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Obama and the Myth of Hiroshima


Obama and the Myth of Hiroshima

Peter Van Buren

On May 27, Barack Obama became the first sitting American president to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, the site of the world’s first atomic bombing. Though highly photogenic, the visit was otherwise one that avoided acknowledging the true history of the place.


"... My God... what have we done..."

... That was the statement of the co-pilot Robert Lewis, written in the log book, shortly after dropping the bomb on Hiroshima...


The total deaths of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were far surpassed by the fire raids carried out by round the clock bombing of the major cities of Japan.

The two things that were different about the atomic bombings were:
How much was done instantaneously by one bomb on each city.
The lasting effects of lethal radiation poisoning of people and the environment.


If Obama wanted to apologize, he'd cram 1$T up his ass.


Wholesale attack on civilian populations. Isn't that the definition of a war crime?


The dropping of the Atomic Bomb laid the groundwork to justify the Cold War.
Sound Familiar? 911 happened to lay the groundwork for the Global War on Terror.

Both Events had myths attached to them....Myths that the public swallowed without question!!


Thank you for an insightful article, Mr. Van Buren.

So long as the military and its deep state war profiteers get to write and control The Narrative, that necessary reflection cannot and will not occur.

Mars rules is the zone where hubris meets phenomenal investments in armaments.

In order to continue producing these horrors, rationales for their usage must be drummed up.

Maintaining narratives that allow the victor to write the ruling story inhibits any course correction.


I distinctly remember President Truman claiming that Hiroshima was "a military target" when he announced the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. Even at the tender age of 12, I remember wondering it that were true. And, as I found out later, it absolutely was NOT a military target.

But the unrestricted bombing of cities began at least as early as the German bombing of the Spanish city of Guernica during the Spanish "civil" war, and was continued by both the Germans and the Allies in WW II.


Wholesale bombing of civilian populations was carried out by both sides, however the winner does not get charged with a war crime. The Allies never faced judgment for the firebombing of Dresden, Germany.