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Obama Climate Plan: Testament to People Power, but Much More to Do


Obama Climate Plan: Testament to People Power, but Much More to Do

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

President Barack Obama on Monday officially unrolled the first-ever federal plan to limit power plant emissions of greenhouse gases, in a move that environmental campaigners are alternately calling "significant" and "not enough."

There is one point, however, that has broad agreement: this plan is the product of international people-powered movements for real climate justice—and the fight is far from over.


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“We have much work to do”. What a couragous and bold statement from a two term, incompedent, lame duck future billionaire.
Please sit down and shut up


boy howdy.


I feel nauseous when I hear putative environmentalists speak as though any “climate legacy” other than wanton rape and pillage is possible from this disastrous administration.

Leaving aside, for a moment, Obama’s “all of the above” coddling of fossil fools in every respect, from deepwater and Arctic drilling to the fracking boom, his terrible legacy was firm early on, in 2009, when his lieutenants in Copenhagen, then Obama himself, did everything they could to scuttle mankind’s last chance at an international agreement to forestall catastrophic climate change.

Just you watch this same bunch of clowns blow up the next round of meaningless talks, this December in Paris, then talk to me about Obama’s climate legacy.


Open the Arctic to drilling then this What is the real story.


Looks like the states may already have a way out.

A state is also shielded under the bill from:

being required to adopt or submit a state plan, and
being subject to a federal plan under any federal final rule if the governor notifies the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency that implementation of either plan would have a significant adverse effect upon: (1) the state’s residential, commercial, or industrial ratepayers; or (2) upon the reliability of the state’s electricity system.

H.R. 2042, passed the House, https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/2042, via truthout.


i’m still hoping for something big in Paris. (i know, silly me.)

but yeah, although i admire people who are working to save the earth, to express such enthusiasm over this toothless and too-little act, is sort of unreal.


An excellent article that even on-the-fencers may appreciate:


He is phony sell out wanna be very wealthy SOB.


Not to mention that Obama’s TPP, TTIP and TISA will give corporations judicial authority to sue governments that enforce any laws or regulations (environmental or otherwise) that threaten corporations’ POTENTIAL profits.

To label Obama’s platitudes as " a cynical move" is charitable.


More of the same garbage from Obama to placate the masses.

How can anyone take the man or his party seriously? The dysfunctional US society has reached a point where, if many more of it’s members become destitute and alienated, unable to purchase the goodies that feed capitalism, the whole capitalist, militarist house of cards will come tumbling down. The majority of its population will be totally unprepared for it, given that they have no knowledge of their past, nor the imagination to conceptualize their very dangerous and frightening future. A the speed that the earth is heating up, there’s a very good chance that the wheels will be coming off the federation that is known US before the end of the next administration.


This president can’t even make a bold statement on his way out the door. The gutless wonder of a POTUS strikes again with yet another half assed proposal that showed up a day late and a dollar short. The Obomber is writing IOUs and throwing them around the room.


So the consummate liar proposes these which will be challenged and defeated by the machinations of TPP. Clever? Not really; it only seems so in a society as brain dead as this one.

Sorry Ray - typed this before I read your comment - but it needs repeating. Was the first thing I thought of when listening to Obama and McCarthy last night.