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Obama Promised Transparency on Drones, But We're Still in the Dark


Obama Promised Transparency on Drones, But We're Still in the Dark

Matthew Spurlock

Targeted killings have been a central part of U.S. national security strategy for more than a decade, but the American public still knows scandalously little about who the government kills, and why. Today we're filing a new lawsuit in our continuing fight to fix that.


Sooo … we have an “intelligence” agency, not under military command, operating a secret air force of flying killer robots. This essentially comprises a secret Executive killing system.

Decisions on matters of summary execution are made by a de facto “Star Chamber” by a process we are forbidden to know. We are assured of the pinpoint accuracy of the robots, but 35 pounds of high explosives, no matter how precisely targeted, is not a surgical instrument.

We are also assured that the most stringent measures are in place to ensure no “civilians” are killed, all while defining “militants” as, essentially, any male “of military age,” say … twelve, and while we (hesitantly) admit to “signature strikes,” killing people whose names we don’t even know because they look like they’re doing “something,” Which is an admission that we are NOT being “precise” and doing all we can to eliminate civilian deaths.

We have entered upon an age that only a few decades ago was the stuff of science fiction.


I recently participated in and was arrested at the Shut Down Creech event at Creech AFB which is drone central in the US. It was surreal to have the drones taking off and landing a few hundred yds away from our positions as we handed out information to the drone pilots arriving and leaving their shifts. Fortunately, the Air Force is having difficulty keeping drone pilots. Simply not that many psychopaths willing to kill innocent children from 7000 miles away. Drones behead, immolate, and blow innocent people into a thousand bloody pieces. That, and with every drone strike launched, it creates more people willing to cause harm to the US… which is the point. That, and the obscene profits from the making and arming of drones…

Veterans For Peace


This is just more Obama bashing. Obama promised to make drones more transparent, not more transparency on drones.

Now drone are flying around every day, intercepting your cell phone and computer communications. Ever see any of 'em?


Obama kept his promise!


re: in the Dark

except we’re not. We can’t pretend not to know that the Executioner-in-Chief has murdered thousands of people around the glove, with no due process.


Transparency seems to be a word that the President has trouble understanding.


Drone murders are simply terrorism on a bigger budget. And that is why there never can be any transparency from Obama. Kind of like saying transparency on suicide bombers. " This essentially comprises a secret Executive killing ( read terrorism ) system."