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Obama Administration Readies Quiet Expanion of NSA Data Sharing



If you want a vision of the future, imagine the NSA rumping up on us all - forever.


Yeah, without Vaseline!


Can this odious shill for corporate greed, environmental/animal rights ignorance, big-money and big-surveillance, endless wars, and more possibly do more filthy things in his remaining time as potus? The enormity of his betrayals is staggering! we do not need a third Obama term in the person of the Red Queen!


Yes, he can!! Si, el puede!!


Obama and Killery dismiss the rights of Americans and the rule of law. There are no legal statutes supporting the surveillance state's intrusion of privacy. The war on imaginary boogeymen is political and authoritarian bullshit. September 11, 2001 is an inside job and has been used to end the republic.

The enemies of Americans are domestic. The terrorists Americans suffer today carry guns and badges with the power to violate the rights of Americans, rights that have been won over tyrannical authoritarians of vicious intent by committing murder with impunity. American patriots since the Declaration of Independence share common dreams and their sacrifices to Country ought not be allowed to have been in vain.