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Obama Adminstration Bars Release of Clinton's TPP Emails Until Post-Election


Obama Adminstration Bars Release of Clinton's TPP Emails Until Post-Election

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has publicly reversed her position on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), it remains unknown how much she helped advance, or even craft, the international trade deal while serving as U.S. Secretary of State—and the Obama administration appears interested in keeping it that way.

The TPP “Lame Duck” Push Insults Democracy

I am shocked, shocked I say!


The quote in McCauley's final paragraph about the cover up being the result of "incompetence' and not being "malicious" is beyond belief when you consider the unprecedented lack of transparency that has characterized the Obama Administration.


The Obama administration, the most transparent in history....hahahahaha.


That Hillary and Barack are both fighting disclosure until it is too late tells you all you need to know in order to vote. Or protest. Or bring back the guillotines. Vive la revolution!!!! And then they got Napoleon. Crap.


Great. So now incompetence is an acceptable job performance. Such BS. If they're incompetent, why do they have jobs? I believe the proper term is"corrupt". One more thing HRC has to hide in addition to the speech transcripts. She would be skewered in a debate with Trump. The solution? BERNIE!


This makes me want to scream.

What a demockracy.


All hyperbole aside, we have never experienced this dismantling of democracy like we are these days. It seems everywhere you turn that respect for the public's right to know and open government is made closed by insider elites who seem to think that whatever they do should be free of public scrutiny until afterwards. Public participation in their own government is fast disappearing.

Government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people is not the same thing as government by an elite for the people.


"Global deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will boost the profits of Wall Street and big corporations, and make the richest 1 percent even richer - But they’ll bust the rest of America"!

Obama stays true to course since day one - betray the progressive/Dem base to serve big money, banker/wall street/corporate usury, abuses and greed, while short-changing civilian priorities funding the war machine!
Shilling for more of the same by protecting the crimes of Hillary Clinton is very much par for Obama's course........

By this "delaying" action Obama covers-up HIS involvement in the corporate-written TPP "negotiations" and delaying the release of Clinton's TPP emails IS a serious conflict of interest and potential crime........
The Corporate-whore wing of the Dem Party and the corrupt DNC Hillary shills must be taken down - all neo-liberal RepubliCon-lite politicians subservient to the 1% including - Obama, Hillary & Bill, Andy Cuomo, and all the others who put big money ahead of the people and a sustainable future!
FLUSH the TPP and Flush Hillary!



This is sad but shows again how corrupt Obama/Clinton really are. He has covered for her through the whole election. He will probably stop the release of the FBI report till after the election as well.
Now doesn't that just make you trust her more? Make you want to run out and vote for her, then wait for the other shoe to fall after the election?
Bernie supporters support him for very solid reasons and this is one. Elected officials have forgotten they work for us and have decided to tell us what they think we should know about our world. I wouldn't vote for her if Bernie wasn't running. The Obama betrayal and this rigged election did it for me. I don't trust her anymore than Trump. That's pretty bad.


" . . . the well established rule in civil proceedings that a party's failure to testify can support an inference that whatever testimony he could have given would have been unfavorable to him."


Two identical twin wiener eaters with massive smiles showing how awesome it is to have bellies full of 'The Golden Sachs gang'.


President Obama, if the emails were innocuous you'd release them, so obviously they are not. By the way what's the holdup with the FBI & DOJ email investigation? So much for that transparency you ran on in 08. Lmao!


Obama doing what he was put in office for. And for this they let him play 18 on Saturday!


Like her transcripts, Clinton and the establishment i.e. Obama, have much to hide if they want her crowned. Common sense tells you both are damning to her campaign, like Romney's 47% video, which was a final nail in his coffin.


Just one MORE example of Obama's reversal of pretty much every campaign promise he made during the 2008 election.....

I was alarmed and frustrated when Obama let the bankers off easy....then he canceled single-payer without a fight....NOT surprised any more.... Both parties are full of it.


I thought that as well. A fictional release date for a fictional report.
If Hillary is elected, these emails will never see the light of day.


In those emails, Clinton is probably gushing about the TPP, probably calls it the 'gold standard' or something... :wink:


So the extent of HC's involvement as SOS in advancing the TPP is to "remain unknown" until just after the Nov. presidential election, the Obama admin has now decreed.

Au contraire, the WH's insistent coverup of HC's TPP emails until (coincidentally) just after her coronation is official confirmation:

First, HC was/is solidly behind if not instrumental in the stealth "trade" plots to transfer any remaining sovereignty still in the hands of we the people--ever preoccupied with values of life, liberty, etc.--to the more sober interests of transnational corporate investors.

If her previously protected email turned out to confirm the SOS as a leading advocate for people over profits, ostentatious media "leaks" would find ubiquitous ways into public consciousness.

Second, the Obama administration's determined email blockage confirms its utter lack of democratic concern that elections reflect the "consent of the governed." It's self-evident as well that Obama does not subscribe to the constitutional principle that a democratic government requires an educated and informed citizenry . What is best for the masses is none of their business to decide, so transparency in government is wholly contraindicated; low-information voters are the ideal constituency.

It's high time the public develops the savvy to intuit the signs of criminal conspiracy, abuse of power and clearcut constitutional overthrow being inadvertently broadcast by the current regime.


There is still some question as to whether a sitting president should be subject to civil prosecution while in office. Most likely in light of this unresolved legal status Obama is signaling that if Hillary wins that the issue will remain in limbo while she is in office.

She should be held to account now for her actions and decisions as Sec of State. This is simply more lack of accountability by the ruling elites. One wonders if they have developed a perception that they can now get away with most anything. In effect that they believe our laws are solely for the little people but that they themselves are above them. That is...that they believe that the public has no right to know.