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Obama Makes It Official: Either Trump or Clinton Gets to Keep Longest War in US History Going


Obama Makes It Official: Either Trump or Clinton Gets to Keep Longest War in US History Going

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

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Confirming that either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will inherit the longest war in U.S. history going, President Barack Obama announced Wednesday that over 8,000 troops will stay in Afghanistan after he leaves the White House.

The figure is thousands more than the 5,500 soldiers he said in October 2015 would remain in the country.


Terrorism, shmerrorism. Got to protect the big donor corporations that want to sack Afghanistan's great mineral resources. As ever, our troops are gangsters for capitalism.


Question 9/11? Nah, why bother? I mean, is it really that important? Was it really a seminal event worthy of closer scrutiny?

Never mind. I'm in a dark mood today.



We're supposed to call the heroes for fighting for our freedom, yada yada.


And there's Obama still out there talking the talk but never walking the walk. He's such a lying scum.


Longest war? Hardly. This is a short war. The longest war the United States has fought was the war against the Indians, the native inhabitants. The United States fought continuously to steal their continent from the founding of the nation in 1776 until the end of the 19th century, more than 200 years. But of course the white settlers' war against the Indians began centuries before the founding of the United States. White invaders fought a non-stop war to steal this continent since 1492.


Yes, imperialist amerika has been slaughtering and terrorizing for empire since white-euros stepped on the shores! All empires fall; will amerika's be a bang or a whimper?


So tell me: which is worse, Trump or Hillary? I'm scared to death of the wars either will keep us in or bring us. Contemplating either one is mind-numbing and nauseating..... As soon as the word 'Afghanistan" first popped out of candidate Obama's mouth, I knew I should vote against him and convince my friends and family to do likewise. Never in my life have I so rued a vote.


That was decided well before Obama was elected. I assume this is why we see virtually no war coverage on the evening news. This, quite possibly our final war, is strictly a business venture.

The US is drained militarily and economically, and the "masses" are profoundly divided and pitted against each other. The Dem voting base had long consisted of the masses -- poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, for the common good. The Clinton wing split this base wide apart during the B. Clinton administration, and the past years years have confirmed that this split is permanent.

This is why Democrats already lost 2016. The Dem Party is over, and we have no way of knowing what comes next. Not happy-talk, but that's the way it is.


There's much that we don't know about Trump, so it's hard to say. Trump/Clinton do appear to have strikingly similar ideologies. Both are believers in defining international relations in terms of military aggression. Unfortunately, the US has pursued war almost constantly, almost always by choice, for a full century already, and the international community have increasingly agreed the the US is the greatest threat to the survival of all life on Earth.

On economic policies: Many of us were paying attention when Bill Clinton ended actual welfare, took the first steps to similarly end Social Security, targeting the disabled. Those who followed this issue know why Hillary Clinton is the greatest threat to Social Security. -- the sole means of survival for the elderly poor and the disabled. Taking it a step further, we can note that the Clinton wing since the 1990s implemented more of the hard-right agenda than Republicans could have dreamed possible.


Obama has presided over the US at war every day of his tenure, and this will continue. He is unique in this respect among all presidents.

Ironic that he was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.


Nobel sick joke prize, for the current mass murderer in chief!


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Yes. The genocidal war against the indigenous people of the "Americas" has been going on for over 500 years, and arguably has not yet ended. The US installment is in its third century. Of course in the eyes of the Christian invaders, those natives were heretical savages, sub-human at best.

"An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States" by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Beacon Press, 2014


The Korean War hasn't officially ended but it hasn't continued either. We should officially end the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria & the drone strikes. The war in Afghanistan might go on long after Clinton or Trump leave the White House.


It should be called the Nobel War Prize!:sob::rage::japanese_goblin::ghost: