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Obama: Opponents of Iran Deal are Warmongers


Obama: Opponents of Iran Deal are Warmongers

Juan Cole

Lame duck Obama pulls no punches. In his major address Wednesday on the Vienna deal reached with Iran, Obama let his critics have it.


John (Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran) McCain was the alternative. Although I’m not an acolyte, Pres. Obama has kept more of the powder in the bag and not on the battlefield. Nevertheless, I yearn for peace.


These pro-diplomacy words from Obama remind me of a fireman lecturing a family on safety concerns after the house has burned down.

And Obama would have a LOT more moral currency if he was not the orchestrator of continuous Drone Campaigns against innocent civilians in Afghanistan and nearby regions.

And as to this comment:

“This situation is very bad– you never want your debt to equal your GDP, and it has already hurt the US credit rating.”

I can’t think of a more amoral pragmatic yardstick upon which to gauge these ongoing war horrors. Credit Rating? How about inevitable karmic blowback? How about the costs of D.U., imploded infrastructure, legions of refugees, orphans, and widows?

Also: Strangely enough, the tropical Island of Puerto Rico has a phenomenal rain deficit. Its rain forest is in slow stages of dying. I was told that the sands from the Middle East are blowing over to the Caribbean and blocking the atmosphere from producing rain clouds.

It’s amazing how events thousands of miles away boomerang to other regions.


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So now his presidency is run he can be a saviour of both the global climate and also peace in the Middle East, just for history.

Well done, Barak old chap! You will certainly go down in history.


And this is from WaPo (not that I’m a fan):

Meanwhile, other countries are lining up to broker deals with Iran, and the U.S. sits on its haunches bickering.
The loudest voice against this deal is nutty-yahoo, who has been screaming for decades that Iran is going to get “the bomb”. Meantime, here sits Israel with a vast nuclear arsenal and NOT a signator to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, along with N. Korea, Pakistan and one or two others.
I’d like to see O broker a deal similar to the one they just did with Iran, with Israel. You know, on-site inspections, accountability, repercussions, consequences. But, I’m dreaming…
I am happy that, finally, the millions of Iraqi lives lost were mentioned and acknowledged, not that it will ever bring them back.
Illegal invasions and illegal occupations, war-mongering and saber-rattling is not the answer. Diplomacy is. I’ll take the baby steps, at least it’s in the right direction…away from the PNAC.


Well, Juan is just stating the financials, here. A war with Iran will sink the feeble safety net for 80 million USAins. This deal is a no-brainer for anyone who cares about our country. Unless, of course, you liked The Weimar Republic and wheel barrows full of money swapped for a month’s supply of food. No, Ohbummer doesn’t need a vote but it is certainly separating some wheat and some chaff in regards to the future foreign policy direction of this country. Does anyone really think the Palestinians will get a better deal if this is tipped over? Please explain how.


I didn’t understand your response. I don’t think you read my entire post, that’s why I didn’t reply.
I posted the link about all the freshman congress critters going to Israel, because Israel is trying to throw a monkey wrench into this deal and they’re pulling out all the stops.
I didn’t mention anything about the Palestinians, who have been getting a terribly raw deal since the Balfour agreement in 1917. That would be an entirely different conversation.
I’m not sure what you read, but I thought my post was pretty clear.
I am new to posting here, but I’ve been reading CD, along with many other alternative websites for well over 15 years. As I’ve stated previously, my political views are “left of tree hugging”. I don’t like to put people in boxes and put “labels” on them, well, except for maybe the repugnants that want to bring us back to the dark ages. :wink:
But, I do think it’s important that people make an effort to use their critical thinking skills and question virtually everything, without throwing punches or name calling.