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Obama, Corporate “Free Traitors” and You!


Who wove the web of deception, pal? As usual, the acts of malevolent lawless souls are attributed to the great uniform WE-mass.

Your need to hold onto labels like “Liberal” and “Conservative” suggests a sports-field mentality. You require “either-or” frames and they are limited, at best.

Anyone, for the most part, in a position of power, influence, or wealth has proven their bona fides to the corporate overlords–or was born to the 1% mostly criminal caste. Since capital is the energy that, along with oil & gas, fuels the industrial world, those with lots of it call the shots.

We, which is to say those on the RECEIVING END of the blowback from concentrations of wealth did not WEAVE the web that imprisons us.

This lie repeated often by too many in this forum is very curious.


Too bad you had to turn the indictment of corporatism around and use it as a means to bludgeon “the middle class.” Since the vanishing Middle Class is the TARGET of corporate policies like those about to come full throttle through the TPP and TIPP protocols, this attempt to blame citizens/voters (the #1 MEME repeated, disguised, and repackaged DAILY inside these threads) is a stealth attack that does not hold POWER to account; rather, it aims at those on its receiving end.

All over the world working people, many of which occupy that nebulous “Middle class” status are rebelling, protesting, and opposing all of the egregious policies coming hot off the presses direct from the oligarchs.

Why it is that CD’s forum fixtures turn the FACTS around in order to blame voters, everyday consumers, and/or the “middle class” suggests a contrived pattern, and therefore a squad of message shapers sharing the same talking points. Ultimately, while these squawk at many appropriate injustices, they then turn their angst onto (and against) their own: average citizens who are clearly NOT the entities supporting, designing, writing, financing, or implementing these agendas.

Most of the odious events of our time are decided behind closed doors by small, well-connected, empowered sociopaths.


It doesn’t. That’s why FBI agents work diligently to cook up terrorist plots using disgruntled unemployed males with low I.Q’s. Through the periodic violence that erupts, a pretext is put into place to further arm Homeland Security forces.

What’s been shown–in the way of police violence and casual killings rendered the new banality of evil–directed mostly at Immigrant and the Black community is a preview of what could be in store for others who collectively oppose the new corporate oligarchy and its assorted plutocratic agencies.

In other words, approval ratings have become irrelevant. U.S. elections are pageants where the highest bidder wins the official (high placed) slave.

Most major policy decisions are decided behind closed doors. Entities like ALEC, the Chambers of Commerce, Pete Peterson, and the Koch Brothers WRITE the policies then signed into law by a TOTALLY bought and paid for Congress (and Presidency).

Heck, for all this talk of “the land of the free,” you and I aren’t even free to know what’s in the food we eat. Monsanto and friends have seen to that!

A few writers featured on this site (Paul Buchheit comes to mind) have published the actual majority percentages of citizens that support Progressive policies whilst the Page & Gilens Study PROVES that what public majorities WANT is the opposite of what’s passed into legislated law.

That’s why astute minds characterize our nation–in its present corporate-MIC-coup status–as an INVERTED totalitarian system.

Voting, like the panoply of cable TV channels remains in place to sustain the ILLUSION that individual choice matters.


When Obama was elected Nader was asked by the press what he had to say about Obama. Ralph said we would have to wait to see if Obama would be an Uncle Sam or an Uncle Tom. It is clear now that Obama is Uncle Tom, on the side of the master (our banking elite who own the nation).


What is good for Wall Street can be terrible for the rest of us.


SR wrote:

“Too bad you had to turn the indictment of corporatism around and use it as a means to bludgeon “the middle class.””

Too bad you had to misunderstand what i wrote.

And then launch a vituperative attack against the mistaken frame that you applied to me.

But that’s absolutely par for your course.

Just as a clue: You might notice i put quote marks around “middle class.”

i know you will ignore this post in reply to your ugly viciousness. And you are incapable of ever acknowledging any critique of your posting.

But for the thousandth time, you are mistaken, and you are ugly.


That your bottomless mean-spiritedness is enabled by this forum’s moderators is very curious.


I live in WV but I’ve called him a couple times–right after he introduced the bill I called in a red hot state, using words like traitor and whore…


I agree with the other comments here, but also want to say this: it is NOT legitimate, and Warren is doing a surprisingly good service in loudly and clearly saying so. This is why I think an excellent tactic is one already taken in some municipalities–passing resolutions saying in advance that they will not be bound by these clearly illegitimate agreements.


Here’s the most bizarre aspect of your attack:

In no way is my post “bludgeonng” myself, or anyone else in the quote-unquote “middle class.”

Please explain how you drew “bludgeoning” from my post?

You become silent when called on your shit, and never respond to any request to please explain yourself.