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Obama Expands Spy Agencies' Access to Private Data—Just in Time for Trump


Obama Expands Spy Agencies' Access to Private Data—Just in Time for Trump

Nika Knight, staff writer

Days before far-right President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in, President Barack Obama has expanded all intelligence agencies' access to private communications obtained via warrentless spying.

An executive order allows the National Security Agency (NSA) to share data collected via its global surveillance dragnet with all other U.S. intelligence agencies, without redacting untargeted American citizens' private information.


Well, this will give a reason to keep the private prison system going. Wonder how many Trumpkateeres are invested in that?


Looks like under Trump the NSA could become the National Stasi Agency.


Obama - despicable is the only word that comes close to this act and the past 8 years. And probably it's going to get much worse. I don't like what's coming but I sure won't miss him and his duplicitousness.


Just for the record - it's not fair to smear Trump here. He had nothing to do with this. Do I believe Trump will abuse any and all powers he has? Of course. But let's be clear about who has created and established the powers he will abuse. For Obama to be doing this during his last days, on top of the other monstrous SOPs he has instituted and strengthened is an abomination. Obama and the Dims own this.


This executive order by Obama has nothing to do with Trump; but, everything to do with accommodating the deep state.


A "farewell" speech loaded with phony 'accomplishments", deceptions, self-aggrandizement, and continued Uncle Tom service to his masters! A repeat of so many other speeches full of hot-air and BS!
Now with this announcement we see another truth of who Obama was and is - a sellout conman and promoter of the security state and war-machine - beside big-money and corporate/banker dominance.
What a contemptible human being that repeatedly betrayed the 99% and justice in service to the 1% over his entire pathetic tenure!
Nearly the entire Dem party are filled and controlled by such contemptible sellout hacks - like Booker & Menendez among others!

While Obama et al are betrayers and contemptible sellouts, trump is just loathsome, his cabinet filled with corruption, and his mouthpiece, K-A Skankway just an argumentative ill-educated extremist caricature........ its like we've been consigned to the lowest pits of freakin Hell!

Will we see any last minute Obama pardons of political prisoners or victims of the WOD & Prison Industrial Complex, or just more quisling sellout and political cowardice? ...............the answer seems clear enough.


About the only difference between Orwell's 1984 and the Fourth Reich is that in 1984, "Big Brother is Watching You." In the Reich, "VERY Big Brother is Watching You."
* What is next? Room 101?


"The lesser of the two evils..." snicker


Exactly! Obama was a selected quisling before he was elected; HRC was the selected, darling of the Wall Street Oligarch's; Bernie was an anathema to the deep state; that is why he never had a chance! And Trump for all his plethora of faults, may be a plutocratic, fascist but also a loose canon to the deep state... and that is why he is so demonized by the war mongers for being a friend of Putin. They may not allow Trump to stay in office if he steps too hard on their toes!


Absolutely right on Obama. What Trump does and what he abuses are, in part, very much products of Obama's legacy and his fellow Democrats who blindly supported him.


Another nail in the coffin of Obamas legacy. RIP.


I'm in the same boat. I did not like GW Bush but don't like Obama either. Obama copied Bush and so will Trump. Obama copied Bush because he can't stand up to him. What few good things Obama has done was only because of protests or because his term is almost over.:older_man::older_woman::hear_no_evil:


The American public are like battered housewives. Politicians beat us up, but we stay with them hoping they'll stop beating us.

Online Direct Democracy


So apt. Love it!


Only five more days and that sorry azzhole is gone! If on that day I duct tape my ears and eyes, I may actually be happy for the first time in eight years!

Of course, some idiot somewhere will tell me something outrageous Trump just did and ruin my celebration....



Somehow this posted twice. Must be the NSA.


You won't need an idiot to inform you, just an informed principled person that can see the danger for what it is.



Well Obombem and Biden were not a complete waste of oxygen. They gave each other medals, so there's that. Now the Nobel Piece Prize and the Medal of Freedom, mean just the opposite of what they were intended to represent.

So there's that.



Don't tell me. I don't want to know how bad it is!

When we are in nuke war, the light will go right through my duct tape!