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Obama Pushed to Pardon Snowden Before Leaving Office


Obama Pushed to Pardon Snowden Before Leaving Office

Nika Knight, staff writer

Edward Snowden's lawyer is renewing a push for clemency for the famous NSA whistleblower from the White House before President Barack Obama leaves office in January.

He is unlikely to receive a more receptive hearing from Hillary Clinton, who has said he shouldn't be allowed to return without "facing the music."
New York Magazine


Even if he does, Snowden will be killed or imprisoned and that will be the last any of us will hear about it again due to media blackout.


This is reminding me of the push we gave Bill Clinton to pardon Leonard Peltier and he did not. Will Obama, his understudy, find it in himself to pardon Snowden, not to mention the long suffering Peltier?


Snowden has no chance of returning to the USA without being in prison for the rest of his life. Also, because of the empire’s reach, he probably will not be safe in any nation other than Russia.


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Please show in righteous words and action that you have some compassion by pardoning a true American hero, Mr. Edward Snowden – who has benefited our nation (and our world) by revealing vitally important truths to the common people, in defense of Democracy!


Thanks for mentioning Leonard Peltier Giovanna, its been far too long for him to remain a political prisoner.
Lets remember who Bill Clinton and Hillary - they were and are a team! - chose to pardon the fugitive financier thief Marc Rich, who fled during his trial and owed $48 million in back taxes! The Clintons chose a financial parasite and felon to pardon, rather than a real Human Being - Leonard Peltier!

The mold is the same with Barack Obama, a fraud and coward and tool of the 1% and status quo who has never, and will never fight for anything, except his banker/wall street/corporate/Insurance and big-pharma clients!

“June 26th marks 41 years since the long summer day when three young men were killed at the home of the Jumping Bull family, near Oglala, SD Pine Ridge Res.”
“As the First Peoples of Turtle Island, we live with daily reminders of the centuries of efforts to terminate our nations, eliminate our cultures, and destroy our relatives and families.”



Save your breath - it’s wasted on a corrupt politician of little or no moral integrity - a DINO shill for big-money and power…the security state and intimidation/prosecution threats greatly expanded under Obama’s watch…


I am truly afraid that you are right. Obama is the president with a kill list which he reviews every Tuesday. And Obama has knowingly and willfully killed innocent babies, innocent wedding parties, and innocent funeral gatherings with drone bombings, and even with “second strikes” against innocent rescuers! Also, Obama condoned the U.S. military’s cruel torturing of Chelsea Manning, then publicly called her guilty before her trial, then allowed the military to imprison her with a grotesquely excessive and cruel 35 year sentence.

Given these facts, I believe that Obama has purposely cultivated a “friendly persona” – but that inside his mind he is very harsh and punitive. But if that’s the case, then it is up to the American people (and up to good people worldwide) to pressure Obama to pardon Edward Snowden – by flooding Obama’s White House with overwhelming numbers of calls, letters, and emails that ask Obama (in the strongest possible words) to “Pardon Edward Snowden NOW!”


Snowden shouldn’t trust any pardons from Obama or Hillary or any other corporate servants. They would do anything to get him here, and than revoke the pardon. If they couldn’t do that, they would just bump him off. When ether Bernie Sanders, or Jill Stein are elected president they will give Snowden and all the other patriotic whistle blowers a pardon.


I’m afraid you are right – but see my reply to andrewboston. All of us who support a presidential pardon for Edward Snowden must speak out loudly in his support and not "save our breath.* (Despite Obama’s bad qualities, we need to try our best to get him to pardon Snowden – now!)

Please ask yourself: What would Edward Snowden want us to do on his behalf? What do we owe to Edward Snowden? And what would each of us want our supporters to do if we were facing what Edward Snowden is facing?

We must do all we can to help Edward Snowden get a pardon from Obama now! (Because Snowden’s chances for a presidential pardon will be much grimmer under a Clinton or Trump presidency than with Obama!)


I will do what I can and try to have my voice heard to have Obama pardon Snowden. Like I will in Philly…on many other issues.


I agree with you that there are many proven reasons to fear that any pardon of Snowden would be a ruse and would be violated by authoritarians – maybe by an assassination or by prison for life. But that betrayal and violation would risk a revolt and riots by thousands of Snowden’s supporters (in the U.S. and worldwide)!

I think Snowden wants a pardon, wants to come home to his family, his girlfriend, his friends, and his life in the U.S. – and is willing to take the risks that a pardon involves (that you have mentioned).


Once again, a presidential candidate who WOULD pardon Snowden is disappeared from the conversation. Her support of Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning are two reasons I’ll be voting for Jill Stein.


Thanks, Emphyrio!

For your speaking out to Obama and others for Snowden’s pardon; for your activism at the Democratic convention in Philly; and for your many excellent comments here on CommonDreams. (You are truly one of my favorite commenters here.)


Thank you - I called already and spoke for pardons for Snowden, Manning and Leonard Peltier. Keep the faith!


While we are pressuring Obama and all of our elected “representatives” to REPRESENT the people! by pardoning Edward Snowden – let us all do the same kindness by requesting (or demanding) that Chelsea Manning and Leonard Peltier also be pardoned (and released from prison immediately)!


I don’t believe he’d be so eager to return to the US right now, or under a Clinton or Trump regime. As others have mentioned, any “pardon” granted him under those circumstances would probably be “not worth the pixels it’s displayed with”. I understand his girlfriend’s been living with him for several years now, and some number of his friends have been able to visit him. It’s not like he’s squatting in frozen misery over there in Russia. And it’s very hard to know what “his life in the U.S.” would even mean, if he returned to the current regime.

Have you seen him speak where he says he wants these things? I love him, but I don’t feel I know “what he wants”.


And in fact I have to say I only read this article because I saw the headline and really feel in need of a laugh or two. “Obama Pardon Snowden”!! Hahahaha as if…


I remember Snowden indicating in more than one video that he would like to receive a pardon, or even a lesser “deal” with the U.S. government under Obama, involving his right to present (to a jury of his peers) a full and unrestricted legal defense or even involving a reduced sentence – and that he wants to come home to his life in the U.S.

More easily verified proof of what I say is at the top of this page (and at the top of the article to which our comments here refer): Edward Snowden’s attorney is working hard to gain clemency or a pardon for Edward Snowden from President Obama before he leaves office.

I don’t think Snowden’s attorney would be strongly seeking clemency or a pardon for Snowden unless Snowden wants clemency or a pardon – and unless Snowden wants use it to come home to his life in the U.S.

Would you agree?