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Obama Announces New Restrictions on Military Hardware for Local Cops


Obama Announces New Restrictions on Military Hardware for Local Cops

Jon Queally, staff writer

In response to long-held—and increasingly elevated—criticisms of the way predominantly poor neighborhoods and communities of color have been treated by law enforcement, President Obama on Monday will announce a series of federal initiatives that will include new restrictions on the kinds of military-grade equipment made available to local police departments.


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IT IS ABOUT TIME!!! As a result of the police having that military equipment and training that goes along with it they have looked at the US public as if they are an occupying army.

It is bad enough that the police are using SWAT to do simple arrests for even multiple parking ticket offenders. They don’t need that extra equipment to further intimidate us.

They have lost their way and need to realize that the purpose of the police is to protect the public, not to intimidate, harass, and kill the public.


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How can my local constable protect me if he does not have tanks, gunships, nuclear weapons?
Don’t you know that there might be bad guys out there with a different color skin or funny sounding names?
Some of them even have toy guns!

It looks like I am gonna need to build a moat around my fenced-in gated community…


"Bold and President Obama should never be used in the same sentence unless it’s an attack on the working class or progressive Democrats. He sucks up to everyone else.


It’s just a show. The Justice Department (sic) should be investigating and then prosecuting police crimes all over the nation. Until there is accountability, it is just a show. Obama’s team of consultants wrote the script so that he appears more sane than the R’s. The show is because Obama still has a political debt to the D’s so the butcher of Libya is elected President. All song and dance.


A roll back on operation “Garden Plot”? Nixon is rolling in his grave.
The Nixon administration started the militarization of the civilian police forces
In response to what happened during the sixties with the violent anti-war protests.
He swore that it would never happen again because it scared the hell out them.
They thought at the time that things had come very close to a full blown revolution.
It was shortly after implementation of the program, that the SWAT teams begin to show up…


It has been a federal government initiative to militarize our local police. Don’t tell me it is to make us all more safe. We have a federal government that is out of control and acting in illegal and unconstitutional ways. Obama is not going to do anything but fast talk us. We need to confront the problem in our communities and on a local level. We need to demand that our local law enforcement takes nothing from the outside. We have always done quite well in supporting out own local police. We don’t need outsiders coming in and turning our local law enforcement into their own gestapo. The militarization of the police has encouraged a small number of our police to look at the citizens as the enemy. This has had horrible consequences, especially in minority neighborhoods.


Unfortunately this will not actually stop the militarization as per the article.


Not to mention one can purchase a box cutter at Home Depot without DHS escort.


Just think… an actual liberal would have banned all the transfers outright, and forced the existing equipment be returned to the Feds.

But then, as he’s proving right this minute with his advocacy for the ruinous TPP, Barack Obama is anything but a liberal.


So first we send our young men and women to Iraq and Afghanistan and teach them how to occupy a country.

Then we bring them home and they find they are trained for nothing marketable…except ‘law enforcement.’

Then we give them the tools of occupation and what do you think they’re going to do next?

Obama is a typical Democrap (exactly the same as a typical Rethuglican). He’ll tell you whatever you want to hear and then feed you to the 1%.


So, wheeled armored vehicles are still available, other than one insane department in Georgia, the cops get IAV Stryker wheeled APVs, and they re-label grenade launchers as teargas launchers. It’s just feel good speak along the lines of “trust me on TPP, folks”. As if a Harvard lawyer who first graduated from an expensive prep-school in Hawaii would use the word “folks” in his real life conversations. Fraud


Correct. According to today’s (5/19) WSWS web site article: ‘the (camouflage) restriction does not include “woodland or desert patterns or solid color uniforms,” i.e., the great majority of US military combat uniforms. Obama’s order explicitly permits the provision of wheeled armored combat vehicles known as MRAPs, as well as assault and sniper rifles, belt-fed machine guns and military aircraft and helicopters. In fact, essentially none of the hardware deployed by militarized police during the crackdown on peaceful protests in Ferguson, Missouri last year falls under the White House’s prohibitions.’


End the 1033 program in its entirety. Confiscate all military gear. A fascist state will keep the 1033 program and ban law abiding citizens firearms. Kinda what’s going on?