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NYT’s ‘Impossible to Verify’ North Korea Nuke Claim Spreads Unchecked by Media


NYT’s ‘Impossible to Verify’ North Korea Nuke Claim Spreads Unchecked by Media

Adam Johnson

Buoyed by a total of 18 speculative verb forms—five “mays,” eight “woulds” and five “coulds”—New York Times reporters David E. Sanger and William J. Broad (4/24/17) painted a dire picture of a Trump administration forced to react to the growing and impending doom of North Korea nuclear weapons.


Prior to war, at first demonization starts then comes the stage of villification, next is the overestimation like WMD and at the end stage, the bombs are dropping. But my question is why going to fight with North Korea for any reason. It is not even a neighboring country at all. No sense in going at the end of this planet to pick up a fight. They are not coming here for making any problem. Don't we have enough wars in hand that are beyond control. People and politicians should aware of this fact that this Asian nation has very powerful army and nuclear armed. What would be retaliation and its after effect in the surrounding nations. The delusional president and his runaway presidency filled with idiots and arrogant morons who never even possibly walk a block on foot don't have even a clue whom they are messing with. This will be last war of the US and its complete farewell from the rest of the nation.


North Korea are probably using the same aluminum tubes found in Iraq. Has Judith Miller had a sex change operation and now calls herself David? Apparently it is incredibly easy for the tail to wag the NYT.



Why is North Korea a responsibility of the US in the first place?


Grateful for Adam Johnson's continued shedding of light on Corporate Media Propaganda.

Nostalgic for the time when there was at least one like him, at every Newspaper.


It is not- but this Trump wants his own war. Now , he's bullying Canada.



"Mushroom clouds", with a 100% chance of prevarication


The breathless spreading of rumors and lies reminds me of high school behavior. Serious cases of arrested development among the adult population, it would seem.


Hmmm....it's deja vu all over again. I read this script back in 2001.

In my home there's a running joke. My good bread knife disappeared about a year ago -- a crime I lie at the feet of my wife. Now, anytime something goes missing, I'm wont to say "It must be with the bread knife."

In 2001, we seem to have misplaced Sadam's weapons of mass destruction (Note: unlike my bread knife, these likely never existed). My guess is all those North Korean nuclear weapons are stored with Sadam's WMD -- I'm sure we'll find them some day, if only we can live long enough.


I would not be too worried, he's got no vectors to deliver them. What's he gonna do? Put it in the trunk of his Beemer and drive it to Seoul?


The NYT article should have included how many nations that North Korea is at war with and has troops in. It should also have included the number of brides maids and pall bearers they have killed via drone delivered bombs.

Oh wait..... never mind.... that's a different country.


Perhaps the article should mention and question why the USA has 7000 nukes of various sizes, when 10 big ones would do. What has this to do with North Korea's possible nukes?
7000 nukes strike me as insane, and even more so now that Los Alamos is scheduled to produce 80 'pits' per year sometime soon - the cores of hydrogen bombs.


do people honestly believe that NK would launch a missile with a nuclear warhead if they were not first attacked by the US? that would be suicidal. they want nuclear weapons because the US never attacks countries with nuclear capability. trump is declaring a nuclear-armed NK as unacceptable while saying SK and Japan should get nukes. i don't blame NK for pursuing nuclear arms. if the US was threatening me, i would want a nice fat bomb for deterrence and, if attacked, to use in retaliation.