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Obama Disappoints Peace Groups by Breaking Troops on the Ground Promise in Syria


Obama Disappoints Peace Groups by Breaking Troops on the Ground Promise in Syria

WASHINGTON - Peace Action, the nation’s largest peace group, released the following statement from its spokesperson, Jon Rainwater, in response to President Obama’s decision put troops on the ground in Syria:



You bleedingheart liberals need to shut up and stop your crying. You put Obama in the White House and now you're getting what you voted for. It's about time he took some kind of stand against radical Islamic terrorism instead of bending over and taking it up his backside from Putin.


And where is the peace movement? Never hear of protests for peace anymore, even though the wars are MULTIPLYING! We read and post, but no more protests.
Under Bush, we had massive protests in this country. Glen Greenwald was right when he said that what Bush did, the same and worse are now acceptable, now that they are done by a Democrat. Where is the outrage?!
Same old, same old, mobilize for the "lesser evil"- better than the Republican, blah, blah...
Hillary is a hawk, and friend of Wall St. and WalMart, 'Bernie's for peace and labor', but Bernie has pledged to support his friend, Hillary if she wins the nomination.
Sanders the "socialist"- pulls some people back into the "less evil" corporate controlled party. Some socialist!
If you like the idea of a socialist running for president,
explore the socialist parties, many of which could amaze and educate.
And even here on CD, there is no coverage of a real, if nascent, alternative- the Green Party and Jill Stein. "Oh, they're too small..."
You don't get a big tree without a small seed.
The Green Party isn't socialist, but
Are there any authors here to the left of the "Social Democrats"? (Who are more Democrat, than socialist.)
A socialist is someone who wants to attack the DISEASE as well as the symptoms.
Corporate Rule is not democracy. We need to replace
Again, where are the protests? Are the movement "leaders"
afraid to embarrass the "Democratic" party?