steel and glass Manhattan skyscrapers. So predictable and tiresome, lately, as well. Who needs another New York City-sized headache, complete with a rotting smell, anyway?