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NYT Says Congress Has 'Duty' to Make War–Rather Than the Right to Reject It


NYT Says Congress Has 'Duty' to Make War–Rather Than the Right to Reject It

Adam Johnson

As reports come in detailing the degree to which Donald Trump has escalated the “War on ISIS”—and killed hundreds more civilians in the process—this would seem like a good time for the country to sit back and examine the United States’ approach to fighting “terrorism” and its recent iteration, the so-called Islamic State.


Good article, and insight, Adam Johnson.

War is supposed to be a solution to a Problem.

Discussion of what exactly our Problems are, and how BEST to Solve them is NEVER discussed in Corporate Media, as the answer would possibly, and probably, not jibe with the Military's Endless Thirst for Justification of its Own Bloated Existence, and Use of Our Money (documented, in another CD article today, as a Sweet $1 Trillion a year)


I disagree. I've come to regard war in this modern era as the quintessential embodiment of failure, and not a solution to a problem. Mr. Dower's piece, read between the lines, makes that abundantly clear. The common sense treaties and agreements concerning war in the immediate aftermath of WWII also forcefully state that truth: war is the summation of all evils.

It may not have been possible to stop the insanity that escalated between the US and the USSR at the close of WWII, but it was certainly within our power (humanity's power expressed through the citizens of the US) to truly be an exceptional nation and usher in an unprecedented era of peace when the USSR collapsed. Instead, the troglodyte mentality of the militarists insisted on the continuance of humanity's barbaric past into the present age. It was all spelled out in the PNAC document of 2000 Strategies for Rebuilding America's Defenses.

Yes, an excellent piece by Adam Johnson, and together with the Dower piece they paint a compelling picture of the moral, ethical, and political failure of the US as the exceptional nation. I agree with yours and others comments on the Dower article that many know the symptoms and the causes and bloody history, but we haven't yet found the answers or a strategy for progress.

Can't stay to continue in this discussion as I have tasks to get done today, but both these articles compelled me to add my two cents. Tonight I'll come back and read both of what I expect to be constructive threads. Peace.


" Presidents, on the other hand, do have a duty under the Constitution, to get Congress's approval before waging war."

That is very true in a Constitutional, democracy, but that Constitutional mandate was circumvented in what was called: the Korean Police action of 1950, ever since, Presidents have waged wars unlawfully without Congressional approval. And Congress has been complicit in their treasonous abdication of their responsibility to wage wars.

That is why I say America has been really a war criminal, Fascist, Empire, pretending to be a democracy, supported by a totalitarian military dictatorship that has slaughtered millions, since 1950.


You're not disagreeing with me.

My whole point is that Actual Solutions to Problems are never their Goal, the Government just wants to perpetuate War, and all the Money and Power they can grab that goes with it.

As for US/USSR relations after WWII, Hiroshima was used as a signal to Russia that The US was the new Sheriff in Town.

US plans for World Domination had begun, and in true Sociopathic fashion, our Government began a program of ascribing its own designs to its Foe.

In 1963, President Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev and Pope John XXIII, facilitated by Saturday Review Publisher Norman Cousins had a three way conversation, carried on for several months, which lead to a planned announcement of a joint venture to the Moon, effectively ending the Cold War. Khrushchev going so far as to begin re-tooling of Armaments Factories (tanks) into Aerospace, and Kennedy documenting his plans to end our involvement in Viet Nam.

The CIA, lead by deposed (by Kennedy) leader, Allen Dulles, aided and abetted by the Military and FBI, planned the assassination of President Kennedy, first to be committed in Chicago on Nov. 2, which was scuttled when Kennedy did not go there as planned, and then finally, and successfully on Nov. 22 in Dallas, ending the possibility of Peace, when President Kennedy had brought us so close.

Within days, without so much as a Position Paper or Commissioned Study, LBJ reversed Kennedy's decision and began, in earnest, the never declared by Congress, War in Viet Nam, and our pattern of Wars of Aggression, with no end now in sight.

So, today, it is never a question of "What is the Problem, and how can we Solve it?"

Rather what we get from our Government is : "The answer is War, now what was the Question?"

Yes, Peace to you, as well, Justaman


A "liberal" dose of bloodlust


If there has ever been any doubt among progressive minds about whom and what the NY Times represents, that editorial should remove it and clarify matters. They are cheerleaders for the Empire and the voice of all who benefit but will never allow their own spawn to risk danger.

That so many liberals look to the Times for information is not surprising, given that so many don't bother to look below the surface of issues; don't want to be discomfited by the thought that even their darling Democrats are violating human rights and international law, willfully killing civilians as a necessary "collateral damage" in the projection of U.S. imperialism, and undermining democracy at will whenever it is inconvenient to the aims of the corporations and the Empire which benefits them.


Peace and diplomacy have become derogatory terms in America the empire.