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Obama Pledged to Stop the Afghanistan War, But Its End is Nowhere in Sight


Obama Pledged to Stop the Afghanistan War, But Its End is Nowhere in Sight

Ali Gharib

President Obama on Thursday proclaimed to be against endless wars, even as he announced that the US will continue to wage one.


It takes concentrated amounts of shuck and jive supported by a mass media that cheerleads for war to bamboozle a public this long over such a sustained tribute to violence, inanity, insanity, and waste on every conceivable level ranging from the sacred to the concrete & material.

The leader has to put on a straight face while lecturing the public, on the one hand, about the rule of law and the ideal of spreading freedom while presiding over a modern equivalent of cascading carnage, a continuous path of murder and ecocide... bringing to mind the way Sherman once pillaged and plundered everything in his maniacal path.


When is Bernie Sanders going to promise to pull all the US troops and the so-called 'contractors' out of Afghanistan?


People and Presidents who have not served in the military try to compensate for their possible cowardlce by being solicitous towards it.

To the generals, "when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."


I'm so sick of Obama and his honeyed bullshit...


The Russians must be laughing their socks off.


To paraphrase an old adage, "How do you know when a politician is lying? When their lips are moving", always seems to be true.


Lest anyone is thinking of putting on an imitation straight face for this year's Halloween mask, this grim photo of the terrible tension endured by our overlords captures the strain: locked jaws, clenched chins steeled and impregnable, imposing as mighty fortresses, lips zippered, then glued, then wired. So nobody's sayin' nothin' . . . .


We are left to question the conscience of Obama and the cabal that will continue the suffering of the Afghan people in this war of discretion.

So like LBJ and Vietnam; we kill them in order to save them.

Obama sometimes quotes Dr. King, when it can selectively benefit him. Dr. King clearly stated his position on US wars of discretion in his major address in NYC on April 4, 1967:

"War is not the answer."

It's still true in 2015.


Clearly you have never followed the votes of Hillary Clinton....


Barry was shown the Zapruder film again by Pentagon briefers....he got the message.