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O Canada: A Cabinet That Looks Like Its Country vs. One That Looks, Acts and Reeks Like A Swamp


O Canada: A Cabinet That Looks Like Its Country vs. One That Looks, Acts and Reeks Like A Swamp

The surreal ooze of the Trump "Cabinet," that pay-to-play gang of clueless, racist, oil-soaked, arse-kissing swamp creatures who've spent their previous lives doing work actively or passively contrary to their shiny new jobs, keeps spreading. The newest additions - Exxon Mobil petrogarch and climate change denier Rex Tillerson and Dancing With the Stars alumnus Rick Perry - defy belief. For a bit of perspective to remind us this is all freakishly Not Normal, we revisit Canada's diverse, competent Cabinet Justin Trudeau appointed this time last year. Read, weep, stay woke.


Oh god here comes the Canada circle jerk staring Don.


Great article, and even finer last paragraph.

One can only hope that Canada builds that wall . . .


We will build it. And it will be a wonderful wall. :wink:


Well; your new Secretary for Energy looks as if he has plenty of energy. Nice photo.


yyyyeeehhhaaawwww!!! Excitin' times are comin' folks... hold on to your hats...
What with the Electors stompin' the ground, saying they just might NOT INAUGURATE Mr. Trump... into the presidential office after all.... mmmm... the streets are going to be full of action if that takes place, now won't they?.... I do not think the TRUMPIANS, will go for that... wonder how they'll take it?.... It will be interesting to see... or experience... because, if things go the way some say..... it won't be pretty...


We can only hope that this charade ends very soon.

Before it starts.


Please don't get all misty-eyed about the Canadian Liberal Government Cabinet... It's true, none of them are fascists or (probably) mob-connected sharks. But that just makes the reality of their true colours all the more depressing and disturbing. Since the Liberals came to power in 2015, replacing the Republican-friendly Conservative Harper government, they have not only failed to reverse ANY of that right-wing government’s policies, they have actually made some worse. As has been widely reported, in spite of election promises to the contrary, Prime Minister Trudeau just approved the replacement of Enbridge's Line 3 oil pipeline and the expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline. In just over one year in power, it’s safe to say that the Trudeau government, about which so many people in Canada and elsewhere are enthusing, has made it clear that it will pursue the very same policies as its right-wing predecessor. The Liberal Party has always been better on optics than the Conservatives, and they’ve ramped up their game in that last year and a half with their boy wonder, Trudeau. Yes, the Cabinet has more women and people of colour than ever before, but if you are an honest and close political observer, you mustn’t be misled by form over content. The reality is that Canada, with one of the worst environmental records in many respects in the world (Tar Sands anyone?) is hurtling just as quickly as ever to climate disaster – regardless of the cosmetic changes brought by the Liberal government.


While true the Cabinet diverse , the Liberal party of Canada is still a Corporatist party. They will continue to advocate for Corporations and in particular the Oil Industry.

THAT said. I still think the Parliamentary system superior in this regard. Trudeau appoints members from elected party members. The President in the US retains many of the powers (and more) of a Monarch and appoints people to cabinet that were not elected to office. Come the next election any one of these Cabinet members in Canada can be voted out. The PM himself can lose his seat or be forced to resign.

If that Electoral College in the USA appoints Clinton over Trump , there will be an explosion of riots and demonstrations but little more to be done for another 4 years where the same or even inferior choices might be offered up from either party.


I agree, but still the Liberals are far preferable to the Conservatives. At least in rhetoric. Their statement that they will introduce federal carbon pricing if provinces don't introduce their own framework, to me, is about all that one could reasonably expect.

Just as, in the U.S, the Democrats energy policies are far preferable to the Republicans, despite their still being a bunch of shitheads.


Yeah, sure they are ethnically and racially diverse, but they all look like rich Toronto urban liberal (and yes, solidly capitalist) yuppies to me. It was the less groomed and raggedly dressed working class's resentment of such clean, smooth city-slicker liberal yuppies that led the salt-of-the-earth - but unfortunately a horribly uninformed and misinformed and uneducated (but not their fault) salt of the earth, to rush into the arms of the fascist Trump.

At least that is the diagnosis here in Pennsylvania.


Looks like that "Revolutionary War" thing did not play out so well in the USA after all, now did it? We have our collective work cut out in educating the US public if we are ever to have a mature and free people.


Yes but we should not hold our breaths and not wait to organize and resist--the Republicans hold both houses and they like to play party loyalty and hard ball. We also should not count on the Democrats to grow a spine in time but I really hope I am wrong,