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Obama-Castro Talks Expected as Summit Gets Underway


Obama-Castro Talks Expected as Summit Gets Underway

Nadia Prupis, staff writer


No doubt this “diplomatic overture” by the Obama Administration is being undertaken for the sake of positioning Cuba as a labor state via some “free trade” arrangement. Once relations have been “normalized”, the real work of the neoliberals, bankers, and run of the mill con artists will begin with “austerity” packages put together by bloody bankers designed to force implementation of a economic “restructuring” of Cuba to crush and then privatize its publicly held trusts such as their national health care system, public utilities, et al.

With a bonus poke in the eye of Russia.


The consummate con man of the Amerikan Empire is now conning Cuba. Watch for it!


Excellent point, Psychedelic. This “historic” outreach on the part of the Evil Empire can only be the beginnings of a new strategy for undermining Cuba’s revolution and installing a corporate friendly puppet government there. History has shown this repeatedly to be the case with any “diplomatic” efforts on the part of the U.S. It’s always (and that means 100% of the time since our inception as a nation) about making more money for our ruling class and screwing working people everywhere else (including here!).