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Obama Insiders Angling to Buy For-Profit College Amid Crackdown



Another bit of evidence to the effect that the Obama
Dept. of Education is a cesspool of corruption.


You can bet Archie would be wearing a red hat this year.


" 'It's ironic that a former senior official at the Department of Education—an agency that has intentionally targeted and sought to dismantle the for-profit college industry—would now take the reins at the country's largest for-profit college.' "

No, there is nothing 'ironic' about it, it is a blatant conflict of interest and savage betrayal of public trust. These should be acts for which those involved ought to be criminally accountable. The swinging door between government and the so-called 'private sector' needs to be shut. A ten year restriction on all lobbying/business solicitations of government by all retiring legislators and senior staff needs to be imposed that some semblance of propriety be once restored restored.


This is only a small part of the US College Meltdown. Besides for-profit colleges, HBCUs, community colleges, small private colleges, and even some state systems face major challenges. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more.


Institute of higher earning


Wake up everybody! It's called Fascism and we are seeing it in action every day.
1. Corporations do anything for profit and power.
2. Corporations buy governments, lock, stock and barrel.
3. Governments protect the corporate profits from any interference by people or groups.
4. Corporations reward governments for their protection, and punish them for failure. (Cuts off their graft.)
* The Mafia does a similar thing on a different scale.


Everything has gotten so fucking corrupt it's ridiculous.


At best, this stinks. But, suppose we did not know who the investors are. Then, the focus is on for profit colleges accessing federal money that should go to bone fide educational institutions. President Obama has recognized the problem; are solutions coming? At best, this stinks.




Hey, if Obama, the "progressive" fraud, can direct some sugar to his crony's before leaving office so what - that will be a drop in the bucket. Obama is counting the days until he too can get those quarter-mil Goldman-Sachs payoffs for "speaking" fees................