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Obama Privately Considered Leading 'Stop-Bernie Campaign' to Combat Sanders 2020 Surge: Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/26/obama-privately-considered-leading-stop-bernie-campaign-combat-sanders-2020-surge


I suppose Rahm Emmanuel is one of his advisors. You know - the $6million dollar man or whatever he made that one year on Wall Street.

“From lofty heights, Obama has now become a dampener of hope, a barrier to change, and a threat to progress.” No - he always was all of that and he has just taken off the mask he was wearing while President.


‘Privately’, the wall street neoliberals said: ‘Jug Ears, you got to help us keep the free loot we amassed during your administration’.


CNN is following Bloomberg to AZ, confirming who pays their salaries.


If Obama discourages black voters from supporting Bernie, he will have a considerable effect. Many of them erroneously believe he acted on their behalf when he was president. In fact, he did nothing to end incarceration nation or to make education available to all.


Is anyone honestly surprised?


True, the man behind the mask. I posted many times before Obama was made POTUS that he had been selected before we were allowed to elect him. " President Obama was selected before he was elected and is accountable to those who selected him. Why do you think the big three financial institutions were bailed out?" Reverend Wright.


Of course the founder of Politico was a far right wing operator for and in the Ronald Reagan Administration.
While this report may be true, the fact it is being promoted by Politico begs the question, why now? Sowing division in the Democratic base which is strongly African American, is one of the goals of the enemy.


It is normal for him to support his VP in a presidential bid. Abnormal to join the infighting among party members. Classless act.


Obama said privately that if Democrats rallied around her as their nominee it would be a repudiation of him—a clear sign that his economic decisions after the Great Recession had been seen as inadequate

Well duh! His ‘economic decisions’ were inadequate – proof: “I’m the only thing between you and the pitchforks,” and we all realize a big part of the reason the prictator is now killing this country is in large part due to the obadrone’s ‘presidential behavior’* (meant as the insult it should be!)

edit: In a nod to modeforjoe I believe ‘presidential behavior’ should be despicable behavior!


Cudos, I’ve said this many times since he said those words G-D-A.

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I would say he actually made it worse – especially for blacks.


Of course he did! Obama is and never was a 'progressive". He used progressives and our issues to get elected then immediately betrayed us and our issues!

The essence of his regime was service to the security/police state, for-profit wars, lack of any real environmental action and protections for The Wild - he is the worst sort of swine that lied and deceived, but talked a good game - read lies!

His betrayal of the Dem/progressive/independent majority shows his contempt for the Common Good to serve bankers and wall street and war and big-money - as he did screwing us all on health care reform!

Screw him for his corrupt craven tenure, rotten lying scumbag oreo!


“. . . Obama said privately that if Democrats rallied around [Warren] as their nominee it would be a repudiation of him—a clear sign that his economic decisions after the Great Recession had been seen as inadequate[.]”

Imagine! A notorious war criminal being repudiated for inadequate economic decisions! Inconceivable!


obama’s administration was a disaster for poor black men in particular. but you’re right, he’s revered almost as a demi-god in too many circles in the black community, especially it’s small but fairly well-off middle class.

obama can very much hurt Sanders, if anything by screwing up the primaries.

but inasmuch as barry’s still hauling in enormous amounts of bling from wall st from his efforts for them, he’s going to continue to function as their public relations font.


I like your choice of words…yes despicable!


Most of the commentators on these threads are “street smart” but if anyone is honestly surprised, please contact me, an Alaskan resident who has a bridge for sale.


Shame on members of the DNC saying such a thing. I am troubled that Sanders and myself supported the two campaigns of Obama. I regret my past support of Obama, as he seems in the pocket of Wall Street and corporate run America.
Senator Bernie Sanders is the only candidate earning my respect, my volunteerism, my donations, and my vote in 2020. Sanders’ commitment to the American people has not waivered. My support for Sanders will not waiver.


How far have we sunk with Bush and trump. Obama was ten times the man and politician, yet we have so much disdain for him. What does that say for those other two?

Bernie or bust.


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