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Obama, Master of Diversion, Proposes Bogus Reforms of Militarized Police


Obama, Master of Diversion, Proposes Bogus Reforms of Militarized Police

Glen Ford
“It is the MISSION of the police that is lethal, racist, oppressive and unacceptable to Black America; the equipment and clothing is incidental.”


Translation: Racism will be conquered by targeting EVERYONE.


This issue very much like the suggestion all police wear body cameras as a way towards lowering the levels of violence against the citizen.

The use of body cams absolutely misses the point. If all that is preventing the police officer from killing a citizen is the body cam than the issue is the TYPES of persons that are Police officers. An officer of the law should never have in his or her mind a desire to KILL a citizen. It may in rare instances be required but in no way shape or form be a focus of policing.

This also applies to recruiting police officers that are racists. When a Police force becomes nothing more than a tool of oppression than the system itself at fault and not the types of equipment they are using. They RECRUIT these types because it a systemic problem and the powers that be want to continue the oppression.

Police departments WANT this militarized equipment because they feel it will enhance thier abilities to oppress and dominate the community. That desire is the issue and needs to be addressed.


Well… no. That isn’t correct, nor what Glen Ford wrote.

They will continue to primarily target poor black people (or even the infrequently encountered rich black person who doesn’t dress and groom impeccably and lose the dialect) - while treating even rather shady-looking whites (like those Texas bikers) with considerable deference.


I agree with Mr. Ford’s analysis of the underlying problem with policing, especially in Black and minority neighborhoods, but that doesn’t mean the militarization of the police doesn’t matter, or isn’t an evil.


My intent was to translate deep state’s intent. Sorry for the ambiguity.


“Substantive policy change” is at the root of the problem being discussed when you consider that throughout history racism rises and falls in sync with income and resource inequality.

Military hardware is irrelevant as we watch Obama give an anti racism speech or an anti income inequality speech as he rushes off to meetings with his corporate paymasters to assure them that his TPP and TTIP are in the bag. TPP and TTIP will exacerbate income and resource inequality more than any legislation in history, hence exacerbating racism, irrespective of what hardware the cops deploy.



“Translation: Racism will be conquered by targeting EVERYONE.”

is something that’s bound to happen sooner or later, if it hasn’t started already. Poor people, regardless of race, ethnicity and/or color often get nasty treatment at the hands of cops, generally.


Great article. Mr. Ford is always worth reading, for sure. As to body cameras; I think these are mirages, in the desert, to a suffering country literally dying of thirst. In a recent incident a police officer shot and killed a distraught and drunk young mother, off her meds, waving an unloaded .22 caliber vintage rifle. He shot while laying down in the front yard so the camera recorded nothing. The worst part is a live-in boyfriend had called, reported her episode and told the dispatcher and officers there were no bullets anywhere in the house. None, as in zero. A co-worker of mine and his wife were good friends of this woman, her boyfriend and the children. I won’t finish this because you can guess the rest, probably. I can say that the police lost a lot of trust and support, over this sad affair, from the very people they need to be able to do their job. This woman was not black. She was just poor, very stressed out at home and at work, and in need of real community support. Now, unfortunately, her two children do. After all the speechifying and posturing is over, we are left with the job and duty to find a much better path towards justice for all. Or, we’re all just screwed in this country.


I do believe it was Janet Napolitano, aka “Big Sis”, director of Homeland Security from 2009-2013, that made excess military gear available to local police departments. She also deputized all law enforcement officers as agents of the Dept of Homeland Security. Could she have done this without the express consent of President Obama? I don’t see how, but maybe she did. Shouldn’t be to hard to roll back her initiative.


Although the Obama Administration accelerated it, Federal funding and equipping of local police forces was well under way during Dubya’s Regime, concurrent with repositioning the US Army’s Northern Command from a global force to a domestic military unit dedicated to “addressing domestic disturbances”.

As more of the 99% push back against corporate and government oppression, the militarized local cops and national guard are deployed, and if reinforcements are needed the Northern Command and other available US Army units are available for backup.


They are racist and misogynistic and there is a connection to both forms of hatred.



It worth pointing out that when claiming racism or misogyny in a given group people will counter with “well there are black police officers and women on the police force so how can they be those things” ?

This an age old tactic on the part of the oppressor class. They compromise the few so as to help maintain the system and give it the air of legitimacy.

I will often use the examples of first nations peoples being used as guides to help track down and kill members of other tribes by the US Military. This hardly domonstrated that the policy of the Government against the Native peoples was not racist.

Among any group will always be found people that embrace hate more then justice and among any group there will always be a number who want a paycheque more than anything else.


You best re-examine that police account from Waco. It chock full of falsehoods according to other sources

As it turns out.

There was no brawl in the restaurant and no one was shot there.

The fight was in the parking lot.

There were no persons injured or killed by bullets fired from bikers guns.

All eight of the people killed were killed by police fire.

All 27 of the people injured were injured by police fire,.

There no evidence the police fired upon.

Police statement made to the media does not match the contents of the affidavit later filed with the justice system


Why were the police so friendly to the bikers once the shooting was over?


I got no idea but the entire original police account was fabricated. The police showed up and started shooting.


I think you’re absolutely right about the fabrication by the police. But, the local and state, possibly Feds, knew IN ADVANCE and WERE THERE beforehand in the mall area. 8 of the 9 killed were Kossacks ( a affiliated with Hells Angels ), not Bandidos, whose turf the " meet and greet " /s, was held on. A pox on all these groups, including the police state, as they give the concept of being " a man " a bad name. End of this story; I hope so, but I doubt it. Time for a shower, uhh…


In a rare concession to peace seekers Emperor Palpatine has ordered that the Death Star be painted pink.



"Limited studies suggest that even black police officers are biased against blacks-which means we have to address poverty, lack of decent jobs, and general lack of social opportunity before we can hope for progress with crime rates in impoverished neighborhoods, but the killing has to stop first!

is totally spot-on, armybrat, but the only way that the overall conditions that breed for so much crime in severely impoverished neighborhoods, and to bring a halt to the killings, is for a radical change in the very structure of our society.


“What we need is a citizen/civilian review board with teeth-and closer scrutiny of the psychological profiles of police recruits (not to mention the nut-cases now on duty) to weed out the psychos, machos, etc.-and also a change in training to emphasize the protection of citizens over “force protection”–police work is not supposed to be safe (they can always work at McD’s or bag groceries.”"

is also very spot-on. The need for a civilian review board, or at least a Civilian overseer in police departments throughout the United States is very great; Civilian review boards and/or Civilian overseers are an absolute necessity in police departments throughout the United States, to make cops and police departments, generally, accountable, if one gets the drift.

Thanks for an excellent post overall, armybrat. Way to go!



“All laws are enforced by threat of deadly force. Trained killers serve this function well.”

is something that really shouldn’t be, imho. The fact that the police in the United States are militarized in so many places here in the USA is a total disgrace…and needs to stop.