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NYT Scrapes the Bottom to Argue ‘Democrats Pulled Too Far Left’


NYT Scrapes the Bottom to Argue ‘Democrats Pulled Too Far Left’

Jim Naureckas

“Have Democrats Pulled Too Far Left?” asks a New York Times op-ed (5/27/15). Because this question is always answered affirmatively by corporate media, you don’t even have to note that the author, Peter Wehner, “served in the last three Republican administrations” to know that the answer is going to be yes.


“Centrists” my foot! Both Obama and Clinton were far right, corporate sycophants that lived to undermine the public interest at every turn. Both administrations saw the defence budget increase, no movement on the Federal minimum wage, multiple wars, corporate friendly trade deals and no prosecution of Wall Street criminals. Both of them betrayed the 99%, particularly people of color and the poor. Both of them further eroded democracy while strengthening the hand that corporate influence has in D.C. The last “Centrist” we had was FDR.


I was glad to see the overwhelming number of comments objecting to this piece of right-wing trash.


Two lines of reasoning that look at

  1. the constitutional premise of the separation of the 3 branches of government with the example of Wikileaks “prosecution” on DN at approx. min: 15:00 http://www.democracynow.org/ ; and
  2. an observation by Arnie Gunderson on patterns of how institutions fail using the nuclear event response systems and lessons not learned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-GCyOAiUXE


Centrist? The political spectrum has moved so far to the right that today LBJ looks like a radical, not to mention George McGovern and others. Until this is recognized conservatism will continue to suffocate.


Democrats pull to far to the left. WOW talk about Orwellian doublespeak from the New York Times.


Indeed. Nixon was way to the left of Obama. Richard Nixon signed the EPA law. Richard Nixon ended the Vietnam war. The CIA (bush crime family/KBR oil and war profiteers) came after Tricky Dick with fangs after those two betrayals to their Rape-the-Planet Program. The Washington Post, which showcased the Watergate informant “Deepthroat” and his Nixon Administration leaks, was a well-known CIA front.

Watergate, a simple break in of an office, was nothing compared to Obamagate: ex-CIA Barry’s directing the Five Eyes and Wall Street to tear up the US Constitution and treat American citizens like criminals, illegally recording their every word and storing it for blackmail later. Obama, who executes and disappears US Citizens like Pol Pot did in Cambodia, is way the hell right of nearly everyone.

Stalin and Hitler would be green with envy if they could see what a real police state looks like…


Marine Le Pen of the far-right Front National said last year that she was “to the left of Obama” and, by God, I think she’s right!


BS analyses for BS-saturated pages and audiences.

The writing is for spin to push agendas and has no relationship to any objective reality. If you can spin it you can sell it is the belief.


Is this is joke, or has there been an epidemic of delusional thinking at the NYT? Especially on core socioeconomic policies, today’s Democratic Party is far to the right of even former Republican presidents (“Staunch conservatives,” they called themselves) Eisenhower, Nixon, and even Reagan! These are hard-core capitalists. As they ended the Great Society, they began dismantling the New Deal – the very agenda that took the US to its height of wealth and productivity from FDR until Reagan.


At least clue people in regarding what you’re talking about. Which policies, etc., are you referring to?


Actually, he has been well to the left of Clinton. On an issue that our “liberal” media have largely ignored, but that determines the overall quality of life in the US: Now, what came to be called AFDC was actually first included in FDR’s Social Security Act (later expanded to include education and job training, reflecting the realities of post-WWll America). Clinton ended that, and still had time to begin similarly “reforming” Social Security, targeting the disabled. As a result of Clinton’s policies, the disabled/seriously ill became the fastest-growing group of homeless Americans by 2000. They did very poorly on the streets. President Obama finally restored disability benefits, but the Dems promptly began cutting back again, and have gone to some extremes this year – without notice of liberal media (with VERY rare exception). The Clinton wing in Congress successfully blocked one progressive Obama proposal after another, and much of today’s “liberal” media actually serves to promote the (right wing) New Democrat agenda.


By the standards of today’s liberal media, LBJ would be too far to the left to consider.


Godd post and absolutely true. When will the TIMES wake up and shake itself out of its stupor? Sheesh. They are really becoming a rag, much like the joke of a political news show, Hardball w/Chris Matthews. No fair shots by either of them for man of real ethics and proven track record FOR THE PEOPLE of this nation. Go Bernie Sanders!


Although I loathed Nixon throughout his political career, I strive for objectivity and would take Nixon over any president post Carter.

In addition to EPA, Nixon also started OSHA, both organizations have been castrated by the Obama Administration and are likely to disappear after Obama signs his TPP and TTIP.


I sometimes wonder whether we should have a “truth in journalism” (perhaps it should be called “journalism in journalism”) law, like the now-defunct “truth in advertising” law, where false statements get a fine that increases exponentially on repetition.


“truth in journalism”

Spot on! The main problem, and not only in journalism, is that telling lies is no longer shameful. Not only in journalism, but also in all corporate and government agencies from top to bottom, and it has begun to seep into private lives as well. I’ve never seen any nation degenerating so quickly as this nation, which is absolutely incredible for, not too long ago, probity was generally prized in the United States. Ironically, the need - or compulsion - to be honest was behind the idea of the “plausible deniability” concept, something that as recently as the Nixon administration was still being practiced (for what it was worth). Today, nobody cares about any kind of plausibility - anything goes. Telling lies has become a virtue, and so has shamelessness.



I forgot about Nixon signing OSHA. I suspect these secret TPP TIPP “trade” agreements are going to spell slavery for the few Americans who still have a job. And who knows what the hell we’ll be eating or breathing after they pass this usurpation of the US Constitution.

Solyent Green Burgers… (people), and fallout.