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Obama Marks Labor Day With New Order Expanding Paid Sick Leave


Obama Marks Labor Day With New Order Expanding Paid Sick Leave

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Barack Obama on Monday will issue an executive order expanding paid sick leave for federal contract employees and call on Congress to pass similar legislation, marking Labor Day with a speech at a morning rally in Boston, Massachusetts, where voters recently approved a more worker-friendly policy.


Wow! Paid sick leave. What a wonderful Idea. Obama is proving himself to have uniquely innovative ideas. He will, in his third term, also release half of the incarcerated US prison population. Oh wait, he only gets two shots at it. But he could always provide assistance to the Queen of Darkness when she takes the scepter of power.


Only seven years late, and seven trillion dollars short! He does tiny little things at the end of his presidency for working people when he should have been doing great things for working people right from the very beginning!


Tosses crumbs from the one hand to the little people while the other goes under the corporate desk for a particular "job".

Pardon the vulgar comment dear reader.


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If you actually listened to his speech, it was all jokes and silly quips about Republicans. This man has no real agenda. He promised to close Guantanamo the first day he was in office. He could have, as he's the Commander in Chief. He didn't, of course.

If throwing these crumbs to working people on "Labor Day" (should be on May 1) is all he has to offer up... I'm sure his handlers on Wall Street are laughing their asses off.


The hell with the sick leave just pay a living wage.


The Green Party is stuck in neutral.

...he wrote in his tribalist sucker kinda way, perfectly content with the crumbs of lowered expectations.


I like the headline of that...

United States Lags World in Paid Sick Days for Workers and Families



Nice reference. I was impressed by the breakdown. All the Anglo nations are last. First on spying on their populations and the world; last for compassion and the interests of the working class. Screw the British regency. Screw the Anglo core of Capitalism. The Anglo's still live in the dark ages. The establishment look down their noses at the scurvy toilers. The obsequious masses bow down to their regents.

I say what every clearheaded Irishman would say (not the quisling US Irish), "God fuk ther queen". The now dead empire still thrives through its raptor handmaiden across the Atlantic.


The cynicism is profound. It might just start to become rank enough that feel-good liberals will be forced to notice the contradiction. Then what'll they do? Don't count on 'em voting left.


Why not?

Obama has amazing hate for us, the American Worker. Not to mention the American Unemployed.
Just look at his championing the TPP (look it up)...


He does these tiny things (way too late I might add) for his legacy and for the Democrats to continue to have the White House. Wall Street and corporations actually prefer Democrats to Republicans. Democrats are better in fooling the public with all kind of social issues and good speeches. Republicans tell everyone outright how greedy they are. This gives rise to protests and revolts which the elites do not like.

Even the anti-war protests stopped dead in their tracts as soon as the peace president was elected. The wars which have been going on since do not count - they are all for peace and rescuing women and children. The only problem is that other nations are supposed to take in all these rescued women and children from our endless meddling.


It has nothing to do with hate. So far most people have simply pointed out the obvious. I have seen no hateful comments. In a free society one should be allowed to criticize one's idol if that idol messes up.


These comments are right on the mark- President Obama had a great opportunity to plant seeds and make real change. The first two years the democrats had control of the house and senate-and the senate should have thrown out the filibuster rules. They could have passed a minimum wage in 2009 that would take effect a few years down the road. They could have passed the meager laws the unions where asking for,but didn't. They could have passed real healthcare reform without using the senate filibuster as an excuse they needed to compromise.-People die everyday in this country from lack of real healthcare-the media could careless-Obama could careless.And why didn't the democrats do campaign finance reform in 2009? From Bush being installed as president to Obama's high flying meaningless rhetoric its not hard to understand why people are turned off and tuned out. As I listened to Biden's speech on labor day I thought who are you-have you been sitting next to Obama for the past six years? Bernie Sanders message is simple straight forward and connects the dots-he needs a very large megaphone.--The media keep talking about the large crowds Bernie Sanders is getting but little to no discussion about his message. And isn't it bizarre Hillary talks about the problems of today and Biden in his speech on labor day was very critical of our current economic situation-yet Obama,the media and wall street think everything is great. The great disconnect. Everyday I see homeless people-people with signs asking for help-people who look totally out of it-what kind of country have we become?