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Obama Administration to Transgender Students: 'You Are Safe. You Belong.'



It maybe something in the water. Polluted waters maybe causing ambiguous sex not only in frogs? Obama's administration is embracing this as progressive change. I think his middle name is mud.


Nobody reads CommonDreams.


Whereas you think they're mutated frogs.


Personally, if a transgender person with female genitals wants to use the men's room, I don't care.

However, my wife doesn't want any person with male genitals using the women's room.

Now, what percentage of transgender people with male genitals feel so uncomfortable in the men's room
that they must use the women's room?


,,,and Obama has provided me with yet another reason to be proud I voted for him!!


They censor, delete anyone with an un PC opinion. That is why I stopped coming here. It is just a PC reservation for Progressives. Unfortunately, they are not informing people of the whole picture of what is going on in the World right now - just the PC view. They act like fascists while calling me a racist for questioning the massive immigration into the EU right now. Youtube, "open the gates" and tell me there is no crisis.

I grew up in Hollywood, California and there are more Trannies there than any other place I know, and even there, they are still a small minority. My dad owned a store on Hollywood Blvd and I have seen many a Tranny in my day. I think it is right to let them know that we recognize their humanity and have fair laws for them, but really, insisting that men dressed as women use the women's room is stirring a wasp nest in many places. I think there should be one gender neutral option bathroom, like most places have. That would stop all the problems.

"The worst offenders of all are the American left’s cultural warriors,
who daily wage some new battle over some imagined cultural offense,
which has nothing to do with the lives of normal people but only the
highly tuned sensibilities of those in the academic, publishing, and
media ecospheres."

                            Our awful elites gutted America. Now

they dare ring alarms about Trump, Sanders — and cast themselves as
Both parties ignored workers, spewed
hate, enriched themselves, hollowed out democracy. Now the problem's


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