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NYT: Trump Being "Advised" for Clinton Debates by Disgraced Roger Ailes


NYT: Trump Being "Advised" for Clinton Debates by Disgraced Roger Ailes

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though Roger Ailes resigned his top seat at Fox News last month following accusations and lawsuits over sexual harassment of female employees, the New York Times reports Tuesday that Donald Trump has brought the disgraced executive aboard his campaign to "advise" him ahead of upcoming presidential debates.


The scum rises to the "top" - birds of a feather...................


Misogynists of a feather...


I won't be voting for Trump after all. What would be more effective, to write in Bernie or vote for Stein?


Jeebus H Christ -- our choice is between an angry postmenopausal banshee and trumpollini ailes? I seriously fear for this country :scream: :crying_cat_face:
Our last, best hope truly is Jill Stein!


Voting for Stein would clearly be more effective. Bernie is not an official write-in candidate in ANY state. Thus, by law, the vote of any one writing in his name will not even be counted.


If that's the law, I'll vote for Stein.


I think it depends on whether write-in votes in your state are counted, what would be the best is if she's actually one of the choices on the ballot, but at the least, if you write either her or Bernie in and your ballot gets tossed, at least it wasn't counted as a vote for the 2 worst candidates we've had in probably the entire existence of this country!
Personally, I wrote-in Jill Stein in 2012 and I will be doing that again as she truly is the best we could possibly do; and remember, the lesser evil vote shaming isn't really valid ...


I want to be able to say the day after the election that "we came. we saw. it lost, bwwhahahahahaha!" :smiling_imp:


I don't care who advises Donald Trump. Ailes may actually have some good ideas about political campaigns, even if he has sexually harrassed people.

What I am interested in are articles about Jill Stein. The more I see of Stein, the more I like her. She's not Bernie, but she IS pretty, pretty good!

I'm also interested in articles about Hillary's health problems. Her apparent partial seizures, memory glitches, and physical weakness (see the photos of people helping her to walk up stairs) should be a concern to us all.


Trump may haveRoger Ailes .. but ..
Hillary has Debbie Wasserman-Schultz !!

"To Ensure Her Election": Wasserman-Schultz Admits She Really Worked For Hillary While At DNC

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz made the apparent inadvertent admission during a televised debate on Facing South Florida, where she is battling for reelection.

“The work we did to prepare for Hillary Clinton, to be our nominee and then make sure that we could get her elected president, is absolutely critical to advancing the issues that are important,” she said.

Click link & scroll down for video:


Hardly anyone with a good reputation is willing to work with Trump. Look at who he was left with for a vice-presidential choice. He can't get good people to staff his national campaign. The guy is toxic. The only people who will work with him are people with nothing left to lose. Their reputations are so damaged or their futures so bleak that there is no risk in working with Trump. Basically he has to rely on his children for advice. Deep down Trump must know he is a loser which is a feeling he probably cannot accept. To combat that he has to pretend he is really a winner and if he loses it is because the election was rigged and the media is corrupt and against him. What is dangerous is that his gullible army of followers believe this type of nonsense that can undermine democracy and if Trump loses they may find justification for acts of violence.


The odd thing about Trump is that sometimes he is right. For example, Trump pointed out what most of us already know: there can be election fraud in the U.S. Not voter fraud, which is virtually non-existent, but outright election fraud.

Of course, everyone from Obama on down immediately poo-pooed the idea that there could be election fraud in U.S. elections, despite all the evidence that not only has there been election fraud, but also that there is likely to be much more election fraud to come.

The voting machines used in many states are readily hackable and leave no paper trail. Exit polls no longer confirm the reported vote totals. http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/presidential-campaign/291534-can-the-2016-election-be-rigged-you-bet It really doesn't matter who advises the campaigns, when the elections are rigged.


Are we both busy casting strong, positive spells that Dr. Stein rules the day???? And as I said earlier, I love your comments and your sense of humor! I am so excited for you that you actually get to VOTE for her!!!! I will be writing her in again this year b/c I truly do see her as being our last, best hope, and since Caligula and Cruella de Ville are the others running I am seriously starting to entertain the possibility that a lot of people may wake up quite surprised on November 9th!


All the more reason for Guccifer 2.0 to concentrate their OBVIOUS abilities toward hacking these machines on November 8th! :smiling_imp:


The Green Party needs the percentages. Sanders, unless he changes his mind and decides to run on the ticket with Stein (not gonna happen), is no longer a factor. Voting for Stein will help, hopefully, to get a Green Party candidate matching funds and a spot on the debate podium in future elections. I was going to write-in Sanders, but that was before he decided to endorse Clinton and sink any chance he has of winning the election (or even being IN the election at all). I'm voting for Stein to give the Green Party a leg up.


I gather the most practical thing would be to vote strategically, for Stein in safe states and for Clinton in contested states. I live in a contested state but find it really difficult to vote for Clinton, but Chomksy says to hold my nose.


I still have a high regard for Chomsky, but on this, he is wrong! I'm trying to think of all the articles I have read about how wrong it is to swallow the 'lesser evil' meme.
Try this one: https://wolfessblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/14/why-millions-should-refuse-the-lesser-evil/
and: https://wolfessblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/21/9973/ also this one: https://wolfessblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/01/it-is-imperative-that-we-stop-settling-for-the-lesser-evil/
You should also probably check out CounterPunch.org and Black Agenda Report. I am of the opinion that this election is too important to risk voting for either of the evil candidates currently running in the duopoly.


Ailes to Trump: "My first piece of advice - don't grab her ass at the debate. It could be misinterpreted."
Trump to Ailes: "What about her tits?"


That is how I will cast my vote. Pennsylvania looked close earlier and I was prepared to vote for Clinton because of the importance of the Supreme Court. However, if the election were held today - with Clinton so far ahead - I would vote for Stein. The Green party will receive Federal matching funds if they can get to 5% of the vote nationally. Currently they sit around 3% or 4% and should go up a little after the CNN town hall tomorrow. Stein has a real shot at the 5% level if Clinton beats Trump by a landslide and voters like me (perhaps 1 or 2 % of the electorate) go Green.