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Obama Has Failed Victims of Racism and Police Brutality


Obama Has Failed Victims of Racism and Police Brutality

Cornel West

A long and deep legacy of white supremacy has always arrested the development of US democracy. We either hit it head on, or it comes back to haunt us. That’s why a few of us have pressed the president for seven years not to ignore issues of poverty, police abuse and mass unemployment. Barack Obama said it very well, following the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, that some communities “have been forgotten by all of us”.


Brilliant, poignant, wise words.
Thank you Cornel West, you are a bright light in this wounded world.


Thank you Dr. West for this commentary. My admiration for you just grew a hundred-fold.

Justice and Peace.


"Unfortunately, Obama thrives on being in the middle. He has no backbone to fight for justice." -C. West

Exactly right! President Obama has no backbone to fight for anything directly benefiting the working class, poor and elderly. He's a willing tool of the capitalist class. He's been a profound, but not unexpected disappointment.

Mark my words: The status quo will not stand. Whether we go right or left, it will not stand.


Yes indeed.

Very interesting article in counterpunch today that touches on the aforementioned traitors and examines the Sander's campaign with the author posing the questions: What was/is Sanders thinking? Why did he run for president? Why did he capitulate?

What pulled me into the Sander's campaign was that I believed many of his statements (declared with convincing passion) in his stump speeches. This one in particular:

"This campaign is about telling the truth to the American people".

Yet here we are wondering what the truth is in the mind of Bernie Sanders. This article says we may never know. How ironic.


Cornel West is the best!!! Thank you for supporting Jill Stein!


Thank you Common Dreams for publishing this piece by Cornel West, in which he not only sharply criticizes the work of President Obama, but also references his own endorsement of Green Party "presumptive nominee" Jill Stein for US President.

Thanks for staying open to political possibilities beyond the boundaries set by the Democratic Party.


Thank you Dr. West. You have given me hope after a pretty hopeless week!


Cornel West has had the courage to stand by his convictions even after Bernie melted. His endorsement of Jill should resonate with others who are looking for a Plan B. Hillary and Trump should both be disqualified from running for the Presidency. Both are most concerned with wielding power; Jill is committed to returning the power to the people like Bernie once was.


To be fair it is not just Obama. It's the entire Democratic Party with only a very few, very rare exceptions.


Stein/West, that's a ticket Bernie voters could go to.


Thank you Cornell West. I have admired this man for many years and so appreciate his commitment to work for the good of humanity.
Notice he didn't trash Bernie for endorsing her, he just disagrees, as do we. He is voting for Jill Stein as am I. No amount of Trump horror stories will change that. He's the face of the Republican party that we have been fighting for years. I like Trump for one reason, he is causing the dear party to collapse right before our eyes. They are not a party, they are a hate group.
Jill Stein on the other hand is going to be a very happy woman after this election. She deserves it too. Their funds have increased 1,000 times what it was. We are going to put her on the electoral map and who knows we may be creating that third party we so desperately need.
Obumer has been a bummer since he picked his cabinet. Nothing new there, he's a neoliberal period.
Long live the revolution!


This little gem is what I've been saying about Obama for years. He was groomed to put an intellectual black smiley face on a country that was furious at Bush and company. This tells his ties to International Corporate Globalism.
Why are his ratings still so high? The people are so uninformed it's a tragedy.


Amen webwalk.

With Hillary, there is no motivation for the Dem ruling elite to reform its corruption.
If Trump wins, that may sound the wake-up call for Hillary, Debbie, Harry, Nancy, & Obama,
to either reform or watch the world go up in smoke.

For starters:
{1} Elected Delegates in all states must be proportional to the popular vote (i.e., no "winner take all;" {2} Super-Delegates MUST vote their entire delegation with the popular majority-vote of their state on the FIRST BALLOT. After the First Ballot, Super-Delegates can be released from their states' popular-majority-vote mandate.


Bernie chose to lead the movement for a while. That took real courage. Unfortunately, he ran out of courage, and i can't fault him for that. It was never about Bernie Sanders, it was about the people standing up for love, justice, and the common good. It won't just happen again, it's happening right now, all over the world.


Word, brother West. Word.
Calling out the Obama cheerleader BWilliamson: I guess Dr. West is rather racist too, right?


More bashing of fellow citizens?

Having just witnessed the myriad ways that the election/nomination was stolen from Sanders through all sorts of media machinations and manipulations, why would you presume that Obama has high ratings? The same gamers who ran the numbers against Sanders are running numbers for the Obama to Clinton political show.


People who say this have ZERO empathy for those lives that will be mercilessly impacted by Trump.

The groups include:

Black Lives Matter and Black citizens in general
Hispanic citizens
Women (particularly those of reproductive age)
Public Schools
The environment
Those who live on Social Security

The entire world doesn't revolve around those lessons that cannot be learned by those inured to feelings, caring, and consideration for others. The only language they (those mentioned in your sample-example) understand is that which pivots on power and profits. Period!


"Obama Has Failed Victims of Racism and Police Brutality"

Not in dissent from Cornel West, but to, I hope he would agree, complement his statement, I add this concurring statement.

Obama has failed many things.

He has failed the oath of office that he twice took.

He has in additional particulars failed the Constitution of the United States.

He has failed international law, including, without limitation, the Geneva Conventions and the international common law established by the determinations of the Nuremberg court.

He has in these regards been a worth successor to those who preceded him in office and seems likely to be a worthy precursor to whomever, male or female, is chosen to succeed him in office.


Perhaps "those who say this" are motivated precisely by "empathy for those lives that will be mercilessly impacted by Trump" and by Clinton; judge the impact of either to be horrific and unacceptable; and judge -- fallibly, as you and I and all of us judge -- that the shortest path to a more decent world is to end the hegemony of the current ruling caste in the U.S.

Those who hold that position may be wrong. They are not so obviously wrong as to be lectured on their failings.