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Obama Pilloried for Playing the 'How You Gonna Pay for It?' Card on Progressive Agenda

He did okay things, but he was overall a pretty bad president. Not just on policy, not just on lacking any real solutions to our problems (our problems are structural, so it makes no sense to assume the roots of our economy and society should stay in place as is), but also because his party got utterly wiped out during his time in office. If he had actual solutions, there would have been something to build on that was sustainable. If he provided actual solutions, we would have an actual path forward, something to organize around. Bernie provides that, he never did, and the qualitative difference is massive.


I voted Cynthia Mckinney, after reading Candidate Obama’s web page it was clear he was a “moderate Repub” like he claimed.


Many of us voted for Jill Stein (myself included) but we all knew that she had no chance of winning. However, just like you, I couldn’t vote for a corporate chosen candidate (like HRC or Obama) as I would be directly contributing to the mess we’re in now.
Most Americans were never even introduced to Jill Stein, much less her ideology, but this is to be expected by the mainstream media. I am also sure though that if Progressives can seize control of the Democratic Party, for the first time in American history the 99% would have someone with their best interests in mind occupying the Oval Office. If we end up with another imposter like Joe Biden, Wassermann or Pelosi, then I will once again vote for the likes of Jill Stein and an independent party. It’s all we can do… short of violent revolution.


Which were some of the OK things he did? Open Anwar for drilling Twice, Hire Hillary, I’m at a lost to find some policy that truly changed anything. He did give pretty speechs.


I voted for him in 08 thinking naively that a ‘mandate’ might make more progressive change possible. I lost faith in anything positive happening a few months later. Stein in 12 (but in CA, just a protest vote). It wasn’t till late second term with the Iran deal and Cuba opening that I thought I saw anything positive (I guess the CAFE improvements were good too). All of this evaporated because he was inept at getting Clinton elected (Thomas Frank has the perfect analysis on this if you ask me).

I didn’t need this recent comment from Obama to change my mind on him - that happened long ago.

Now as far as real constructive criticism would go - it might not be a bad idea to learn messaging techniques (e.g. George Lakoff) to make sure the most uninformed voter understands that if Government expenditure goes up but private expenditure goes down more, that is a good thing for everyone not in the top 20% or so (who will stand to lose, the higher in that group, the more you’ll lose - heck I’m in that group and I know I’ll probably end up paying more, but I’ll take the benefit of getting rid of the complexity bullshit and not being part of a bullshit society that won’t help its citizens from going bankrupt because of a health issue). We should be trumpeting any government successes we can, because the opposition will hammer that just because other countries can do it, we can’t because our government is inept (funny how this side likes to claim they love America the most isn’t it?)


He still has a chance to redeem himself, but he has clearly decided to embrace Wall Street for the financial benefits he receives for Wall Street allegiance. This the biggest reason that he must be relegated to the long list of failed Presidents and be tagged as yet another corporate lackey that chose money over principles.


Hey space, sorry I took your name (did not know).

Our time is limited and being patient doesn’t cut it anymore. I admire your optimism but I am just too old to share it with you. The first thing that my new progressive rep Pressley did when she beat a seasoned liberal in the election here in Massachusetts was to vote for Pelosi as speaker. Obama who was supposed to be a progressive merely turned out to be a supporter of the MIC. We need a new party or people to run as independents and free themselves from the shackles of the entrenched immoral corporate values of the Democratic Party.

Obama is paving the way for his good buddy Biden to run, you can forget about Sanders.

Just a prediction (musings). I HOPE I’m wrong.


“We”? Who is “We”? ‘We the people’ have no say in things like starting wars or granting even more tax cuts for billionaires. “We” also have virtually no input in our failed attempts to pass bills like the Green New Deal or Medicare-for-all. It is corporate America and their hand picked cronies in Washington that are pumping our tax dollars into the MIC, Big Oil and Big Pharma pretending that it is “We” who told them to make it so.


Obama is finished and done. He blew it big time and like Tony Blair, they are both doomed the rest of their days trying to convince the public that their time in office wasn’t just a waste. It hasn’t worked for Blair and it won’t work for Obama.

What I have seen over the last few weeks, with the collapse of Russia, Russia, Russia, the continued failure of congressional leadership, the myopic rule changes by the DCCC and the DNC, is a democratic establishment is complete crisis mode. They look like a corpse on life support and they hoped Obama could sprinkle a little bit of magic pixy dust. It clearly won’t work.

The democratic establishment is starting to recognize how truly awful they are. They offer nothing, have no aspirations and provide no effective leadership. They are powerless to stop the populist movements swelling from below. More and more, not only do I believe, but I think the establishment believes that progressives like Bernie will wipe the floor with them. You can see and I bet Biden is already rethinking his leadership plans. This presidential election is ours to win and win we must.


He was good at applying band-aids, I guess. And giving nice speeches full of empty platitudes. The problem with those band-aids was that our body politic and our entire economic system were in need of major surgery. Granted, he could not have done much that was boldly progressive, given the extent of Republican obstructionism, but he not only didn’t try or use the bully pulpit to inspire the people, he simply caved from the get-go and shifted rightward to appease those Republicans he should have been resisting instead of appeasing.


More “fake news” is a 2 year old picture of Obama is shown for an event that took place yesterday evening. Whats the matter? Were there no pictures or CSPAN coverage allowed last night? If that’s the case then that sounds like censorship worthy of the POTUS, If that is not so then how come Nancy and company didn’t arrange for photographic coverage? Either way it sounds like more equivalency between POTUS and his “loyal opposition”. What a joke ether way!

‘How You Gonna Pay for It?’
The same way you fund the bottomless military budget.
Manufactured money.
Budget priorities.


Except for Jimmy Carter who is the only President who has worked for good rather than just grabbing the Golden Ring and enriching himself. Carter was a far better ex-President than he was a President.


Actually, The Green New Deal will cost less than ignoring the problem.

The question people should be asking is “How can you not pay for it?”


He could have done much more as you go on to say. The Bully Pulpit is a big deal. FDR used it way the hell better than Obama ever tried. If he had tried a truly progressive track off the bat (I don’t believe he wanted to - I now think he was always a fraud) he could have kept the House and Senate perhaps.


I backed Dr. Jill Stein, but not being selected I knew she had no chance, but to me, the people that voted for Obama is irrelevant and a moot point because he was selected before he was elected.


The vast majority of Democrats are in denial about Obama.
If Obama was so wonderful, how did we end up with Trump ??


So you link to the article on the candidates who ‘support’ it and they put Tulsi as the only Democrat who isn’t on board. They fail to mention she isn’t on board because she has already submitted a stronger bill that isn’t ‘vague.’

I hate propaganda that distorts the truth by only reporting part of the truth.

Plus you know all those centrist may have signed on, but it’s no more sincere than Harris not going to AIPAC but still meeting with them, or Hillary Goddamn Clinton saying she’s now against her own TPP, or Warren saying she’s for Medicare for All but maybe we should also consider Medicare for America.

“What do you think? A man had two sons; he went to the first and said, ‘Son, go and work in the vineyard today.’ He answered, ‘I will not’; but later he changed his mind and went. The father went to the second and said the same; and he answered, ‘I go, sir’; but he did not go. Which of the two did the will of his father?” They said, “The first.” Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are going into the kingdom of God ahead of you. ~Matthew 21:28-31


The Beto just signed up OhBummer’s 2012 campaign mgr. to head his primary run; Ms. Dillon cited The Beto’s " no labels " unifying approach to running the country in the next decade, and beyond. Translation: The Beto plans to be as big " an empty suit company man " as our POTUS 44 was.
A real unifer, OhBummer took a Democratic blue wave and turned it into a Republican slurry pond, in just 24 months. He was without a doubt the worst Democratic POTUS since Woodrow Wison.
Follow the advice of President Ohbysmal at your peril, freshman legislators. He’s a sure thing to keep the Dimocrats a minority party for a long time.
BTW- Ms. Dillon is a veteran official of the DNC and knows the byzantine procedural rules of that exclusive club. The Beto is signalling he’ll be catering to the demands of the bundlers and lobbying forces who snatch defeat from the jaws of progress, every damn time.
No thanks, OhBummer. Now, go on take the money and run ( away ), please.


BINGO! Just once I would like to hear someone in Congress say: " How are we going to pay for the military and Pentagon budget"?