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Obama Administration Rebuked for Turning Back on Syrian Refugees


Obama Administration Rebuked for Turning Back on Syrian Refugees

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Amid a mounting human rights emergency, the Obama administration said Thursday that it will admit 10,000 Syrian refugees this fiscal year—a number that was criticized by rights campaigners as shamefully low, especially given the role of the United States in stoking the crisis.


Our nation quakes at an individual who studied ophthalmology.


In America.


Appreciating that this may only be the "First Phase" of Global Empire 'blowback' is important, but really diagnosing the CAUSE (and "Final Phase of Empire") is essential to our survival.

As massive as the refugee problem is and as reprehensible as the people smugglers are, there is absolutely no comparison with the lying, ‘empire-thinking', sociopathic bastards of PNAC and the Bush administration war schemers and war criminal plotters like; William Kristol, Robert Kagan (Nuland), Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Elliot Abrams, John Bolton, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George Bush, and the neoliberal-con enablers who share insane leadership of this dual-party Vichy facade of the Disguised Global Crony-Capitalist Empire that is HQed in, and merely ‘poses’ as, our former country, which is the cancerous CAUSE of all this destruction, slaughter, and mutilation of civilians and children of the Middle East — for which each of them and their partners in crime of Wall Street, weapon making corporate ‘merchants of death’, and oil whores should be hung a hundred times by God for every child they murdered.

[Not that I would hold a grudge against these ruling empire bastards]

BTW, a special spot in hell should be reserved for the media/propaganda-sector of the DGCC Empire which shilled and sold this insane set of war crimes to the American people as being necessary for national security reasonable sounding lies!

As Zygmunt Bauman hauntingly puts it, “In the case of an ailing social order, the absence of an adequate diagnosis…is a crucial, perhaps decisive, part of the disease.”13

Berman, Morris 2007 "Dark Ages America; The Final Phase of Empire"


Yes;that person is a potential business competitor of the USAian opthamologists.


Israelis all know about refugees importing terrorism; that's what they did in British mandated Palestine.