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Obama in Kenya


Obama in Kenya

As President Barack Obama touched down in Kenya on Friday evening, many news outlets were marking the occassion by noting it as his first-ever trip to the home country of his father and extended family.

However, given that in order to prepare for the presidential visit it was necessary for Kenyan military and police forces to conduct the "biggest ever security operation" in the nation's history, others took the opportunity to make more critical observations about the role Obama's foreign policy choices in the region have impacted local people and undermined stability.


“As Obama Lectures Kenya, What Lessons Must US Learn from Africa?”

My top lessons for what lessons the US should learn about lectures – Stop going around lecturing people.


After presiding for more than 6 years over accelerating corruption within the most corrupt government anybody alive today has ever seen, Obama’s comments on African nations’ corruption is beyond the height of hypocrisy.

Corruption in third world nations negatively impacts people within those nations and perhaps bordering nations, whereas actions by DC politicians such as Clinton’s Commodities and Futures Modernization legislation, Obama’s TTP, TTIP and TISA negatively impact people on every continent.


"“I am proud to be the first American president to come to Kenya – and of
course I’m the first Kenyan American to be president of the United

Ah well, one of our boys was the first POTUS; George Washington. We Brits lead the world, as always!


It is the duty of the empire and its emperors to lecture everyone else in the world. (sarcasm)