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NYT Urges Biden to Shun His Party’s ‘Left-Leaning Brand’

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/20/nyt-urges-biden-shun-his-partys-left-leaning-brand


Obama chose Uncle Joe to be his #2 (heh, heh) because Biden would be a safe sop to white voters.

2020 d-party primary voters – quaking in their boots that Bernie would be too socialist to be their nominee – did much the same, they played it safe.

Now Trump and the r-party attack the center right Biden for his socialism, as we all predicted.

This same old d-party movie – keep moving right and claim that leaving progressives behind is why you win, and that progressives not turning out is why you lose – keeps playing on a loop. 30 more Connor Lambs (security state veterans) were elected to Nancy’s House in 2018. That’s why The Squad is little more than window dressing in Nancy’s caucus. And if it materializes, after the first two years of a Biden/Harris Admin, those same Blue Dogs – including Connor Lamb – will lose their seats in their swing districts to even more extreme r-party reps.

Why The Squad remains content to be sidelined as afterthoughts in that shitshow is beyond me.


Color me NOT surprised --unfortunately I’m sure Biden doesn’t need NYT’s urging to move to the right :frowning:(


Somebody pointed out a few weeks ago that all this “salesmanship” by Biden, agreeing with Sanders, et al, might win him the election. Then, all he has to do is, right after lifting his hand from the Bible after having done the ritual lies, is say, “You know, I’ve changed my mind. Wall street profits are really great! I’ll do my best to promote them.” And, We the People will be fucked again. Politician’s campaign promises are not worth the cost of the ink used to print them. There is virtually no way to enforce them after the bastard of the moment has put his hands on that Bible.
“Well, he/she’s the President. We have to do what she/he says.” You’ve listened to that crap for the last four years (and many more), but apparently the learning curve is too steep.


One of the innumerable insane developments of 2020 is that both of America’s mainstream political parties are using different strategies to attack one another as being far-left extremists, which is absolutely bizarre since by global standards they are both very much right-wing parties. Neither party even has any interest in the basic social safety nets that are the norm in other developed nations, let alone wealth redistribution to end economic inequality, and are both as far as you can possibly get from having actual leftist goals like ending capitalism and worker ownership of the means of production.



It’s not just the corporate press saying this.

Common Dreams should be reporting on Sen. Ted Kaufman’s Wall Street Journal statements signalling that large increases in federal spending are unlikely under a Biden Administration.


At this point it’s fairly clear that the public option is - as it has always been - a decoy to avoid considering single payer. I suggest it’s likely that Biden’s moderately ambitious environmental goals are similarly lacking in any real commitment.

Progressives and leftists need to get beyond rhetorical bullshit and talk about what a Biden Administration would actually mean for progressive policy goals, as well as the expected impact on existing left-liberal coalitions (such as they are). I don’t have any interest in reliving the mistakes of 2009, particularly since we all know what followed Obama.

It will be much worse the second time around. (Or is this the third time around? I’ve lost count.)


A Biden administration means four (or eight - Hello, President Pepperball!) years of punting progressive policy goals while paying lip service to Identity Politics.

Think Uncle jabbering about balancing the budget while signing off on cuts to Social Security. Imagine VP Pepperball wearing a BLM jacket while justifying the bombing of Iran.

The only real resistance is resistance to both wings of the Corporatist War Party.


Well, take a glance at who’s going to be “holding Biden’s feet to the fire” if he’s in office.


New York Times is not doing their job, reporting important news.

Instead they are trying to hide it.


Courting the “working class”

Only to leave it at the altar


Biden has always been like that, he’s never been even remotely progressive. More like a “tough on crime” kind of politician who seems particularly out of touch with today’s voters. The only coonclusion I can come to is that the Democratic Party has dedicated itself to losing, not winning this election.

That makes sense because trade instruments have basically taken away the policy space that Americans want their Presidents to exercise.

Democrats dont want to tell the country they have been making empty promises they cant keep for more than 25 years, nor that more than a million poor people have died due to the rigging of our healthcare system so it cannot be fixed without literally buying our freedom with human lives, one way or another.

(This is what makes many trade negotiators extremely critical of the so called rules based multilateral trading system)

What can we do? We have to start fresh, create an alternative.


Yes. A new party is a must. It must be new and different in every way. It will need its own media as the corporate media is overtly political and will not be kind to another way of doing things.

We don’t need anymore phonies. We don’t need corporate and oligarch owned and operated politicians. We need an army of Mr. Smith’s. (As in Mr Smith Goes To Washington). It’s amazing that that film was made so long ago as it said it all then. Nothing it complained about has changed. It has only grown stronger and more invisible.

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Time for all to shun the NYT’s, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Comcast produced News Hour and all the rest of the pretend so called left voices which aren’t.

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We can’t have a true people’s rebellion until the people see the democrats for who they really are.


they do this because they know that when the Democrats toss the progressives under the bus they are throwing away their only chance at election --and the Times is nothing if not a corporate tool pushing the corporate agenda for the benefit of the Republicans–as they have done for decades

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Face it, the Democrats are now the Republicans. They have been taken over by the right wing. As far as trash newspapers such as the NYT are concerned even Reagan would be seen as “left leaning”.

Again that LOTE nonsense with the failed “hold their feet to the fire” is shown as the fraud that it is and any that suggest people MUST vote Democrat to prevent a Trump Victory are advocating even more right wing politics.

The left and progressives can not operate in the same party that invited guys like Colin Powell to speak at its conventions. It cannot exist in a party filled with ex Republicans or in a party that wants to cater to the republican voter.

Again here in Canada Trudeau and the Liberals begin to suggest a number of Social spending initiatives as they feel they might well lose the next election. The things they are exploring are far to the left of anything Biden suggests and he does this because these programs resonate with the voter and the Voter will vote for NDP to get these things.

You need a third party in the USA. The “left leaning” people have to be in a party of the left and not inside a party that works to ensure they are silenced. When the NYT issues dire warnings against “left leaning brands” rest assured it because they want to protect the Corporations and not the working class.

Given the fact that both Democrats and Republicans are now “parties on the right” , a truly progressive party in the USA will do far better then suggested by the media simply because the right wing parties will “split the vote”. The media do not want the people to understand this.


So of course, it must be captured by the same creeps who captured this one. After all they have infinite amounts of money and power.

I can see them setting it up right now.

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Oh, c’mon. You and I both know the NYT would never be that truthful.

The d-party exists to subsume progressives within a big tent where our priorities can be safely ignored.

Except now our priorities aren’t merely ignored, they’re openly scorned.


I urge people to stop buying the NYT which is more and more dishonest all the time.

Biden is not worth our votes and nor is Trump. Biden is not less evil than Trump. They both are two sides of the same coin. People should vote for themselves, by protesting the theft of our policy space by trade deals that make elections a nullity.

have the courage to walk away from liars. All pundits who get promoted by the captured state are captured. Thats the way it works.

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