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Obama Destroyed Libya


Obama Destroyed Libya

Ted Rall

Barack Obama destroyed Libya.

What he did to Libya is as bad as what Bush did to Iraq and Afghanistan. He doesn't deserve a historical pass.

When Obama took office in 2009, Libya was under the clutches of longtime dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. But things were looking up.


Obama may be the President but his authority extends no further than the leash that the Neo-Con establishment allows him. The fact is, what we got for a President is what back in the day was called an empty suit. But, be that as it may, he is fulfilling the function for which he was first selected and then elected. That is to be the fall guy for the inevitable disasters, misadventures, mis, mal, and nonfeasance’s of public office. In effect, he took the King’s coin and must do the King’s bidding. In all probability his successor will inherit the same fate as did his predecessor. Why do these people do this? Ask Bill Clinton. He and Hillary have accumulated 100 million dollars since their time as public servants. Of course, all the aspirants to Lofty Office look to Tony Blair as inspiration. He has pulled together a veritable cash machine ‘consultancy’ that has brought him by some estimates upwards of 200 million dollars. So for my 2 cents, Obama can spend his remaining imperial moments on a golf course. Need not even show his mug. For the miniscule portion of the population that matters, Victoria Nuland can handle it. For the remaining 90 per cent, most of them wouldn’t say s**t if they had a mouthful, and for the few that still have their grievances … There is an abundance of highly effective swat teams, police tanks, and tear gas cannonry to give them pause.


In the same way that enforced Austerity in Europe led to the predictable worsening of things in Italy, Spain, and Greece; toppling muscular leaders in regions that were known for sectarian divisions would lead, predictably to massive destabilization.

Just as some columnists focus on the frame of winning wars, rather than the frame that sustained wars produce enormous ongoing profit streams for some very empowered and equally nefarious entities, the focus on Obama’s “failure” misses the point that elites seem to WANT a policy of slash, burn, and destabilization in the Middle East. Out of this arc of total instability, a variety of old, colonial powers will divvy up the spoils.

It seems that there’s a plan involved, a covert inverted Domino Theory that’s purposefully undermining the leadership, and thus stability, of nation after nation in this brutally victimized region.

If Intelligence has any claim to that descriptive name, then surely its decorated officials sit down and brainstorm the various ways any operation can play-out.

Similarly, the lie that “no one saw it coming” with respect to this recent Great Depression when the very ones who profited from it were the ones who campaigned and coerced the removal of the Glass Steagall Wall (in place to separate conventional banking from stock market style speculation)… is ludicrous.

Fair-minded persons project their own motives onto events and miss, entirely, what dark minds conceive of along with the motives that drive their operations.

War is the #1 business, in terms of profits, to Shock Doctrine devotees.


In dont facebook, but I seriously want to “like” this article. I wish there was some way of doing that.

“To Obama’s credit, he admits that he screwed up in Libya. Unfortunately, he drew the wrong lesson.”

After the next successful bank robbery, try interviewing the robbers and ask what lesson they can get from the bankster’s distress!!! Unless there is punishment for the robbers, then there is no lesson for them.

Libya’s wealth came largely from its oil extraction. Who is it that profits by selling the oil now? International oil corporations got the oil. Ask them what lesson they get out of that? Libya also had large holdings of gold. Who got that gold? Ask them what lesson they got from that? Libya also had a massive positive balance of trade. Who gets that money now? The MIC did pretty well too. Lesson? What lesson!!!


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Islam is a religion and culture based upon tribal loyalties rather than democratic principles. We in the west imagine that if we remove a ruthless dictator then peace and prosperity will break out all over but we base that assumption on our love of free speech and individual liberty. Islamic countries are generally wretched places to live because Islam means obedience, not freedom, and when you remove the big bully you simply open up the field for a thousand smaller bullies.


“Obama destroyed Libya” is a typical arrogant-center-of-the-universe-America statement. There is no doubt that jumping with both feet into the armed conflict in Libya was a major solecism, as are all armed interventions; nonetheless, the income of the average Libyan, or the few more freedoms women had, do not constitute an eden. Painting Libya as a good place until the US began its help to the rebels- one billion is a pitance by the way, is neither accurate, nor is it the point.
The point is that the US as a culture is war-like and has been from the very beginning; it is an inheritance from Germanic tribes (Vikings, Old Norses, Angles, Saxons, etc.) transmitted by Britons and Germans, from which we need to divest.
Screaming Obama is a bad guy is a useless reaction and a short-sighted reaction: we need to question why we, as a culture, go to war so often. National introspection will lead us further than strident self-righteous finger-pointing.
Obama cannot be compared to Bush the Scholar. Obama made a policy decision, however pernicious, based on how the US normally does business. He did not make a personal decision unlike Bush the scholar who did just that. He coaxed his entourage to subscribe to it with the help of Evil Hobbesian Cheney, and Childish Solipsist Rumsfeld.
Bush’s Iraq war was a personal vendetta, “It’s the guy who tried to kill my Daddy.” Now THAT is Foreign Policy.


I’m afraid this can describe the US as well: obedience, religion…
There are no Islamic countries. These so called countries consist of artificially patched together ethnies and sectarian groups begotten after the fall and dismantlement of the Ottoman Empire after WWI.
We do not remove ruthless dictators; we remove the ruthless dictators we don’t like, and install the others. See Pinochet for one.


I love Ted Rall, and especially his cartoons featuring El Busho the drooling dictator dressed in a South American Dictator’s Uniform.

Edit: I now see that Ted was being sarcastic that CIA and the Defense department didn’t know who the armed rebels were or what they wanted. What really destroyed Libya was Libya was selling cheap oil undermining OPEC and the Texas Oil Mafia’s artificial 100 dollar/barrel price-fixing scam and Libya was also refusing to accept the petrodollar scam anymore, making preparations to only accept gold or it’s new currency not controlled by the any Central Bankster Cartel (or they were going to switch to BRICS, I think.)

Countries who don’t accept either a Central Bank controlled by the empire or countries who dump cheap oil on the market bringing down the world price for it always get an aircraft carrier anchored off shore with ill intent. Iran, Iraq, Afganistan (TAPI pipeline opposition), Libya, Bahrain (tried to ditch the dollar), and other Persian Gulf and mid-east states come to mind. (and soon Venezuela, Brazil, Russia, and China, South Africa will be in the crosshairs for BRICs banking outside the USD.) This is why the Operation Mockingbird MSM press always demonizes Putin, where before they loved him. He’s starting his own swift code that the BIS (the central bank of all central banks worldwide) can’t control.

CIA likely destabilized Libya. Obama is ex-CIA from a CIA family according to ex-NSA Wayne Madsen Reports. His mother Stanley Dunham, his step father Lolo Soetoro, and his Grandmother VP at Bank of Hawaii money laundering were all CIA and worked for known CIA front organizations like USaid, the Ford Foundation and others including big oil.

The CIA of course IS the bush family. Prescott Sheldon Bush started OSS with his family lawyers the Dulles Brothers which became CIA and Bush was caught by FBI for trading with the enemy. His Union Bank and Oil and Steel concerns in Germany were confiscated by the government. But later, Operation Paperclip brought Nazis into CIA and now we know why we have a torture and genocide problem in that agency.

Past history can illuminate the present:

By Wayne Madsen: Obama’s CIA “Mommy Dearest” — identifying Indonesians for assassination
President Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, worked in Indonesia for a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) embassy cover operation that helped identify some 5000 key members of the Indonesian Communist Party — Partai Komunis Indonesia(PKI) that were targeted for assassination by Indonesian armed forces units, of which her husband and President Obama’s step-father, Lolo Soetoro, was a participant. The 5000 targets’ names appeared in what was called by the CIA “the shooting list.”

Furthermore, the contacts of the key 5000 PKI members was also used by the CIA, in part using USAID official cover agents like Ann Dunham, to identify Indonesian sympathizers with the government of President Sukarno, ousted in 1965 in a CIA-orchestrated coup, in which Lolo Soetoro took part, and the PKI, with the net total of Indonesians killed ranging from 250,000 to 1 million.

The CIA’s role in the Indonesian genocide is found in a 1990 article written by Ralph McGehee, a CIA veteran of the agency’s International Communism Branch of the Counterintelligence Staff. The article appeared in the Fall 1990 issue of the Covert Action Information Bulletin.

Lolo Soetoro was a colonel in the Indonesian armed forces and worked for the CIA-installed dictator, General Suharto, from 1965, after returning to Indonesia from Hawaii, where he married Ann Dunham, to 1970, when he joined Exxon. President Obama’s mother arrived in Indonesia to join Soetoro with young Barack Obama, Jr. in October 1967,while the CIA’s anti-PKI and anti-Sukarno “mopping up” operations were still taking place.

Dunham Soetoro began working for CIA/USAID front, Lembaga Persahabatan Indonesia Amerika (LIA)–the Indonesia-America Friendship Institute. In 1972, Dunham Soetoro returned to Hawaii to continue her CIA work in Indonesia under the non-official cover of two agency fronts, the Asia Foundation and the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii. Dunham Soetoro returned to Indonesia in 1975 to conduct “anthropological field work.” The year 1975 is key since it was the year East Timor gained independence from Portugal and when the CIA, working with Suharto, planned the Indonesian invasion and bloody occupation of East Timor, a move that had been given the green light by then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Kissinger now serves as a foreign policy adviser to President Obama.

On December 7, 2010, WMR reported on the details of Dunham Soetoro’s “anthropological field work”:CIA files contain a 1967 letter to the editor of the Daily Emerald from three anthropology professors at the University of Oregon supporting a decision of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) condemning the “intelligence meddling” of the CIA and Defense Department in anthropological field work. 1967 was the same year that Ann Dunham was performing such anthropological “field work” for USAID, a front for the CIA, in Java, Indonesia. The AAA’s Professor Ralph Beals [from UCLA] report stated that the Pentagon and CIA “repeatedly interfered with anthropological work abroad, and have clearly jeopardized our chances, as anthropologists, to do meaningful foreign research.”

And in what is the clearest evidence yet that Ann Dunham was working for the CIA in Indonesia and elsewhere, the Beals Report stated: “several anthropologists, especially younger ones who had difficulty in securing research funds, were approached by ‘obscure’ foundations or were offered support from such organizations only to discover later that they were expected to provide intelligence information to the CIA.” The report added, “agents of the CIA have posed as anthropologists, much to the detriment of the anthropological research programs.”

In Ann Dunham/Soetoro’s case, her foundation “sugar daddy” was the Ford Foundation and USAID. Her boss at Ford was none other than Peter Geithner, the father of President Obama’s current Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner.

The Ford Foundation, on behalf of the CIA, began currying favor with top Indonesian military officers as early as 1954. Ford’s chief liaison to the officers, as well as to members of the Indonesian Socialist Party, was Ford researcher Guy Parker. The CIA’s involvement with village politics in Indonesia began when the Ford Foundation started the Modern Indonesia Project, a CIA cover program during the Sukarno regime that was run out of Cornell University, University of California at Berkeley, and MIT, an academic cover operation into which Dunham Soetoro was later placed. Ford Foundation-funded scholarships were used to provide education to a number of Indonesian military officers and economists who would become leaders in Suharto’s government.

After Suharto’s “New Order” government came to power, key Indonesian assets of the CIA were placed into top positions in Indonesia’s mining, oil, and timber industries. One was Lolo Soetoro who went to work for Exxon.

Dunham Soetoro’s USAID/CIA cover in Indonesia’s Java continued from 1975 to the end of 1980 continued through the auspices of various employers, including BAPPENAS (Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional) — the Indonesian National Development Planning Agency, the UN’s International Labor Organization, the Ministry of Industry Provincial Development Program (PDP I), and most significantly, the notorious USAID/CIA cover company, Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI) of Bethesda, Maryland.

The Obama administration is currently demanding that Cuba release Alan P. Gross, a DAI employee charged with espionage under the cover of providing telecommunication support for the Cuban Jewish community. Leaders of Cuba’s Jewish community have stated they are not familiar with Gross. DAI has also been involved in funneling National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funds on behalf of the CIA to the Venezuelan opposition to President Hugo Chavez and covert funding for Iraqi groups during the U.S. Coalition Provisional Authority regime of U.S. viceroy for Iraq Paul “Jerry” Bremer, a Henry Kissinger understudy.

Like Business International Corporation (BIC), the company that employed Barack Obama after his graduation from Columbia University in 1983, DAI, which employed Obama’s mother from 1978 to 1980, has been a long-time CIA front. Dunham Soetoro worked for DAI during the time period that Barack Obama was attending a favorite CIA recruitment college, Occidental College of Los Angeles. While Barack Obama was at Columbia and CIA front BIC, his mother was under non-official CIA cover from 1981 to 1984 in Jakarta as the program officer for women and employment for the Ford Foundation’s Southeast Asia regional office, a job that took Dunham Soetoro to other nations in the region, including the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. Dunham Soetoro’s cover story was a Ford Foundation micro-financing project.

Fluent Russian speaker, Robert J. Martens was a member of the political section [CIA station] of the U.S. embassy in Jakarta from 1963 and in the years leading up to the Suharto coup. Masters was number three in the embassy’s chain-of-command. In the years during which the Indonesian communists and their sympathizer were tracked down and murdered, Martens would have been within Dunham Soetoro’s USAID CIA cover chain-of-command after she arrived in Jakarta in 1967 for the CIA’s mopping up operations in the Indonesian rural villages. Martens, who previously served in Naples, Vienna, Salzburg, Oberammergau, and Moscow, before being posted to Jakarta, was considered one of the CIA’s top operatives in Jakarta and he helped craft the CIA’s “shooting list.” Others in Dunham Soetoro’s CIA chain in Jakarta were CIA station chief Bernardo Hugh Tovar, CIA deputy station chief Joseph Lazarsky and Jakarta embassy political section chief Edward Masters. Tovar, a native of Colombia, had been assigned previously to the CIA stations in Kuala Lumpur and Manila.

Masters, who was fluent in Hindi, had been posted in Frankfurt, Karachi, and Madras before being assigned to Jakarta to help plan the CIA coup against Sukarno. Dunham Soetoro was assigned to Java villages to conduct “anthropological” research since the CIA had identified Indonesian village cadres, including members of the Gerwani women’s organization and SOBSI labor federation, as primary supporters of the PKI and Sukarno.

With his CIA connections, Lolo Soetoro’s dual chain-of-command, in addition to his reporting to Suharto and his top men, would have also included the U.S. embassy’s defense attache, U.S. Army Colonel Willis G. Ethel. Colonel Ethel worked closely with Indonesian intelligence chief Ali Murtopo.

The CIA officials in Indonesia reported to William Colby, the director of the CIA’s Far East Division. Colby was the brains behind another CIA assassination program, the Phoenix Program in South Vietnam.

From 1989 to 1990, reporter Kathy Kadane conducted a series of interviews with former CIA personnel who were involved in the 1965 coup and the subsequent mass killings of Communists. Martens revealed the role of the CIA “shooting list” for Suharto’s army, in which Lolo Soetoro served, in the systematic assassination of PKI members: “It was really a big help to the army . . . they probably killed a lot of people. and I probably have a lot of blood on my hands, but that’s not all bad. There’s a time when you have to strike hard at a decisive moment.” Asked whether the CIA sent Martens to Indonesia in 1963 to compile kill lists, Colby responded, “Maybe. I don’t know. Maybe we did. I’ve forgotten.”

In order to communicate the names of suspected Communists from outlying villages like those where Dunham Soetoro worked, the CIA provided Indonesian military officers and CIA agents with Collins KWM-2 radios, requisitioned from U.S. Air Force stocks at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines and flown to Jakarta on U.S. Air Force C-130 transport planes. National Security Agency intercept stations in Southeast Asia also picked up the radio transmissions from the Indonesian army field officers and CIA overseers like Dunham Soetoro to ensure that all suspected PKI members were identified for elimination by matching the “field” human intelligence with other NSA information compiled from intercepts of Indonesian commercial and government communications, i.e., signals intelligence or “SIGINT.”

Others at the embassy who directed CIA operations against the PKI included U.S. ambassador Marshall Green and deputy chief of mission Jack Lydman. Green dropped dead from a heart attack on a Washington, DC golf course in 1998. He worked for Nixon national security adviser Kissinger after leaving Indonesia in 1969. Lydman later was involved in the State Department’s review of Indonesian military operations in West New Guinea in 1969, after the Indonesian annexation of the former Dutch territory. Colonel Lolo Soetoro was involved in the bloody Indonesian army crackdown on West Papuan secessionists in the territory.

On March 11, 1966, while Lolo Soetoro continued to assist Suharto in the identification and rounding up of PKI members for execution, the U.S. embassy in Jakarta sent a airgram A-654 to Washington. The airgram was drafted by Martens and signed by Masters. The airgram stated it was necessary to compile a new list of PKI members because information on PKI officials “remains extremely fragmentary but sufficient additional information has been received to make a new compilation advisable.” The airgram contained a list of 80 PKI leaders and their status.

The Indonesian army’s and CIA’s kill list would not end with the elimination of PKI members and their sympathizers. Kill lists would play out in West Papua, East Timor, and Aceh province during the time of Obama’s “Mommy Dearest’s” bloody work in Indonesia on behalf of her bosses at the CIA, USAID, and Ford Foundation.

The problem for Barack Obama is not shouldering blame for sins of his mother and step-father but the fact that he has lied completely about their history. In his book, “The Audacity of Hope,” Obama writes about his mother’s first trip to Indonesia in 1967: “In later years my mother would insist that had she known what had transpired in the preceding months, we never would have made the trip. But she didn’t know — the full story of the coup and the purge was slow to appear in American newspapers. Indonesians didn’t talk about it either.” If they were truly Ann Dunham Soetoro’s words, we can be certain of one thing: she trained her son to lie just as well as she did.

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist. He has written for several renowned papers and blogs. Madsen is a regular contributor on Russia Today. He has been a frequent political and national security commentator on Fox News and has also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and MS-NBC. Madsen has taken on Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity on their television shows. He has been invited to testifty as a witness before the US House of Representatives, the UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and an terrorism investigation panel of the French government. As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy. He subsequently worked for the National Security Agency, the Naval Data Automation Command, Department of State, RCA Corporation, and Computer Sciences Corporation. Madsen is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), Association for Intelligence Officers …

So what do you think the odds are that CIA didn’t know who these armed rebels in Libya were or what they wanted? If history is any guide, they created them.



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“jumping with both feet into the armed conflict in Libya”
There was no armed conflict until it was fomented by the UK SS and the CIA. The presence of western intelligence personnel was even reported in the western press. They chose the oil rich corners of Libya and then they armed, trained, protected and bombed for the revolution and used completely bogus “humanitarian aid” to bomb the place with DU from the air while their armed and trained rebels and destroyed Libya from the ground.

“Painting Libya as a good place until the US began …”
As far as being a good place, Unemployed Libyans were paid a decent livable wage. They were provided with public housing, the best medical facilites in the middle east outside of Saddam Husein’s Iraq, and promising students were sent to learn in universities around the world. Libya under Gadaffi WAS a good place to live. Many of the things that Gadaffi did were good things. Money was spent on bringing fresh water for agriculture across the country. Citizens had a decent standard of living and a high life expectancy. All the things that made Libya a decent place to live are now gone, and in place of health and education etc there is only strife.

“Screaming Obama is a bad guy is a useless reaction …”
The whole thing was done under his control. He could have stopped it at any point. If he wasnt aware, there is somthing wrong.


Thankyou. I liked it now.


There was no armed conflict before the US and the UK fabricated one, etc. This is quite untrue. Actually, it’s more the French who lit the keg.
Libya was a good place: If you say so. My Libyan friends did not think so.
The whole thing was Obama controlled because it happened on his watch. Fine, what is the point.

Regardless of finicking over details. The two unanswered points I made which to me are paramount are:
1- Typical arrogant-center-of-the-universe-America statement. What do you propose is an answer to my discussion point?
2- The US is a war-like culture. This is a point made with the perspective of History.

I believe that the introspection needed to answer these will be more productive- we need to change the paradigm- than getting stuck into the good-bad, wrong-right, he said-they said sandbox stuff.
I mean no insult per se, not to you my brother/sister, I just want to get away from the "s/he started it circle of Orouboros. I do not care who started what. What I care about is what and how, when probably, but not why.

Curious to “hear” your response more than “corrections” about which (the latter) one could go around in circles for eons.


Yes, but America is substantially based on tribal loyalties as well, but here we call them ‘political parties’ I don’t know where you came up with the presumption that Americans expect democracy to flourish where dictators have been removed. Our most frequent contacts with dictators has been to support them. In places where the local population wants to remove them or actually has, America is most often the wizard behind the curtain to Re-establish authoritarian regimes.


Agree except that i believe that political opponents were tortured and/or killed? But yes, Obama is the President and I don’t get why people want to absolve him of blame, MIC or no MIC. Media or no media. etc. He could take a stand for good, instead he enables terrible actions that will reverberate for decades to come and will be extremely hard to recover from.


Point 2) Point conceded.

Point 1) Typical arrogant-center-of-the-universe-America statement.

The planet has one empire:

  • One country that spends more on its military than the rest of the world combined, if you include ALL spending, not just the face value budget.
  • One country that has 700 military bases in 150 other countries.
  • One country to whom “defense” means demonizing the leaders of other countries prior to invading them and stealing their oil.
  • One country that has orchestrated bloodless coups in its allies and bloody coups in countries that are not so close.
  • One country that all other countries must appease.
  • One country that pretty much controls the press in most of the western world.
  • One country whose digital technology has changed the world and dominates the world.
  • One country whose network has become THE internet.
  • One country whose TV shows dominate the entertainment in most of the world.
  • One country whose network services (facebook google youtube) span the globe.
  • One country that is home to the world bank, the IMF, Mastercard, Visa and AMEX.
  • One country that is willing to invade in order steal the resouces in other countries.
  • One country that simply never stops invading other countries.
  • One country who tolerates web sites on its own soil that are critical of the empire.

In conclusion, despite the fact that there are some holdout countries, the empire is the center of the world.