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Ob-Gyns Face Down Radical Anti-Choice Law in Kansas Court


Ob-Gyns Face Down Radical Anti-Choice Law in Kansas Court

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Led by a father-daughter team of board-certified ob-gyns, reproductive rights advocates in Kansas are fighting back against "yet another in a relentless barrage of attacks to block women’s access to constitutionally protected abortion services."


58 percent of Kansas residents are pro-choice. So where are they when it comes to rejecting legislators that do not represent their views?


Are those the same legislators who hate big government in their business?


Something like this should be put on a ballot and voted in or out. Not left up to legislature to decide. It is to personal and Life changing.


Conservatives are only against big, intrusive, nanny government when its politically unpopular among themselves. Otherwise, they love to give government an iron fist to enforce their agenda on everyone else. True freedom and liberty is something they definitely DO NOT believe in!


Watch out. Kansas government looked the other way when the Saintly Dr. Tiller lived with death threats for years from anti-abortionists who finally murdered him in his church one Sunday morning. They have used violence and threats of violence against any clinic or place that provides abortions even to save the life of the Mother like Dr. Tiller. One assumes they are fine with back-alley abortions that often kill the mother. This sociopathic culture has been true of Kansas for generations. They vote for those who give money to the wealthy when they can not pay for public schools or any public programs.


Personal choices yes. Choices that kill another human being, i.e. the unborn child, no.


I agree with you 100% This should be a decision that the woman makes and no one else not even the father. Without any interference. The procedure should be done by a doctor in a sterile environment not some back alley by someone with a bent coat hanger.

My comment was a just a way to get the matter out of control of the politicians and back in control of the people.
you are right the control should be in the woman and no one else.


“killing a baby” sums up the depth of your thought about this subject.

Your comparing a woman’s right to choose with Aztec human sacrifice is ridiculous. Doesn’t it seem that way even to you?

And about the government “catering to whims of special interest groups”–isn’t that exactly what you are asking it to do when you wish to curtail a woman’s right to choose?

Your thinking is so out of whack with those of the majority of Kansans and Americans you should visit websites more friendly to your values. You won’t find much support here.


A mass of cells is not an unborn child…it is a potential human being, but not yet. Allowing the “rights” of a mass of cells to supercede the actual rights of a tax paying, law abiding citizen is ridiculous. I have known several women who have had abortions who were haunted by guilt but it is hard to say if that guilt is a product of remorse or social shaming stigmatization. There are certainly many women who do not feel such guilt. You say you didn’t actually have the abortion so I’m not sure how you can say you have been through it. How about if as a “compassionate and peaceful society” we stop wars of agression and the murder of civilians (collateral damage). How about we stop executing people. How about we stop the extra-judicial killings of black people. Then maybe I’d believe you and your’s were actually pro-life. How about men get their noses out of women’s health and let them decide their own destinies. It also seems what with all this heart felt belief in the sanctity of life, all orphans should be swept up in these moral arms…but they are not. Once one is an actual citizen its too bad for them.


A citizen is someone who has been naturalized or is BORN in the United states. My big toe is not a citizen. A mass of cells, yet to be born, is not a citizen. I am an athiest “leftist” and I do not adhere to free-wheeling sexual mores. I would say some of the repubican sex maniacs (Dennis Hastert among many) do. They seem to prefer young boys. I do hope you keep posting here. All voices must be heard. ( I would postulate all morality is , in fact, dependent on popular opinion but that’s an argument for another day.)


It is personal and PRIVATE, the whole essence of Roe vs Wade; why do so many “lawmakers” want to decide other people’s private lives?


Hi rosemerry. The law makers that want to force a woman to carry an unwanted, unborn fetus to full term and give it berth. Are the same ones that deny any responsibility for the care, feeding, education and do everything in their power to make sure the kids are not fed, clothed and educated. They claim to be Christians and do the opposite
of his teachings.They also see women as below men and pay them lower wages and fight like hell to keep them there. They are the same ones that want to control what you do in the bed room.

“Why do so many “lawmakers” want to decide other people’s private lives?”
To answer your question It is called Power over the people.

This hate group is called republicans. They cut funding to everything they hate that is good and needed. but can come up with the cash to build another nuclear aircraft carrier.

A great president that ran as a republican here is what he said about this.

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.”


Please don’t feed it. You only gratify it by wasting your time.


I’d suggest that only honest voices should be heard.

I really can’t imagine what benefit anyone could get from trying to engage with a tape recorder that does nothing but play back unsupported assertions while ignoring all responses.

Trying to engage with such an individual is something like being a person afflicted with psychosis who goes down the street arguing with the voices in his head. He can’t win because the voices don’t belong to real people. No matter how hard he tries to argue with them, they just endlessly repeat their complaints, threats, and lies.


I disagree. Dishonesty shows its stripes under intense scrutiny. Besides, I love a good verbal fistfight…who better to wrestle with. If one’s ideas and concepts hold up against such an onslaught, its all good. Being an old Norwegian, I love trolls.


That SOUNDS logical…but of course we’re cruising amongst the apples and the oranges. We also eat eggs…from chickens, which are not an endangered species. Human beings are also not an endangered species and , in fact, have become a serious obstacle to any life form continuing on this planet. Should populations crash and humans become in danger of extinction, then perhaps we would be less likely to have any potential human destroyed…but that is not the case and saving all of us will doom all of us. The web of life is complicated. Every species has its place (except maybe us) right down to the ticks and fleas. Ticks and fleas are also not endangered so we do not protect them. Pull enough links out of a chain and all you’ve got left is a pile of useless iron. Pull enough links out of the chain of life and the environment will not sustain itself. The conditions on this planet that made it suitable for complex life were created by simple life. There was no free oxygen here until cyano-bacteria made it as a by-product of its metabolism. Yes…some eggs are more important than some masses of cells. None of this changes the fact many would impose control over half the population of the world by denying them access to health care. Men get vasectomies all the time without anybody saying a word about all those potential babies being murdered. In fact, it seems men can do any damn thing they please, including murdering real, live children with drones and nobody appears to be all that concerned. Certainly not the so-called “pro-life” crowd.
BTW, I have found you to be respectful and encourage you to keep on. Just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean we couldn’t have a beer together.




Thank you plantman13