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NYT's Krugman Pilloried on 9/11 Anniversary for Claiming No 'Mass Outbreak of Anti-Muslim Sentiment' in US After 2001 Attacks

And they say them everywhere else. I live in a quiet, generally safe, mid-size southwestern town. Our temple needs and pays for police protection. Other temples here do too. We didn’t need to do that some decades ago.

My children have been exposed to anti-Jewish remarks at school. Growing up, I never was – and I grew up in a poorer area. The country has changed. Antisemitism is much more publicly acceptable now.

It’s also true that Muslims and Jews here – and most other places in the US – get along well together. Our communities share concerns and are supportive of each other.

But hatred of Jews (and Muslims) is not limited to some particular segment of society: it’s ubiquitous. Your attitude is outdated: it’s like people insisting that only “lower class” men abuse their wives.

Please recall that you are the one who made Jews an issue in this thread. Why you did so – why you thought it relevant or necessary to do so – eludes me. Why you feel compelled to continue does as well.

Thank you. But I’d up it to a million or so fuck you’s :fu:t2: - one for each of the men women and children the US killed, and continues killing, in its Terrorism Forever Wars.

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Thanks. I was just about to write something similar. You articulated everything I was thinking and more.

Yanis Varoufakis has some good talks on how capitalist wealth generation now, is largely devoid of a connection to the production of goods and services.


Since you ask, I’ve considered Stiglitz to be a truth teller and Krugman, a tool of neoliberalism.

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Thanks. I agree. I don’t think @SuspiraDeProfundis is wrong, but I’m still a fan of Stiglitz.

I enjoyed and learned from the book, The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism by Stiglitz’s disciple, Ha-Joon Chang.

Yes, but do not leave out the two Progressive, gatekeepers …Common Dreams and Democracy Now! Why may I ask never any alternative perspectives about 9/11? At least the N.Y. Times does make a good fish wrapper!

Y’know how internet people have a tendency to write “LOL” for any reason, or none?

Well, when I read “Overall, Americans took 9/11 pretty calmly,” I actually laughed out loud.

The USA lost its mind after 9/11, and it hasn’t found it since.

The further away we get from the events of 9/11, the more plausible is the ‘conspiracy theory’. Without 9/11 we could never have started the Mid-East wars which have destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria and seem to have pleased our Mid-East Allies, Saudi Arabia and Israel. We have one target left, Iran. And what plot is being cooked up to start that war?