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Obama Pilloried for Playing the 'How You Gonna Pay for It?' Card on Progressive Agenda

Obama Pilloried for Playing the 'How You Gonna Pay for It?' Card on Progressive Agenda

Julia Conley, staff writer

Former President Barack Obama on Monday night cautioned freshman members of the U.S. House against pushing for broadly popular, sweeping reforms by suggesting that voters will reject progressive policies due to their supposed high costs—despite evidence to the contrary.


I can see now that Trump is a definite winner of the next election. Probably will bring many of his party with him. The Democratic Party is dead in the water and if we try to preserve it, we will all drown.


shame shame on him, he should just keep his mouth shut, he is no role model for today’s representatives and senators. He never was one who really gave a damn about those who had nothing. so glad I never voted for him when I first learned that he took money from the nuclear industry when he ran from Illinois. ugh. Nothing but a shill for neoliberalism and those with wealth and power. ugly


Well said. I, also, was awake and didn’t buy into his rap when he first ran for Prez. Too bad the EX-presidents don’t just disappear after their terms, eh?


So should we give up and accept that corporate America has won? Or should we resort to a violent overthrow of the government and start shooting everyone that disagrees with us?
If the Democratic party were “dead in the water”, would AOC and Tlaib and Ilhan have been elected? Would Bernie Sanders be running for the Democratic pick next year? Would millions of Progressives be joining the Democratic party rank and file if they didn’t believe that it was possible to elect people like AOC?
We MUST continue our peaceful takeover of the Democratic Party if we want to seize power from the establishment. We must also join the fight rather than retreat with cries like “we’ve lost already” or “You can’t take on Wall Street”. The dozens of countries that are more well developed and advanced than the U.S. all had similar hurdles before they established a functioning democracy. The same is possible here in the U.S. if we can unite and resist.
As for Trump being re-elected, I agree that he is the front runner, but only if the Progressives fail in 2020 to get their choice to run against Trump and his criminal cabal. Defeatism and despair will do nothing to achieve this noble goal.


"Incremental Change." The Duopoly’s Mantra.

Before you ever support another single Duopoly politician, remember the "$1.5 Trillion Tax Scam.

They all benefitted from that.

Was “that” incremental change?


President Obama is still on the Wall Street payroll. It was part of his ‘book signing bonus’ to be a spokesperson for the Establishment or else risk his financial security for supporting the 99%. He made his choice, but we can make our choice to ignore him.


What a perfect microcosm of his utter failure as a president. Think about the absurdity of this argument. It basically says, “Okay, we are facing extinction and on the path to completely destroy the environment, but aren’t you just a little concerned about inflation?”. That is the level of stupidity of this argument, and he is too smart to not know otherwise. This is why we have Trump. He, until Bernie came along, represented about the farthest you can go in regards to policy, and look at the shape of the country, infrastructure, the environment, our democracy. What was his policy vision that actually solved our largest problems? What actual alternatives did he offer? What structural problems did he show any interest in? Even in Flint, look how much he publicly embarrassed himself. In case you haven’t seen the clip that Moore had in Fahrenheit 11/9 of Obama at the press conference on Flint, watch it. Cringe inducing, and telling.

Please, go back to surfing with Richard Branson. Maybe he will give you a call back when he is done working with fascist coup plotters in Venezuela.


How many here at Common Dreams voted for Obama?

How do you reconcile what he is now saying?

Obama may have been our first black president, but he was also the second blue dog president.

Opportunity to be a transformative president wasted.


Comes easy for me, SC. I’ve been doing that since he first appeared on the scene and…cough…“earned” his Nobel Prize.


I’ve always referred to Obama as a “black Bill Clinton”. This is the same kind of talk and (lack of) policies that you will get with “the old, white Obama”, uncle Joe.



We have no problem borrowing from the next generation for more wars and tax cuts for billionaires, but for something like the Green New Deal that will benefit them-we can’t do it?


Ya do know that Sanders would have won in the general election in 2016, don’t ya?


Obama started the Venezuela sanctions, I’m sure he is giving Branson pointers. For a small percentage mind you.


I agree with your overall point, but we aren’t borrowing from anyone. We issue bonds after spending is determined in order for the central bank to meat its targeted interest rate. The federal government doesn’t need to borrow or tax in order to spend at all. If we wanted to, we could eliminate what is called federal debt pretty quickly. I don’t know why we would, and financial capital wouldn’t like it, but we could. We use bonds like we do because we still create money like we did when we were on the gold standard, and we are no longer on the gold standard.

Not trying to divert the conversation, but it is an important thing to bring up. The federal government doesn’t really borrow in the way people think it does, which is what makes this comment even worse than people think. The federal government is the only institution in the world that can create our physical money, so it obviously doesn’t need to borrow a currency only it can create. If it wants to spend on something, it can. Spending is determined by those we vote into office, and we are crumbling as a society because of the decisions they (and people like Obama) have made.


Obama was a sell out, pure and simple. He should have fallen on his sword if he were unsuccessful in battling moneyed interests, but chose not to. This is one of the reasons the Establishment always insists on presidents having a spouse and children… you can always threaten them in case the President is principled and runs against the grain. Personally I have nothing against Obama, but we must all recognize that he was a weak and ineffectual President who was in way too deep to bring about positive change for the country.
Sanders, AOC, Tlaib and Ilhan have much stronger characters than Obama and we will need a lot more of them to possibly ‘fall on their sword’ before we finally achieve freedom from corporate servitude. The political arena requires strong moral leadership and that’s why the aforementioned Progressives will be demonized, ignored, sabotaged and discredited to keep the status quo intact, but we can never surrender!


I saw after his first year that the “hope & change” was bullshit. Voted for Jill Stein in 2012 AND 2016.

I live in Ar so my vote BOTH times was a “protest” vote.


Obama was an abysmal disappointment as POTUS and he is still one today. If he had been merely a “victim” of Republican obstructionism (as so many of his neoliberal defenders claim) throughout his 8 years as president he would have had ample opportunity to show his liberal colors now that he is retired. But he has continued to sing the praises of the establishment status quo, as his primary goal in retirement has been to grow his personal wealth and jet-set with the rich and famous

I shudder to think what a powerful force for the progressive movement he, and his wife as well, could be if he had the guts and the integrity to stand alongside of Bernie and every other progressive candidate instead of defending the DNC and this crony capitalist system that is has taken us to the brink of national and global ruin.