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NYT’s New Propaganda on Syria


NYT’s New Propaganda on Syria

Robert Parry

As the New York Times continues its descent into becoming an outright neocon propaganda sheet, it offered its readers a front-page story on Wednesday alleging – based on no evidence – that the Syrian government is collaborating militarily with the Islamic State as the brutal terror group advances on the city of Aleppo.


The timing of this N.Y.T. article and the announcement by Iran the other day. That Iran will greatly expand it’s military involvement in Syria. Seem to be to coincidental. The US and Zato ( Zionist Atlantic Treaty Organization). Must feel that this expansion by Iran into Syria. Poses a threat to there Islamic radical proxy armys in Syria. And they will make any excuses they can to start attacking the Syrian army and maybe even Iran.


Who is on our side this month?


Mr. Parry also has a piece on the NYT coverage of the scandalous appointment of Georgian ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili, as governor of Odessa, another of those quick change of citizenship deals.


Are they bringing back the videos of bearded Arabs with AK47s jumping over hurdles and going into shoulder rolls only to do it again yet. I think I will just go to WalMart and bite down hard as I walk through the fishing lure isle…


At this point it is obvious the US regime is intent upon spreading as much violence and disorder in the world as it can. We are engaged in wars from Ukraine to the China Sea. And matters will surely grow worse before they get better. No country needs regime change more than the USA.


Jonny, Obviously AIPAC is dictating policy through their mouthpiece, the NYT and its cousin in agitprop, the Wash Post.


Hilary Clinton as the secretary of state made a complete ass of herself calling on Assad to step down, Obama and now Kerry too have been calling for regime change in Syria. The US based oil cartels in cahoots with the regional powers including Israel have a long term strategy of building several oil and gas pipelines through Syria and Iraq into the Mediterranean sea for exports to Europe. All ISIS is doing is making that plan a reality. The ISIS are US and Israeli supported mercenaries disguised as Islamic fanatics whilst using the Arab oil money. Again people please let’s not go wild on Islamic religion and how fanatic Muslims. The heads of the ISIS are a handful of professional killer bastards they have nothing to do with religion other than to use it as a useful tool, the rank and file are the uneducated unemployed, homeless and hungry people fighting for survival. Some especially the Zionists have gone crazy trying to implicate all Muslims in the hopes of diverting attention from Israel’s apartheid terrorist regime treatment of the occupied Palestinians.
Please stop analyzing this to death it really is simply an energy war spearheaded by the super wealthy elites, energy derived from dirty fossil fuels at high cost to humanity and nature.

I also happen to think that there is a connection between events in Ukraine and what is going on in Syria where the US is trying to keep Russia occupied with the Ukraine war but their real aim is taking over Syria. Syria, Iran and Russia are supporters of current regime in Syria therefore it makes since to create havoc for Russia and Iran simultaneously to bolster the chances of ISIS success in occupying Syria. The US pretending to bomb ISIS is simply hogwash.


Wow that Assaad one strange fellow. He is paying ISIS in an alliance with Israel the Saudies and Turkey to overthrow his own government and depose himself.

Why would he not just resign?

How idiotic does the NYT think people are?

It interesting that in an article as to why the US Air Force did not strike ISIS when they were attacking Ramadia the NYT originally ran with a story from a “Government source” that ISIS used the cover of a sandstorm to launch their attack, this acting to ground the US air force

Pictures were shown of that day of a clear blue sky and another “spokesman” for the US Government then claimed they did not attack ISIS out of concern for Civilian life. While I in no way support the US Air froce or its personel attacking any group in the Middle East as they have no business there,reports indicated that over 80 percent of all air strikes launched against ISIS are called back before any bombs dropped.

I think most people are aware of what happened with the USS Liberty when Israel was attacking that ship and LBJ ordered planes that were launched to defend the Liberty back to their ship.

It pretty obvious to me what goes on here. The NYT is running a propaganda piece and if we follow the history of it we can see a very clear and definite script. Prior to ISIS I am sure the “planners” were worried that people would be suspicious of ISIS and wonder where they were getting their funds, their training and their equipment. We then got those stories that ISS was getting all the weapons from ones that the Iraqi army was throwing away when they ran away (Convenient as ISIS was using US weapons) and their money from “robbing banks and selling oil” I would like to know the “mechanics” of how ISIS gets this oil to market . Do they smuggle it over borders under trenchcoats and sell it in back alleys? If it seo easy to sell oil than what on earth is an oil embargo for?


Oh you that shill for the Ukraine Government?

The NYT reported that ISIS is supported by Assad. can you not read? Go read the article. The NYT clearly states ISIS is being aided by Assaad.

FACT. ISIS uses US weapons and member sof ISIS were trained by the US in Jordan. The US Government admitted as much.


Oh you are rather obtuse. ISIS is being supplied and funded by Turkey and Israel and the Saudis OPENLY.

I suggest you get a bit more informed before posting here. try doing a search on all the articles related to the Saudis funding of ISIS and the articles reporting arms being shipped from Turkey into Syria to support ISIS.

In fact Erdogan ordered the arrest of one of the reporters that revealed this support out of Turkey. You are not going to get any of that information from reading memoes from the Ukraine State department or press releases from the US Government so do try and broaden your scope.

Until then I will ignore your posts as nothing more then prattle.

Have a nice day.


"As news organizations are increasingly driven by a bottom-line mentality, the news we get becomes more and more sensational. What is the difference between Time and Newsweek? Between ABC, NBC, and CBS News? Between the Washington Post and the New York Times? For all practical purposes, none. The concentration of media power means that Americans increasingly get their information from a few sources who decide what is “news.”

Oliver Stone


The sheep will continue to buy the Times, read it and believe it, and we will have more wars, more global warming, more GMO’s with tons more of Roundup and more inequality in this country! Joy, joy!


You left out the more important FACT that to maintain a state AT WAR, at least some percentage of citizens must be made to go along with this diabolical plan. THAT is where Propaganda works as a major asset to the Military-industrial-media complex. To push half-a-billion dollars worth of “killer inventory” each and every year (how else to justify this massive hemorrhaging of the public’s money into the war chests of weapons’ contractors and career mass murderers) a case must be made; and that case requires a stream of enemies in a manner that runs parallel with the way that lobbyists for private prison-building outfits have used their fiscal muscle to criminalize all sorts of behaviors in order to keep a steady stream of warm bodies moving through the new Plantation-Prison-Industrial Complex.

Freedom is a quaint notion. As is Truth… it belongs to a more romantic era when integrity, accountability, and respect for the Greater Good all meant something.


Interesting news out of England.

All charges against a Swedish National for supporting terrorist groups in the Middle East were DROPPED when the Government determined it’s own intelligence agencies woudl be “embarassed and exposed”

The Attorney for the defense had indicated he would cite press releases and other available information to make his case that the Governmnet of the UK was in fact supporting the same groups they were claiming as “terrorist”.


NYT–all the news that’s shit to print…


Assad is just a little more refined version of his Father, who killed 30,000 citizens, within the span of a month, in one city alone. Unfortunatly, the alternative is a country run by muslim fanatics…such as we are seeing in Iran and Saudi. I am beginning to think that the best governments in the Middle East may be that of dictators…at least they are a known quantity…sad.


Yep he right up there with mass murderers like Hussein but still has a LONG way to go to get anywhere near Bush/Obama/Clinton and THAT lot of mass murderers. The "count"of that lot is in the millions.

Bloody fanatics all of them. Those Middle east Dictators are choirboys next to THAT murderous lot.


there must be some intelligence [but not honesty] also in washington.
perforce, washing town has to have the final solution in mind for syria, iraq, and lebanon.
for now, US, i suggest, wants IS to conquer parts of all syria and lebanon. the new sunni state may then go on to expand to shia lands and eventually go on and attack iran.

i have not ever expected that US, turkey, israel would ever be happy unless assad’s army is defeated; thus, ca three years ago i suggested in my post that assad should have stepped down; provided, of course, US/allies would have ensured that alawites, christians, kurds, and druze would have been sufficiently protected.