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Obama Administration Supports Privacy-Invasive "Cybersecurity" Bill


Obama Administration Supports Privacy-Invasive "Cybersecurity" Bill

Mark Jaycox

Right before Congress left for its annual summer vacation the Obama Administration endorsed the Senate Intelligence Committee's Cybersecurity Informa


How does the Ashley Madison sideshow fit into all of this?


Millions of decent people were deluded when:

  1. Obama did NOT shut down Guantanamo
  2. Obama did NOT stop the foreign wars
  3. Obama bailed out banks, rather than homeowners
  4. Obama said to look forward, not back and thereby gave top officials guilty of war crimes (and Crimes Against Humanity) a pass
  5. Obama implied that he’d focus on REAL clean energy and cut back on off-shore drilling

And this…

As some astute commentators note, Obama was put into office to grant the Dem’s imprimatur to policies formerly associated with right wing maniacal pro-war, pro-polluter, and pro big business interests at DIRECT expense to human beings, nations’ stability, ecosystems, Democracy, and justice, itself… not to mention what the pre-911 national infrastructure respected as the Rule of Law.

Imagine kill lists and full-scale spying in the hands of a moral midget like Scott Walker, a celebrity prize-fighter like Trump, or yet another ignominious Bush?


Obama normalized the unspeakable… thus paving the way for an unabashed dictator.


Why on earth are people still surprised that Obama says one thing and does another- mostly behind closed doors or in secret? He yells and screams about climate change and then approves drilling in the Arctic and approves fracking in general. He talks about the little people or the middle class and then aligns himself with Wall Street. He talks about transparency and then has the most secretive administration. He talks about peace adn peace deals and yet conducts wars, bombings, drones all over the Middle East. The list goes on.


Seriously, the state of politics in this country is a disaster. I would be out protesting in the street if I did not fear losing my job if I got arrested. The day I retire, I will be be out radically protesting. We need a revolution. I expect the right-wingers will pass a law that I can not get my social security if I speak out against them or get arrested.

As for Obama. I voted for him. I think McCain and/or Romney would have been worse. However my belief is Obama is setting himself and his children up for a life-time of mega, legacy wealth. He is doing what ever the 1%ers want. In order to set his kids up, he is sucking the billionaires off at all our expense.


I wonder when the US will understand that the president is governed by the multinationals, military and the armament industries and to a great extent, the Zionist lobby.
You get to vote in a new figurehead every 4 years but in reality you just get more of the same, perpetual war.
Seems to an outsider you are a very violent country, within your borders and outside of them.


So much BS. So little common sense. If you put something, anything on the Internet it should be treated like radio signals have been – available to anyone with a receiver. Certainly the regime and anyone else you should truly fear can do that overcoming any and all technologies, regulations, laws or anything else pretending to offer a phony security.
I am a real dissident against the corporate state and its empire, its military and all the rest of its criminal infrastructure. I publish my criticisms under my own name, hiding nothing of my opinions. If they can make you live in fear, they win. Nothing, absolutely nothing Trumps that reality.
If they need another prisoner in their world-spanning Gulag here I am. I just want to know as much about them as they know about me, and thank you very much hackers. Some of you are really into just that. Out them all!


What you describe is what murkens call called murken exceptionalism.


This is nothing short of tyranny and dictatorship and this will continue to happen unless people fight back. All of our rights are being taken with these bills and unless people stand up against it, then it will only get worst. A revolution seriously needs to happen and we need to stop fearing losing our jobs, speaking up, or anything else because no real change will happen and we all lose. Obama is one of if not the most deceiving, disgusting president ever. He lies right to your face one camera, and does things like this backdoors. We have to fight for ourselves from now on because Obama nor the governor are for the interests of the people, only corporations. Still, I have faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and you should too. God bless everyone.


Oh really?

Chris please divulge all of your personal information right now. I want address, phone number, bank account number, what you purchase, your internet searches, your medical history, the places you travel to and who you meet during your travels.

There are 12 people by the name of Chris Herz in the US, presuming you are here in the US.

Please divulge which one we are dealing with, IF you actually are true to your principle that none of us should expect any privacy whatsoever.

Also, while you are at it, please divulge your Social Security number as well.

If you are broadcasting such information in a constant loop via pirate radio, please tell us where to tune in so we can listen to every tawdry detail that you divulge about your life.

Thanks in advance.


Imagine if the Deep Sate decides to play its Trump card. Things could get “interesting” and fast.


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