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Obama Announces New Plan to Save Arctic: More Icebreakers!


Obama Announces New Plan to Save Arctic: More Icebreakers!

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Faced with ever-increasing global temperatures and rapidly melting Arctic ice, what might the next logical step be for U.S. President Barack Obama? To call for an end to Arctic drilling?

No! More icebreakers!


"That means icebreakers, aircraft and oil spill response infrastructure."
* And we've all seen how well that works, haven't we. I guess they could have saved the gulf if we had had more Coast Guard Cutters?
* The only thing that has a chance to save a place for us on this beleaguered planet is to quit drilling and mining and leave the coal, oil and gas in the ground.
* However, that would disturb the profit structure and we can't have that, can we?


"During the trip, the president also announced a new joint initiative by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Coast Guard to map and chart the newly accessible Bering, Chukchi and Beaufort Seas."

Isn't that expanded accessibility just great...for energy industry and commercial fishing...but not for the seas and marine life themselves. And to add to that destruction, more icebreakers patrolling the area to rescue the ice-locked seagoing vessels owned by the oil companies with Shell being at the top of that list. But then again, the icebreakers may soon be superfluous with the accelerated global warming/ice-glacier melt/sea temps rising. Then they could be used for pulling water skiers. (And with the advent of a Deep Water Horizon cataclysm in the Chukchi Sea with Shell's operations in the area, there will be too much oil in the water for ice to form, thus eliminating the need for icebreakers.)

And I thought that Obama was intelligent...he may still be but his better judgment has been co-opted and corrupted by any number of moneyed interests with the drilling in the Arctic by Shell (and others soon) a prime example. His choices mirror those of his predecessor, which is understandable when Obama surrounded himself with many of the same "advisors" that shepherded GWB.


We didn't need this oil. We establish access to it. This is cheap oil. Cheap enough to compete with solar and wind for a few more years. This is Arctic America - invest now - it'll be warmer someday.

Darth Pentagonis glares at us from the dark side. This is war oil. This is the oil of victory if there is to be a big war ...here at the end of the world.


His fear of Russia and it's claims of said ice/land is getting in the way of a healthy sheet of ice...Canada and Russia do have a vested interest, while ours is only because we bought Alaska...during the 60's my brother served on an ice-breaker going down under to supply the research station there, a valid reason...but this doesn't pass the smell test, now does it? I still have my brother's P-Coat from the Coast Guard, it's been where I'll never get to go.


How many miles of coast? How many ports?

How many Icebreakers are you thinking about building?


For fifty years, starting with John Kennedy's missile gap, we were told the Soviets are coming, more nukes. Simultaneously, the Soviet people were told "The Americans are coming, more nukes." This continued until between us there were 50,000 nuclear war heads. At the height of the arms race knowledgeable experts said that there were only 400 sites in each country of sufficient military or industrial importance to justify a nuke. De ja vu?


Icebreakers are part of the Arctic and Antarctic, but the timing of this is wierd. Is this to save Shell if a spill occurs? Combat global warming ice flows that may or may not actually be soon? I just can't fathom much of what this Prez does.......and respect way less.


Ah yes, the president's "lofty rhetoric." It's hard to be moved by the words that come out of his mouth when we are buried beneath what comes out of his ass.


Maybe someone should educate the asshat in chief that breaking up the ice allows warmer air more surface area to the ice and will increase melting. This figures into albedo or reflection of sun light that lowers temps. Perhaps the meatheads in charge should consider that icebreakers make waves that support the continued exposure of permafrost and the methane release that follows. A large number of unusual deer 120,000 got caught in a plume of methane and died from lack of oxygen reducing the numbers of the species by 50%.

I really really want to see the video of an icebreaker that runs into a methane cloud and everyone on board passes out. This extinction thing could be quite a sight.


Why would any sentient being still be "mystified" by Dear Misleader living up to his label?

What's "painful" to me is hearing his "critics" express "disappointment" regarding someone they had no rational excuse to place their trust in in the first place.

Okay ... I'm all out of quotation marks.


If it's a new class of icebreakers, may I suggest naming it the Cognitive Dissonance class?


From my first draft of an article I may complete later: link deleted - Rob's Blog, sungraffix.net

The thing that concerns me most of all is the frozen methane (methane clathrate or methane hydrate). The permafrost, millions of square miles of it and it is full of carbon. “A third of the Earth's soil carbon is found in the Arctic tundra soil, stored in frozen organic matter. Permafrost stores an immense amount of carbon and methane (twice as much carbon as contained in the atmosphere) (51, 15).” The permafrost is warming up with increased carbon emissions each year. It covers roughly a quarter of the northern hemisphere. Millions more square miles of Arctic Ocean is also full of it. It floats in the water like a frozen slushy drink and an incredible amount lays along the Arctic sea bed (52, 15). Only a fraction of the thousands to tens of thousands of gigatons could be released and it would end all life on Earth. The sheets of ice normally covering a good deal of the Arctic Ocean shield the frozen methane from the warming sun’s rays and the water from heating up (33, 15). There was a 2,500 square mile plume of methane floating over the Western US which resulted from oil drilling (53, 14). There are plenty of other sources of methane which are all increasing because we are increasing. The Arctic area can cross a 2°C to 3°C threshold of warming and enough methane can be released over a period of days that can destroy the life on this planet (54, 14).

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Just plain pit of stomach upset. Obama on behalf of the centrist Democrats says something reasonable and then does the opposite like he never said a word yesterday.

The Russian side of the Arctic Ocean has been wide open for sea travel (and absorbing solar heat) for weeks now. You can sail hundreds of miles north from the Alaskan coast and not hit any ice today. Currents keep the remaining Arctic Ocean pack ice hard against Greenland and the Canadian islands. We don't even need icebreakers right now, unless we're looking toward the year when every last chunk of ice is gone from the Arctic Ocean. At such a time, icebreakers will extend the shipping season by a few months.

We're having an icebreaker race, a Mild War with Russia.

I suppose that if the Arctic well's Christmas Tree fails like BP's, the icebreakers are needed to keep a drilling rig on site for 90 days in the Arctic winter to drill a relief well and stop the giant black under-ice oil slick. Putting oil on the surface of a body of water turns that body of water into a solar pond, where evaporation ends and where all solar heat stays in the pond.


I think you mean the Saiga antelope of the Russian steppes. A cold weather antelope but not a deer. They suspect methane has killed large numbers of the animals recently.


Sort of like Japan's killing whales for "research".


The same folks who drove Japanese cars with SAVE THE WHALES bumper stickers on them during the 1970s are now dyed-in-the-wool Obama supporters.


Does every place on earth have to be valued for its economic potential? The arctic is the nursery of the planet, it's important for that reason alone. The capitalists should leave Alaska and the Arctic alone !


I read that he is asking for 30 new icebreakers.


Trying to follow this president's actions and words is enough to give a person whiplash. The same is true of everyone in Congress and the idiots running for the next election. It's like the entire leadership of this country is schizophrenic.