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Oathbreaker-in-Chief? Majority Doesn't Trust Trump to Keep His Promises


Oathbreaker-in-Chief? Majority Doesn't Trust Trump to Keep His Promises

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The percentage of Americans who think President Donald Trump keeps his promises has dropped precipitously over the two months, according to a new Gallup poll out Monday.

The survey conducted April 5-9 found that roughly 45 percent of respondents think Trump follows through on his promises, down from 62 percent in early February.


But the "majority" in the House and Senate (and now the SCOTUS) trust him as long as he keeps his promises to them to implement their anti-human, anti-environment, pro-corporate agenda. The fact that "45% think he is following through" is absurd, scandalous and very frightening: either they are ignorant/stupid or his reign will fill their coffers (they will benefit from his toxic tyranny). And the MSM attempts at making him appear normal or presidential make them no less culpable for the disastrous effects of his ongoing insanity and tyranny.


The underlying problem no one dares address is that in this time of unprecedented global crisis, We the People of the World suffer from an equally unprecedented lack of competent global leadership. Where is the present-day counterpart of Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Josef Broz Tito, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Ho Chi Minh, Mao Zedong, even Dwight Eisenhower? We are in the midst of the most potentially deadly crisis in human history, and instead of leaders of the stature and capability of FDR or Churchill or Mao, we have naught but mediocrities, every one an oathbreaker, every one a feeble-minded collaborator in the now-obviously unavoidable Apocalypse.


You got it right, not one of the present "leaders" has a vision of a better world!


There was one leader with a vision for a better world, but the DNC did all they could to sideline him.


Anyone who buys what pretty much any politician is selling is either willfully ignorant or just plain stupid.

Even the vaunted Bernie Sanders will have to lie by omission when he neglects to mention that Tom Perez is a corporate-subservient shill for the neoliberal establishment, and hell, Tom'll be standing right next to Bernie, reminding him of his boot-licking at every turn.


That doesn't make Bernie Sanders a shill. Moving on and working with the cards you're dealt is heroic realism, especially in Sanders's case. What would you do if your commitment to a progressive future forced you to walk in his shoes?


Half the people you mentioned are pretty questionable. When you separate domestic economic policy from expansionist American foreign policy, it's even more questionable.
Churchill was a disaster, for instance, on domestic policy. Eisenhower followed some quite questionable economic policies on what is now called Dept. of Agriculture and Interior price support and extraction resource rules. Just sayin'.


Septic Tank: nice smear. Is that butter or lard you're using. Perez isn't going to run for President in 2020, guess who might.


I'd remember the (V-I) after my name and start talking up the virtues of a third party.

On the other hand, if he's merely content to be a Democrat in all but name, he should own it.

As an aside, I like Bernie. He's pretty much as close as I have as a rep in government. But he's shilling alongside Tom Perez right now, and he shilled for Hilary during the election. I'll be damned if I approve of that.


Why you don't you give us your speculation, Mrs Ann? Who might be running in 2020?

In the meantime, I know Perez isn't running in 2020 but he'll be doing his Debbie WS-darnedest to make sure an establishment Dem is. A certain Mr. Haim Saban made good and sure of that.

As for Bernie, I wish him luck. But if his mission is to reform the D-party from within, he's on a fool's errand.


I feel your innuendos. They don't quite cut it anymore. Try again in 2024. It might be another " change " cycle. 2020 will be a " revival " election, like Carter in 1976.


Shilling is what cost Clinton the 2016 election. There are 5-6 real issues in the 2020 election favoring a moral test which favor Democratic wins.
Its not hard figuring out 2/3rds of them, already. Trump's legacy will add 2-3 more, for sure.


Yes but even the worst of them stands head and shoulders above the Hitler wanna-bes who are running the USian Fourth Reich and their enabling Neville Chamberlains who are heading the rest of the so-called "free world" states down the path to World War III. Indeed the only world leader who has demonstrated any semblance of true greatness is Vladimir Putin, who by enormous patience which has (thus far) prevented World War III. Wake up, mrsannhitts, it is via the United States that Capitalism has been allowed to fulfill itself by maturing into Nazism, and it is by the progression to Nazism concealed behind the euphemisms "neo-liberal" and "neo-conservative" the U.S. has become not only the ultimate embodiment of human Evil but the personification of Apocalypse -- the end of all life on this planet.


It is utter nonsense to talk of future elections when (1) there is no viable party or candidate to truly represent the 99 Percent and when (2) the greatest probability of all is that we have no future. I have lived 77 years -- most of my adult years as a member of the working press -- and I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis vividly. But this time we are in now is infinitely more dangerous precisely because -- perhaps apart from Putin and Xi Jinping -- the remainder of the world's so-called leaders are either warmongering idiots a la Trump or cowards terrified not to do as Trump commands.


I voted for Dr. Stein in 2016. Still very proud of that dissenting, " pox on both your houses " vote. Bernie always said he'd work for whomever won the Democratic primary ( Hillary just turned over her supporters list, btw ). Sanders kept his word. !!!
If you want a 3rd Party in 2020, go start one. Get back to me on how that's working out for you. P.S.
Don't pull the emergency brake until you've received further instructions.:wink:


I too voted for Stein in 2016, msrannhitts. Why? Because a vote for Hillary was unequivocally a vote for the Apocalypse and a vote for Trump was at the very least a vote for an USian Holocaust and probably -- given Trumpism's Nazi underpinnings -- also a vote for the Apocalypse, and I could not leave this world with that on my conscience. Meanwhile both major parties are corrupted beyond any rational hope for even the slightest amelioration, now or ever, a situation unique in USian history. Literally, all that is preventing the end of the world is the fact the Russians and the Chinese know the unspeakable horror of war -- the very reality of which the fanatically warmongering USian leadership and its Moron Nation are hopelessly, suicidally ignorant.


Look, damn it, what's wrong with starting a potentially nuclear war with North Korea while simultaneously dropping BIG conventional bombs on Syrians, all to distract attention from a blundering domestic program?


Dear Skeptic Tank, perhaps your inability to present a coherent argument is indicated by your inability to employ English grammar. A return to adult education classes in logic and grammar might be of great service to you in future posts, and life in general, wherein others will take you seriously when not writing as a ten-year-old.


We don't have leaders like the ones you mentioned b/c those are not the leaders the oligarchs want; we don't have that type of leader b/c the powerful have made sure laws were enacted that would keep leaders like those from being elected; and finally, we don't have those leaders b/c education isn't anywhere close to what it was when those leaders were in office and that has allowed mental midgets like the donorrhea to get enough votes to be elected the retard-in-chief!