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Obama Administration to Sign Pacific Trade deal, Undermining Climate Policy



Obama keeps talking about his legacy... TPP is potentially a big part of it.

I think Sanders wouldn't sign it.

Meanwhile Hillary would sign it despite what she says before the elections. Also would any of the repubs.

Look at how we are paused on the cusp of such momentous changes in our world from climate change to corporate coup oligarchy taking full control?

Yikes people... yikes!


Authorize mobilization of troops and war machinery along Russian borders, open the Atlantic seaboard to offshore drilling, authorize drilling in ANWR (Beaufort Sea), allow expansion of offshore drilling in Gulf of Mexico post-Deepwater Horizon disaster, expand drone warfare, cozy up to Israel at every turn, make increased arms deals with the Saudis, etc. And now, rubber stamp the TPP. This list alone should cast a giant shadow over Obama's legacy as prez. But, he is posturing to ensure a profitable post-presidential future stumping for any number of the corporate moguls he has cultivated over the last 7-8 years.


You are so right Wereflea once again. It bugs me as well when Obama talks about his legacy, and what a legacy that is! lol!

From my viewpoint the Obama Administration legacy is, at least in part, the following…

•Protecting from prosecution the crimes of the Bush Administration including torture
•Assassination program run out of the White House during breakfasts on Tuesday
•Prosecution of whistleblowers
•The most secretive Administration since Nixon
•NDAA provision that allows indefinite detention without charge of US citizens by the US Military on US soil (by the way, as you no doubt appreciate, Chris Hedges among others courageously filed suit against the Obama Administration but unfortunately did not prevail)
•Systematic efforts through whistleblower prosecutions, lobbying members of Congress, etc to codify mass surveillance of US citizens, and ultimately protect from prosecution the Telcos that cooperated with the NSA in clear violation of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution.
•ME mayhem, supporting ISIS through regional allies as proxy fighters to topple the Assad regime
•Deepening of alliances with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey resulting in a non-cohesive ME policy that breeds chaos and death throughout the region including a burgeoning refugee crisis that is now greatly impacting Europe.
........whew, this takes work.......lol!
•Ensuring that Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies retain a monopoly over health care delivery, and without price controls
•Presiding over the crushing of a peaceful movement of the people,OWS, with HS coordinated fusion centers afforded to militarized police forces.
•Doubling down on the destructive high stakes testing started by the Bush Administration, coupled with policies resulting in weakening of teachers' unions.
*Allowing BP to dump millions of gallons of Corexit that has damaged the Gulf of Mexico much more than would have the oil from the spill, allowing BP to block access to reporters, and ultimately protecting BP from any serious legal jeopardy
•Allowing Energy companies to essentially write the rules regulating fracking which has prevented individuals and communities from any real power of redress in the courts to remedy damage to environment and health.

I could go on. But as you point out correctly TPP is absolutely potentially part of his legacy. The fast track legislation he pushed for relative to trade deals ultimately makes TTIP and all future trade agreements part of his legacy as well.

Oy vey!!

Momentous change is indeed upon us.

Go Bernie!! lol :kissing_heart: