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Obama Plans All-Out TPP Push, Provoking Progressive Outrage


Obama Plans All-Out TPP Push, Provoking Progressive Outrage

Nika Knight, staff writer

In defiant opposition to this election's anti-trade sentiment, President Barack Obama is provoking progressive outrage with events around the country in an "all-out push," as Politico puts it, to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) during the upcoming lame-duck session of Congress.


There are two things that politicians can't stand:
1.Being caught in a lie.
2.Being pressured by the public.

Write, call, and in every way possible contact every serving politician to register your disgust with the TPP and with Obama.

In an election year most politicians will pay attention.

Do it today! Don't delay!


Mr. Trump is just plain awful, and this trash is worse.


"In my view, it is now time for the leadership of the Democratic Party​ in the Senate and the House to join Secretary Clinton and​ go on the record in opposition to holding a vote on this job-killing trade deal during the lame-duck session of Congress and beyond," Sanders said.

That's all you can muster Sanders? You seriously pretend that the person who screwed you over, and spent two years collecting payola cash to the tune of $29,000 per day, and who obviously has no real opposition whatsoever to TPP is the person that the "leadership of the Democratic Party in the Senate and the House" must "join"?

They'll join her alright, but not in the way that you, kind of suggest. So much for that passion and fury.

Translate "and beyond" for us, with your self-censoring Clinton mind meld. Would that be, maybe, a few weeks after her inauguration?

Yes, I give Sanders a lot of credit, blah blah blah, but this self-censoring against his own "revolution" just really fries this Chickens mind. (hurry, sprinkle some herbs on my fried chicken brains)


Trump would not stand for such loser status for long.

No I didn't just defend Clinton, or Obama.


I wonder how these corporate robots justify their actions in their own minds in order to sleep. Of course I'm talking about the tiny, tiny minority of them that are not sociopaths or psychopaths. We are really and truly f*cked it feels like. Also, since the Pentagon recognizes climate change for the very real threat it is, do you think there will ever come a time when the politician's inaction on climate will foster a military coup?


Biden correctly refers to TPP as a new world order in which multi-nationals will rules the world.


This treasonous trade bill will be Obama's legacy alright, along with his kill list and drone's, lies and campaign corruption approval of Clinton.
To me he is one of the worst presidents this country has ever seen. He smiles in our faces, lies about his true political ideology, and sells us out to International Corporate Globalization. Ya, he's one of the worst, along with Bill and Hillary Clinton.
With Democrats like this why are worried about Trump so much? Both will destroy the remaining progressive changes in this country and both will smile and lie and tell you it's good for you.
I am dreading Clinton but will sure be glad when this sell out pig is no longer on my television.


Yep, like the gold capstone on the pyramid this will put in place the New World Order as the rulers of the planet. With not a shot fired they will rule with economics.


I have not an ounce of respect left for Obama. He will go down in history as one of the worst, along with Hoover, Reagan and both Bushes.


Meet the new corporate sellout, same as the old - Clinton and Obama both follow on the heels of NAFTA Billary, and ALL of them are corporate war-whore sellouts of the most deceitful contemptible sort! This damn rubbish is all so infuriating from these MoFo's!

Guess what pigs - You are handing the election to the idiot Trump and his brand of evil sellout because people will only tolerate so many betrayals and lies from politicians! Frack you all!

JILL STEIN for the Common-Good and honesty!


Here is Bernie on the TPPA. It is well worth the 23 minutes of watching:


Democrats and Republicans seem split on this issue. This is a democracy so let Obama make his case and let the opponents of the TPP make their case. That is the way democracy is supposed to be. My guess is the opponents of the TPP are going to win. Paul Ryan claims it does not have enough votes in the House to pass the TPP. I would rather see Obama go around the country trying to stop the wannabe dictator Trump then do this TPP nationwide campaign.


The House has nothing to do with this. Only the Senate ratifies international treaties. You might have known that if you didn't spend all of your time as a paid trolling Hillary shill.


Bernie, ya coulda been a contender, you coulda been somebody! - Instead you let it slip thru - and millions will pay the price.

Whatever lies they told - whatever threats they made - whatever worthless promises, I guess now you really see that the Clinton's are both evil and utter sellouts - that nothing they say can be believed even a little, just like the contemptible progressive fraud sellout Barack Obama - but you knew that all along........

Vote Jill Stein - a decent human being unlike all of the DINO/NeoLiberal/NeoCon corporate whores!


Gee, we can always hope.


Sorry, Genedebs, but you are wrong on this one. It has to pass both houses of Congress. It is NOT officially a treaty.


Beg your pardon, I'm the only paid troll here. Leave LRX alone. He is entirely sincere in his strenuous reaching to bridge the chasm this site exposes. The few bucks to be made trolling here are just not enough for more than one troll.


The one thing slime ball Obama, and the rest of his child killing, planet destroying cabal understand is money. When they lose big chunks of money, you got their attention.


Health insurance companies are pulling out of the state exchanges of the ACA, leaving Obama's signature "achievement" on life support and demonstrating the flawed approach he took.

Now he wants to pass TPP which goes into effect after he leaves office.

Get ready to demonstrate at all of these events. No on TPP! No on Obama!