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Obama: Debate Senator Warren on Global Economic Pact


Obama: Debate Senator Warren on Global Economic Pact

Ralph Nader

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama:

You have taken a strong across-the-board position favoring the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) nearing completion and scheduled for a fast track clearance vote in the Congress. Indeed, you have descended admirably from your presidential perch to take on the most informed critics of this agreement with Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.


Ralph Nader knows that there’s as much chance that Obama has read the 29 chapters of the TPP as there is of me reading the Code of Hammurabi in cuneiform. All Obama knows or wants to know about the TPP is that it will be good for multinational corporations, his true constituency. After all is said and done that is what the TPP is: a final power grab by corporations to end all hope for democracy on Earth.


Also to keep in mind is the corporate ‘terms of use’ and contractual ‘small print’ that forces arbitration in customer/supplier disputes. I would submit that this ‘triangulation’ coupled with other patterns building since the Regan administration are MASSIVE erosion of the schooling/teachings on expectations of the ‘social contract’ relationship between the individual and society. The dissociative dependency of corporate constructs has morphed from colonizing to “expected profits” for which we have a president supporting the legalization of a corporation to sue states that actually function democratically in response to citizen majority on policy matters if the stables of corporate lawyers are able to twist the failings of a corporation into a proverbial knife wielding whine of an armed bully.


The fact that this horror is largely global in scope is also catalyzing massive rebellions in numerous places. And these are only in their beginning stages. Too much social progress has occurred, along with too vast an education for citizens to allow themselves to revert back to colonialism crossed with a new era of corporate pharaohs determining our rights, or rather, using massive military muscle to secure their “right” to foul the air, waters, and soils to the point where few will be able to escape Cancers and worse.

Nothing lasts forever. The hubris shown by persons in power is always mocked by the heavens.

And Nader is using the platform of a just call to debate as a means to inform the public and shame this excuse for a President.


Hope you’re right. I think one aspect of the TPP which will be hard for countries to accept are laws forbidding GMO labeling, which I understand are in the TPP. I don’t think Japan, New Zealand and Australia (3 of the 64 countries) will scrap their existing GMO labeling laws. I also can’t see Vietnam allowing Monsanto, considering their history with Agent Orange, to have anything to do with their food.



Great Letter. As you may know, there’s a question whether Obama ever even went to Harvard or taught anywhere as a professor at all. His records are all sealed. An IRS agent used to have a webpage up claiming none of his tax returns made any sense at all, and the timeline of his known activities suggest he first dropped out of Occidental College in southern California and wound up in Pakistan using foreign passports issued to Barry Soetoro, his other name that he doesn’t want the public to know about. I have seen photos claimed to be school registers in Indonesia and Hawaii using the name Barry Soetoro.

Of course, his step-dad was the notorious Col Lolo Soetoro who contributed to the deaths of over one million leftists and trade unionists in Indonesia (wiki the Indonesian Massacres for this.) According to ex-NSA Wayne Madsen Reports, Obama’s mother Stanley Dunham, was a CIA operative posing as an archaeologist and a “micro-finance” banker who compiled part of the CIA “shooting list” which targeted anyone sympathetic to the left or trade unions. Madsen asserts also, that Obama’s grandmother laundered money as a VP at Bank of Hawaii for ruthless dictators the word over. Quite a family to grow up in.

Now, some of that may be in error, but it’s clear from Wayne Madsen’s research that Barack Obama used multiple names, as did his mother when she was working for USaid and the Ford Foundation, known CIA fronts. So instead of a “Community Organizer” from Chicago, as we were led to believe, we got a compromised individual, who, according to his own University of Chicago Law resume, worked for BIC bank, a know CIA banking front.

This might explain his complete indifference to the gutting of the US Constitution via NDAA section 1021 and these anti-American treaties disguised as Free Trade Agreements.



For Congress to trust this Clown and sign over to him Fast Track Authority on A “Secretive” agreement is absolute insanity-It is laughable that any one would even consider this concept as serious…
My mind really wanders into A deep and dark hole when I contemplate just what the “secret” aspects of this agreement are as the parts we now know about, and only found out about thanks to Wiki Leaks and Andrew Gavin Marshall are flat out scary- No transparency was offered up by anyone within this Government!
What A cheap, corrupt and crooked little con this “President” is to peddle A secretive “Treaty” that concerns our National Sovereignty authored by Gangsters- I am so pissed off about all of this that I can barely type…


“Now, some of that may be in error.” Oh, brother. Why should anybody listen to you-- ever?!


The first of five posts to actually address the substance of Ralph Nader’s letter-- a call for debate. I’m sorry to be so negative about writers (or should I say “posters”) with whose positions I so often agree, but four out of the five seem out of focus.


What an obvious, splend idea! Nader’s suggestion gives Obama the chance to redeem part of his " legacy". He took Putin’s advice on Syria and avoided catasthrophy.
We’ll se if he can do it again.


Of course. But if nobody calls for the debate, that point is far less clearly and openly demonstrated.


Not only Monsanto, but Dow, the company that makes agent orange.

Unfortunately, right after Monsanto, Dow and others spent more than $100 million defeating GMO labeling initiatives in California, Washington and Oregon, the Obama Administration approved agent orange resistant seed while paying out billions of taxpayers’ money each year for claims from Viet Nam era vets and their estates for agent orange injury/death.


Well since Obama has sealed all his attendance records at the numerous colleges he claims to have attended in record time (Occidental, Harvard, Columbia, etc), we can’t be sure the two reporters are correct. I recommend you skip over my posts from now on, since critical thinking discussions disturb you, and it appears you have nothing revealing to contribute.


“As you may know, there’s a question whether Obama ever even went to Harvard or taught anywhere as a professor at all.”

You could talk to the people who knew him, or to his students.

Let me tell you something, Bud. I knew Thomas Jefferson and you are no Thomas Jefferson, you are a Dan Quayle (a damned quail?).


Riiiiiggghhhhht. Thomas Jefferson died way back on July 4, 1826, If you were an adult when you claim you knew him, that would make you at least 190 years old today.

Should we listen to anyone this demented? The answer is no. You don’t seem to be grounded in reality, “bud”.


But 190 years old is exactly what a humorless, deranged youth such as yourself makes me feel.