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NYT Trump Interview Makes Waves, But Did Reporters Go Too Easy?


NYT Trump Interview Makes Waves, But Did Reporters Go Too Easy?

Julia Conley, staff writer

Though an explosive interview with President Donald Trump conducted by the New York Times published Wednesday evening resulted in breaking news bulletins across the media and provided an inside look at Trump's state of mind regarding current events, including healthcare, some in the journalistic community are expressing disappointment at the lack of substantive questions asked of the president—adding to growing concern about how the press engages with the current White House.


We are hostages of “intersubjective reality”.

Its a bullshit world.


What a waste of time and paper…an interview with DJT about anything of any substantive value related to the duties/responsibilities of an American president…each and every one demonstrate just how bellicose, stupid, clueless, and completely ignorant this petty despot is. It matters not how hard the questions might be that are put to him, his answers are rambling, obfuscatory, unintelligible and vacuous. If he were not so dangerous, he would be laughable.


Most reporters have gone to easy on Trump since he first announced he would run for President. Generally, he antics and style and gross misbehavior was presented like entertainment, not as a serious threat to democracy as well as any standard of civility…


oops, missed the typos!


On the contrary, the NYT interview wasn’t obsequious enough!! It should be obvious by now that Trump’s megalomania and paranoia require extra special care. He can’t get along with anyone, so the situation calls for creating an alternate reality just for him. All government officials need to make Trump think that everyone reports directly to him. If everyone would address him as “Your majesty” and agree with everything he says, he’d be happy. Then everyone could simply ignore him and go on about their own business.


Seen the corpress ads proclaiming the essential need for a free press in a democracy?

Seen the corpress behave like one?


Trump plays the media like a fiddle. His base eats it up…they can’t wait to vote again 2018 and 2020.

Meanwhile, D-party luminaries like Pelosi, Perez, and Schumer inspire…well…pretty much no one.


I dunno. Trump’s crazy base is one thing, but I feel like some of the Republicans that surround me are starting to get uncomfortable.


Looks like the NYT inquisitors understood before he said a word that Trump couldn’t rationally discuss policy matters. So they let him ramble on, knowing that even Trump supporters would see that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I haven’t read the whole interview, but the part quoted in Julia Conley’s story justifies even greater concern about his competency than Trump’s previous, well-publicized gaffs.


Did anyone else find the NYT Trump interview shockingly obsequious?

I am never shocked by how obsequious the NY Times is. It is the American Pravda.


“…starting to get uncomfortable?”

The Republicans are like Maintenance Alcoholics, shitting their pants every day, and going to the restroom to clean themselves up, only to have another drink as soon as they flush the toilet.

There is no hope with dopes.


"I have had the best reviews on foreign land. So I go to Poland and make a speech. Enemies of mine in the media, enemies of mine are saying it was the greatest speech ever made on foreign soil by a president."

This man is mentally ill. He is not sane. Who says this shit and really believes it? Does he really think others believe this crap? Sounds like a 2nd grader, “My Daddy could kick your Dad’s ass”.

TRUMP:But the Bastille Day parade was — now that was a super-duper — O.K. I mean, that was very much more than normal. They must have had 200 planes over our heads. Normally you have the planes and that’s it, like the Super Bowl parade. And everyone goes crazy, and that’s it. That happened for — and you know what else that was nice? It was limited. You know, it was two hours, and the parade ended. It didn’t go a whole day. They didn’t go crazy. You don’t want to leave, but you have to. Or you want to leave, really.

TRUMP: He’s a great guy. Smart. Strong. Loves holding my hand.

HABERMAN: I’ve noticed.

TRUMP: People don’t realize he loves holding my hand. And that’s good, as far as that goes.

TRUMP: I mean, really. He’s a very good person. And a tough guy, but look, he has to be. I think he is going to be a terrific president of France. But he does love holding my hand.

Again, it’s like 2nd grade Show and Tell, “How they loved me on my trip to France”. This guy is not mentally fit, and certainly not to be in the most powerful position in the world.