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Obama Could Help Fix Our Broken Democracy. But He Hasn’t


Obama Could Help Fix Our Broken Democracy. But He Hasn’t.

John Light

In the tale of the rapid influx of campaign money into our political system over the last five years, the Republican establishment often gets cast as the villain. It was, after all, Chief Justice John Roberts and his ideological allies on the court who were responsible for the 2010 Citizens United decision that rolled back caps on how much special-interest groups could spend in elections.


The author is kinder to Obama's 'legacy' than history will show. His characterising it as "...almost a complete set of issues except for this one" makes no sense to me. I think Obama's legacy will show that he did what might reasonably be expected from a center left moderate republican president.

However that was not how he ran or presented himself to the voters. Obama pulled a bait and switch on the public betraying ethics and principles, betrayal of the hope he presented and that he asked for from voters and instead became a virtual republican in all but name.

That is his legacy

Obama in my opinion will stand for promising everything and delivering nothing.

Once the term Indian Giver meant giving something that you took back later. (Like how treaties promising peace and undisturbed lands etc for the Native Americans were broken).

Obama's promises were like that.

An Obama promise is a promise never intended to be kept.


Oh, I think he delivered and the list is a long one. Obama will be remembered as the president who gave the world endless war, drone warfare, targeted assassinations, the bailout of Wall Street, the refusal to prosecute criminal bankers and war crimes, vicious prosecution of whistleblowers, failure to close Gitmo, record deportations, record licenses granted for oil and gas drilling, lying about government surveillance and ... well, can't get it all in one post, but you get the idea. Yup, George Bush couldn't have done it, better. What a guy!

As to Obama acting to halt the influx of money into our political system, why would he do that? It's his job and Hillary's to suck in the Democrats share of that big donor and corporate money and they are doing one heck of a job of it ... but, hey, good luck with that petition.


What you can't remember back as far as Bush/Cheney? Obama continued their policies and economic programs as well as the war.

Bush/Cheney and the neocons gave us endless war and Obama has continued the middle east destabilization/occupation model.

Bush started drone warfare and Obama has refined and developed it. Targeted assassinations were also Bush/Cheney's strategy - remember the deck of cards of enemies?

Bush/Cheney began the bailouts with TARP payments and Obama carried it through and added more.

The refusal to prosecute bankers and war crimes of his predecessor's administration is Obama's although Bush/Cheney did much the same with Libby through the pardon.

Prosecution of whistleblowers is another Obama error as is failing to close Gitmo and end the wars.

Bush/Cheney were worse about leases and Cheney's secret meetings with energy and fossil fuel companies says it all.

Government surveillance - Ashcroft's Total Information Awareness strategy come to fruition by shifting it to corporations needed only for the congress to approve corporate surveillance that was illegal for government to do. Preventing the fox from guarding the chickens by hiring wolves to do it.

GW Bush/Cheney did do it both better and worse depending. Mostly they set it up and Obama carried on through with it (using the same teams btw).

Obama even signed an extension of the Bush tax cuts instead of letting them expire. Yes we got conned by a bait and switch.

This time don't vote for the dog and pony show... vote for the long record of progressive legislation and support for progressive issues. Vote for reality not just appearances.

Go Bernie.


Oh, no argument. I was supporting you position, albeit in my clumsy and sarcastic way. :smile: That's what I meant when I said George couldn't have done it, better. To be sure, many of those points originated in the Bush presidency, but Obama is equally guilty for continuing those policies and will justifiably be remembered for doing so. To be sure, the president that most betrayed his constituency.


We agree there for sure. Obama the Promiser stooped too low just to get elected. A bigger failure than just a failed presidency.

Then again Bush was just stupid ...lol.


Seeing how Obama keeps telling us that his highest second term priorities are TPP and tax reform (that further reduces corporate taxes while increasing our taxes) why would anybody waste any effort on trying to influence or redirect Obama's serially corporate agenda ? Its like trying to force your cat to eat rabbit pellets...ain't gonna happen.

The author's delusional final paragraph would be laughable except that so many folks are being hurt by the real Obama agenda and legacy.


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