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Obama Promised Open Government, But Hasn’t Delivered Yet


Obama Promised Open Government, But Hasn’t Delivered Yet

Elizabeth Hempowicz

President Obama took office promising to usher in an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability in the federal government.

Back in 2009, when he said federal agencies “should take affirmative steps to make information public,” he promised that the administration would make openness a centerpiece of its agenda.

But as the curtain closes on Obama’s second term, many of his lofty promises remain unfulfilled.


Sorry to dash your hopes, Elizabeth, but most of Obama's time during his remaining months in office is scheduled for promoting some of his least transparent projects: Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and his other "trade deals" that will empower corporations to make the internet and everything else even less transparent.

As for your allegations of Obama controlling the revolving door, his administration is populated with at least as many corporate operatives as any president during the past 30 years. It makes me dizzy just thinking about how many trips through the revolving door Affordable Care Act (ACA) author Liz Fowler has made.

If you want transparency, help Sanders get elected, as in please spend the next two weeks burning the soles of your shoes off helping Bernie win in California.


I've been transported to The Onion.


Cluck cluck cluck!!!!!!!


Poppycock .


He has not walked his talk and it is too late to Hope for any Change.