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NYT Trumpets US Restraint against ISIS, Ignores Hundreds of Civilian Deaths


NYT Trumpets US Restraint against ISIS, Ignores Hundreds of Civilian Deaths

Glenn Greenwald

The New York Times this morning has an extraordinary article claiming that the U.S. is being hampered in its war against ISIS because of its extreme — even excessive — concern for civilians.


The Military Industrial Complex framing of media rationales for aggression, whether domestic or abroad, is a dissociative ‘spectacle management’. It is the virtual bulldozer blade, so slickly colored for the screen and page that can, in the blink of an eye, as easily be front-loaded onto the juggernaut of predatory fractional financialization schemes as to turnaround on the ‘oops’ factor of massive weapons marketing and deliveries, totally disconnected from any ethical practice of social long term well being.

These have historically had another dimension which is the institution of and control of “slow violence” - the degradation initiated in spectacle and that works over years, decades and centuries.

Toward further developing alternative articulation of perception and narrative

Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor


I love the photo in the background of the facility that we bombed even though there was no indication of activity there–no vehicles, etc. A proud “sound and fury” moment of 'murca.


NYT and others; Please quit referring to these drone geeks as pilots.


Another take on the Blue Wall of silence. Men in uniform uniformly agreeing on storylines that posit that THEY felt threatened by persons designated as terrorists, enemies, or lawbreakers.

This protocol is pretty much how U.S. police departments are treating their officers who ruthlessly and shamelessly gun-down unarmed Black males and some females (“Say Her Name”).

“The New York Times this morning has an extraordinary article claiming that the U.S. is being hampered in its war against ISIS because of its extreme — even excessive — concern for civilians. “American officials say they are not striking significant — and obvious — Islamic State targets out of fear that the attacks will accidentally kill civilians,” reporter Eric Schmitt says.”

It’s hard to determine which is more grotesque: the agreed-upon lies and trafficking in Deception, or the cowardice that uses such disproportionate force against persons where THEY live!

All those Terminator movies paved the way for the naked use of all this muscular militarism. Had Hollywood not first massaged into place, a consciousness that looked at brute force as “the way to go” or “how to win,” it would have been a much harder sell… not that public consent of the self-generating organic sort is part of the equation. Control of media and capture of its key storylines conduct their own ways of manufacturing “consent” when not rendering entire demographics mesmerized… convinced that fairytales (like Saddam Hussein was responsible for 911) are true.


WE bombed, or the military bombed? Or is it your view that our nation IS a military state like Sparta where all citizens necessarily are soldiers or soldiers’ fodder?

It is VERY dangerous, and to my mind, the very heart of propaganda, to conflate what military power does with the citizenry as one uniform whole.

In the same way that the MSM wipes out any alternative narrative to all war/martial force/naked aggression ALL the time and shows NO dissenting persons or authority figures (to established pro-war narratives and already arrived-upon policy protocols), YOU work that same propagandistic magic by suggesting that the UNIFORM WE–signifying all of the masses–is behind all these killing fields.

Not that polls can be trusted, and not that they measure much more than how many have been impacted by lies told often… nonetheless, it’s less than half of those polled who still believe in these fully felonious wars. So what about the other HALF of the WE used so promiscuously by this site’s regulars?

I will speak for THAT “we.”


I think all this putative restraint and “concern” for civilians is simply a cover for the fact that they simply don’t want to defeat ISIS, since the shadowy organization is doing the Empire’s work of sowing mayhem and undermining the sovereign governments (especially Syria) across the region.


NEOCON TIMES: Why the U.S. needs to slaughter more Muslim civilians.


IT took some doing for the US and allied governments to get all of that equipment to ISIS in the first place. As example those white Toyota pickups that ISIS so loves are of a type made in a single factory out of Texas which allows them to be easily modified for Military use.

The TOW anti-tank missiles used to hit Iraqi and Syrian armor were sourced out of Croatia in a joint Saudi/CIA action.

The Pentagon does not want to take this gear out until ISIS achieves very specific goals , those being the weakening of the Syrian Military to the point of collapse and the disintegration of Iraq’s military so as to ensure that country breaks up into three separate entities as was outlined in the " Clean Break" strategy.

With Iraq as a weakened State and with Assaad gone in Syria the US can then get its pipeline to Syria built and begin the process of weaning the EU off Russian gas. A weak Iraq is exactly what the architects of the Clean Break strategy called for almost two decades before where they envisioned part of Syria and of Iraq made into a smaller Sunni state with parts of Syria . Iraq and Iran forming a Kurdish state.

This will also ensure no country powerful enough in the region to resist the Israeli Military.

When Israel pulled out of the Gaza strip they claimed it showed they were dedicated to the peace process. That rhetoric was used to cover up their real goals which was to turn Gaza into a open air prison and bomb it at will with there being no collateral damage of Israelis living there,.

The US government claiming they do not bomb ISIS out of a concern for civilians even as they murder civilians the world over is very much in the same vein.

In The Wizard of Oz the wizard, in handing out a heart to the tin man pointed out that his actions showed he had always had one.The United States Government is one that claimed the death of 500000 children was worth it.When it comes to having a heart their actions show they never had one.If I have to choose between believing in a tin man with a heart or in the US government growing one, I would be more likely to believe in the Tin Man.


Strikes on infrastructure are usually planned for times when no or very few people are in the area to minimize civilian casualties. That’s why there are no vehicles or people in that video.