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Obama Does Have a Strategy in Iraq: Escalation


Obama Does Have a Strategy in Iraq: Escalation

Phyllis Bennis

Almost nine months after President Obama admitted that “we don’t have a strategy yet” to challenge the Islamic State — and just days after he said he still has “no complete Iraq strategy” — the non-strategy suddenly has a name: escalation.


“They will welcome us with flowers…” -GWB administration


No one does diplomacy, that is so last century.


The US spends trillions on intelligence gathering and the military. And we can not stop this group from obtaining 2300 armored Humvees. Somethings wrong with this picture.


To understand Obama’s strategy one has to look at the many pieces to the puzzle. One of the pieces being Syria. There’re a lot of new developments now taken place in Syria. Because of Iran recent commitment to the Syria government. For a detail analysis of what appears to be turning into a wider Mid East conflict please read the attach article.



I’d add the “Counter Insurgency Manual”, the militarized degradation of anthropology as a ‘smart bomb’ touted, ostensibly, by Gen Petraeus, backed by Rand Corp and stimulating a scathing take-down and deconstruction by the Network of Concerned Anthropologists. The latter’s slim publication “The Counter-Counterinsurgency Manual - or notes on demilitarizing American society” ought to be, in my humble opinion, required reading to understand “the colonial elephant in the room”.

The extent to which “policy” is being driven by the MASSIVE juggernaut of privatized militarization of predatory capitalism includes the non-stop media intravenous feed of the toxic twisted tropes. History + documentation = recovery.


This just appears to be a Military Industrial Complex money making venture. Send the Iraqi government all the weaponry. Arrange for them to lose this weaponry.They obviously need more to replace what was conveniently lost. They also need more such as anti-tank weapons to defeat the weapons that ISIS now has. The American weapon manufacturers are the only ones gaining anything out of this chaos.


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As Alan MacDobnald frequently reminds, one can’t come up with a genuine solution until they focus on the right questions, or an accurate diagnosis.

Too many pundits take for granted that today’s MIC wars are about winning something, or that Congress gives a damn.

This Congress has already placed aside its responsibility to act as check-balance against wars initiated by a too martially enthusiastic “unitary executive.” And it’s about to sign over this nation’s people’s right to challenge corporate malfeasance in everything from Cancer-causing food additives to the rape and pillage of nearby ecosystems.

I wish to respond to this quote:

“In May, the Pentagon said it was sending 2,000 anti-tank rockets to the Iraqi military to use against ISIS car bombs. In response to Iraq’s recent loss of U.S. tanks and Humvees, the Pentagon announced its intention to send 1,000 more anti-tank weapons to the Iraqi military — to use against the same tanks it had sent previously, now in ISIS hands.”

The “loss” of this amount of military inventory is VERY good news for the MIC and its web of weapons designers and traffickers. To this sociopathic ilk, “the more, the merrier” as these vast armaments of death–requiring ready replacement–are great news for business.

These entities don’t want solutions for war. They are the ones who fund the think tanks and anoint the titles to “experts” who then are given enormous media face time in order to make their manufactured cases FOR war.

Banksters since the time of the Crusades (and probably earlier) have ALWAYS profited from war… from its build-up stage to its aftermath rebuilding stage. And often, these high stakes martial players bet on both sides.

When an entity like the MIC can get away with losing $2 trillion (Rumsfeld’s words in the initial beginnings of the Iraqi war), and private mercenary outfits like Eric Prince can become filthy rich from training troops to fight them, and tons of weaponry “just disappears” into the desert where “enemy forces” can then make use of it, the level of graft, corruption, and moral depravity is so beyond what a human being can imagine as to show dark proof positive that currently, Mars rules.

IF there were laws in place to serve as counterbalances, these “mistakes” wouldn’t happen again and again. THEY are part of “the program.”


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