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Obama Claims Outcome Of Investigation Into Clinton Emails Won’t Be Political


Obama Claims Outcome Of Investigation Into Clinton Emails Won’t Be Political

Kevin Gosztola

President Barack Obama defended Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on “Fox News Sunday,” when he was asked about whether Clinton had jeopardized “national secrets” by operating a private email server as secretary of state. Obama suggested some of the information may have been classified information, but that did not mean it was information unavailable in open source materials.


Can't spell teflon without an "O"...


Both Obama and Hillary disgust me. The only nice thing I could ever say about him is what a relief he was after Bush, but it ends there.

"the Obama administration has prosecuted more lower-level government
officials for unauthorized disclosures of classified information than
any president in the history of the United States."

He is a damned hypocrite for not prosecuting Clinton too.
They can both burn in Hell for all the use I have for them.


Hilarious. I especially liked the quote from "J. Edna Hoover".


This is the type of double standards we have come to in this country. Sad that Obama would try to tell us how great she is as she is being investigated, a testimony to how corrupt he is. We really have to clean out our government. Vote them out and start over.


What was that about an outstanding job??? She did such an outstanding job that 5 years after Japan went nuclear all over the planet and to this very day no one has been evacuated from the west coast. This is her biggest crime against humanity as far as I am concerned. The sect. of state did nothing to protect the state and the media bought into it lock, stock and barrel. FUKU has destroyed the Pacific Ocean and the west coast and still we are mushrooms about it. That is an outstanding job indeed.


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