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Oakland Mayor Applauded for Warning Community About ICE Raids

Oakland Mayor Applauded for Warning Community About ICE Raids

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In spite of calls for her arrest by right-wing news outlets and Twitter users, the mayor of Oakland, California is standing by her decision last weekend to warn undocumented residents about raids federal immigration agents had planned for the Northern part of the state.

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I knew he was BS. the people. Good on this mayor, she understands where her priorities should be. I hope they don’t come after her for the tip-off.

The lesson in this is whenever Trump say’s something positive (“I’m thinking about removing ICE from CA.”), expect the opposite. He will always be a lying sack of shit.

What does it mean to be a truly great leader of courage, wisdom, and vision? The integrity and moral compass to determine whats right and moral, and act as your conscience dictates; not for political considerations or personal gain but out of moral conviction. To not shirk duty or fear reprisal or pressure from big-money or the neo-fascist police state, to not fail to act out of cowardice or self-interest!

The principled actions of Libby Schaaf speak volumes about the very best in human behavior; the integrity and honor of righteousness and dedication to community rather than serve oppression and racism or ignore it! Silence IS complicity!

BRAVA to Mayor Schaff!


Trump’s threat to “remove ICE from CA” was to supposedly demonstrate how lawless and more dangerous it would be letting undocumented people remain. The mayor and all progressive people would love it if ICE did leave, and it would prove Trump wrong.


Authoritarians like Trump rule by fear. An authoritarian like Trump will always win unless people join together to stand up to him. Trump has threatened loss of money for cities that stick to sanctuary policies and even arrests. Right now the main targets for Trump are Hispanics and Muslims but potential targets in the future could be blacks, Jews, and Asians, What has happened so far with Trump is not what occurred in Nazi Germany when Hitler created a dictatorship within a year of taking office but things are still moving in the direction toward a white nationalist country. Only a solid defeat of the Republicans can probably stop this trend. If Republicans have to abandon Trump to keep their jobs things will turn around.

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In California, ICE enforcement is directed at undocumented immigrants and mainly affects people from Latin America and China or Asian decent. There are few if any undocumented people of Middle East decent.

They arrested 150 out the millions of undocumented people that live in the state.

“Sure enough, three days of raids kicked off on Sunday—captured by Fox News in exclusive ride-along coverage—with ICE arresting more than 150 people.”

Deportation porn, coming to a television near you. I wonder if the Fox “correspondents” cleaned up their own splooge after each capture. These fuckers turning human tragedy into “reality” television. Sick, sick, sick. Here is an address to check: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C. I hear an orange alien–certainly illegal in character–has been spotted there. BOLO.


The Patriot Act and the NDAA are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution. Both documents were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats. The logical conclusion then is that Authoritarianism/Fascism in the US didn’t start with 45 and his henchmen, they are just the ugly face of unadulterated fascism.
9/11 was the equivalence of the ‘Reichstagbrand’ in Nazi Germany followed up with the ‘Enabling Act’ which gave Hitler dictatorial powers. The Patriot Act is the equivalence of that ‘Enabling Act’ and once fully applied will leave us the People without constitutional protection and subject to the despotism of government…


When does an abusive relationship end? How often can the dog bite the hand that feeds it before the food stops?

The entire Pacific Coast has peaceful relations with the world. Yes, weapons sales are rampant, even so, they are not necessary for over-all economic success that leads to healthy and prosperous people healing Earth with full human rights for all.

This is hardly new to CA, immigration enforcement has been going on since I can remember. The only thing that is new is that people actually know what their rights are which is an improvement.

Escalation of totalitarian police tactics imposed by a military empire governing Pacific and far western states according to ever stranger ideologies is noticeable to me.

Here is your wake up call, the U.S, has been exploiting undocumented workers since forever and more. Maybe you missed the Watts riots or the Oakland Port demonstrations. The United Farm worker strikes.

Correct me if I am wrong;

Governor Brown has said he will refund whatever money is held back from sanctuary cities. California will refund back to the cities from cash transfers out of California to the US.

Most of the states who spew hate for Latino workers receive money from California and other positive cash flow western states that are not experiencing hatred for brown people.

Continuous stoking of hate and harping on a non problem diverts attention from real problems.

What kind of thug works for ICE?


Thugs. That’s the word I was looking for…


I don’t know if those two acts have been challenged in court, but if they have the decisions of the court would determine if they were constitutional. Following 9/11 there was a lot of patriotic fervor, particularly among the right but not exclusively, and things happened that would not have happened in calmer times. I think it was a mistake for any Democrat to support the PATRIOT Act. It has since been modified and I believe some of the worst parts have been removed. The US is not authoritarian or fascist. To claim that is mangle the meaning of those words. There is nothing that happened after 9/11 that gave anyone the power to be a dictator. If you think the US is a dictatorship then you are mangling that word as well. Words matter and distort words for political purposes is not a good a thing. The US government is not despotic. You did it again. The US is still a representative democracy or a republic. However, at the federal level the government is not working well and this democracy could be in jeopardy if things cannot get straightened out in DC. People who want to continue to have a democracy need to vote like they mean it in November.

Even if the number of people picked up is not that high it creates a tremendous amount fear which what Trump is trying to do. No undocumented immigrant can feel safe. Under Obama it was only people with some sort of criminal record who were picked up so there was a feeling of safety in these communities but that is now gone. Even the Dreamers have to worry now. Trump is always trying to get more resources for deportation and now the ICE police have access to NSA data which can help them find people. I think to ethnically cleanse the US would take decades because it is so large but Trump has taken the first step with these deportations. Next could be people not deemed not to be patriotic enough. It really comes down to the view of what an American is. Someone who believes in the Constitution and the ideals of the country or someone who is a white Christian. Is our national identify based on a shared set of beliefs or on race and religion? That is the central disagreement that has divided the country.

What has divided the country is the ruling class with their perfidious strategy of Divide and Conquer because divided people are easier to control…

I understand. Facing the uncomfortable truth is often hard to take…